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Dia 1,929, 07:54 Publicado em USA Chile por Rorschach C

and the last adventure THE US MARINE CORPS

WHAT CAN I DO IF THE "THE ANGELS" dont want me????
Probably need to make alliance with demons
I tryed a lot to be carefull,but your ignorance,burocracy and arrogance passes every logic.IM DONE.


Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:02

I personally support the 4 horses of the apocalypse (Sidarta)
but could not believe that usa to behave this way with a man who has always voted against the PTO. I am very very very disappointed.

Sebatay Dia 1,929, 08:12

you helped them to save their asses from PTOed...and now here their response !

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,929, 11:09

They are closed MU group he should apply first or contact our Albanian Captain in EZC we are here to help this doesnt mean they need to change the method of work for us!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,929, 19:58

He was asked to apply to the Marines as well, which I believe he did today finally.

Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:16

Comentário apagado

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:20

Not only I but all the Albanian community has given the vote, but im not speaking on their behalf, but personally.And I personally am very disappointed by burocratic bullshits

Deepchill Dia 1,929, 08:27

Maybe you should of asked BEFORE just showing up in EZC. You have to apply first.

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,929, 11:10

Deepchill like I said above we are here to help this doesnt mean they need to change the method of work for us! So please this case is cosed.

SilentSurfer Dia 1,929, 08:31

Being refused by a MU is not enought to blame all eUSA , I was here long before you and traveled through some MU , the first to open its doors was "Praetorian Guards" , an excellent MU if you ask me , (P.S. you could had PM DMV3 too maybe there was a free spot), than i went to the Rogue Squadron , an amazing GROUP of People not only a MU and I am still there , now why did the accept me ? Not because I was eAlbanian or wasnt , but because i met their standards and there were open spots , in the standarts we could mention :

2.Fight Daily
3.Fight for the MU's battles

Following your logic I should be angry at eUSA for the ST6 not accepting me 😃 thought i have applied a long time ago but I AM NOT , not to eUSA not to ST6 since they are free to make their decisions and terms for who to accept and who not ,

My advice to you would be not to rush in conclusions but Search and Wait for the right MU for you , you will know I am right when you will find it

P.S. and stay away from AFA we dont have nothing in common with them

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:46

I tried to enter into the other MU, but the same reaction Silent surfer, so I come to this conclusion

Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,929, 08:33

USA is doomed, also the American government is doomed, they follow CoT orders, so they already follow AFA puppets...

But you can always count in true Americans, you can always count in JCS, in Marines, Army and Training Corps, we fight for the real and true United Stastes and EDEN. Stay with us and your life will be happy.

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:50

can u give me the link of MU??

Deepchill Dia 1,929, 08:37

He was NOT refused in EZC, he just joined without telling anyone, I accepted him after he contacted one of my members. He is just looking for trouble.

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:49

im not refused??????? are u kidding me?? just read better

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:45

Deepchill,are u thinking to blame me with (He is just looking for trouble)
if u cant read is your problem,i asked just to make my DO,where is the problem????
i never asked something else

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 08:51

The problem is not to join an MU to accept me??? the problem is i dont wanted to fight against EDEN and ally states....... i can go evertwhere i want,.

weasel2 Dia 1,930, 08:22

Join one of the JCS eMil MUs

Deepchill Dia 1,929, 08:52

EZC rules in the MU title.
- Apply before joining (you did not do that), you just showed up without an invitation.

Even before you posted this garbage I contacted you (breaking my own rules) inviting you over, you even have that print.

Don't give me that bullshit about us being so bad, I got a whole Regiment reserved for Albanians that FOLLOWED the rules. Albanians are more than welcome in EZC and everyone knows that.

So hell yes you are looking for trouble.

PsyCokenin Dia 1,929, 08:56


Magnanimous Dia 1,929, 08:56

Looks like some people have yet to master the art of reading.

kushtrimzz Dia 1,929, 08:58

Rors vlla ,secila MU ketu i ka rregullat e veta,ne jemi ketu per tu ndihmuar mirepo kjo nuk nenkupton qe duhet me i thy rregullat dhe mos me i perfill!
Nuk po e kuptoj aq mire se qka paska ndodh,mirepo per tu anetarsuar tek EZC ose tjeter MU duhet se pari te kerkosh nje gje te tille,dhe te pranohesh fillimisht,pastaj te bejne vet invite!
Eshte nje regjiment ne EZC qe eshte komplet Shqipetare dhe ka kapiten Shqipetar e di qe secili eshte i mirepritur aty dhe ne gjithe EZC,mirepo se pari kontakto me Xhemshitin dhe pastaj te ben nje vend,nuk eshte nevoje te behet kaq e madhe edhe pse je vetem individ ti,une dhe te tjeret e perfaqesojme Shqiperine ketu!


Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 09:29

e kam sqaru shume mire kete pune,qe un kete shqetsim timin e kam personal,dhe spo perzjej as vendin tim askend tjeter pervec vetes,por ju kerkova njerzisht dhe me hodhen ne rruge te madhe si me qene plehre

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 09:32

thjesht doja me marr ate bars prej do e asgje tjeter,dhe duke i shpjegu cfare e si jam??? pervecse te mira prej meje keq skan gjet kta.voten time gjithmon ua kam dhen,dhe kjo qe kerkova ish pak ndihme sepse shita MU time dhe skisha mundsi me marr bars pervecse duke u fut ne kto MU.Por MU usa ka plot dhe un sdoja nje MU e cila luftonte kunder aleateve tone,prandaj hyra tek kta.

stewy Dia 1,929, 09:01

"MU IS PRESENTLY CLOSED. Please send us your application Thank you"

You got the standard response that is sent to anyone joining without following the steps. Not real sure why you're surprised with that myself? If you're only looking to finish the DO, join the Civ MU like all the other ppl wanting only that. Hell, I thought we were being pretty decent by linking several other MU's for people to look at rather then just ignoring them.

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,929, 11:15

There is nothing to debate here he didnt follow the rules...End of discussion.

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 09:03

Why are you guys making such a big fuss? He did NOT fill a form, He joined without asking anyone. EZC has every right to throw him out.
The fact that Deepchill was kind enough to invite him back to the EZC shows our awesomeness.

Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,929, 10:01

Just don't mind him...

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,929, 09:30

WTF a bre normal a te tregove sdi sa here me u antarsu pa tpropozu dikush pse more po e shkatron emrin e Shqiptarve ne Amerike ????? Le pash zotin se ne fyt ma keni pru:S

Thomas Wessel
Thomas Wessel Dia 1,929, 09:33

The MU is private. You have to respect that. It clearly says that the MU is closed and that you HAVE to apply. What part of that didnt you understand? Go learn proper English as well please.

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 12:17

ok the use u the google translator o njeri i vogel

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 12:18


Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 09:36

Batoa,lexo ma lart se cka baj un personalisht spo ka ci duhet askujt,dhe kte artikull e kom shkru personalisht,pa perzi kerrkend,ska pse te han meraku,por edhe kto idjotlliqe qe bohen kshu skan kurrfare llogjike

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,929, 11:16

vlla i ki 100 alternativa tjera ndjeki rregullat se cka nevoitet dhe tpranojne...Thjesht nuk e ke plotsu formularin e aplikacjonit e edhe pse nuk e ke plotsu tkan pranu pastaj po leje pash zotin sja vlen me qu pluhun per kto gjana !

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 11:18

spo me intereson mor mu tyne,e vetmja gja qe shita MU time ishte me shku en shqipri me u rregjistru ne albanian elite.dhe deshta me nejt vec pak kohe sa te marrim territor me shku me u rregjistru ne MU atje

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,929, 11:19

Po a tkan faj more vlla kta qe ti vet ose une ose ai i ka bo kalkulimet gabim !!! thejsht nuk i ke plotsu kerkesat e tyre dhe plots MU tjera vlla pash zotin mos e tjerrni kot.

Arrden Dia 1,929, 10:15

Join the Marines, or Airborne

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 11:06 a member of marines tell me "stop join our MU the same like the EZC

Arrden Dia 1,929, 11:09

You have to join an MU through the proper protocol. Go the MU's channel on IRC, or Contact the MU Commander via PM before hand. The MU's you are trying to join are privately funded, you have to see if there available, or when they can place you.

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 14:01

take a look

KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Dia 1,929, 10:17

Rorsch, te njoh vetem si emer por nuk kemi pase kontakt me heret per ate nuk do te filloj te jap keshilla per frustrimin tend pasi qe cdokush ka te drejte te behet nervoz dhe ta shprehe ate ne cfaredo menyre te doje.

Desha vetem te te tregoj se EZC eshte nje nga MU-te e rralla te cilat i ndihmojne shqiptareve ne cdo menyre re mundshme.

Gjithcka do te kishte tjeter rrjedhoje nese ne fillim do ti kishe percjelle disa rregulla ose nese do me kishe kontaktuar direkt si kapiten i regjimentit te shqiptareve.

Tani demi eshte bere per te gjithe nga pak por me se shumti per komunitetin tone, e sa po e shoh e gjitha ka qene nje keqkuptim.

T'pershendes dhe me falni per gabime ne shkrim pasi qe jam me mobil.

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,929, 11:18

Xhemshit thejsht nuk i ka ndjek instruksjonet...Ok ka mujt mos me qen i informuar po edhe pasi i thash se si te veproj...Te kontaktoj me ty prap ka shku ne kryeveti ska pse tperlyhet emri jone thjesht nga nje individi inatosur...Ket artikull duhet bere delete dhe kaq.

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 10:57

Xhemshit Smaili,nuk po e bej per te bere rremuj,thjesht jam ndi i fym e shum i indinjum,por askush spo pyet,gjithsesi jam msu me pas gjithcka vete,e skam lyp prej dikujt asgje,vec kur mora ban 3 ditor.
MU kam pas timen kaq kohe,dhe ne cdo MU qe kam qen per kaq kohe sa loz te ndihmat ose supplies sic quhen kan qen te paperfillshme,dhe skan qen problem per mu.e vetmja gje qe me irritoj jasht mase ishte se ju luta si njeri me mlon ne MU,dhe ma mbyll deren ne ftyre tu me thy hunden,e duke i thon shume mire cka jam e kush jam,dhe kujt komuniteti bej pjese.nuk i kushton askujt pak mirsi,duke dit qe ka nje respekt reciprok midis dy vendeve kaq gje e vogel mund te ishte fare e lehte per tu zgjidh prej tyne,nqs lexon printscreen u kam thon pse du me ken ne MU e tyre.thjesht pastaer,sepse skam dash me luftu vende te EDEN,aleatet tane,s epo te ish me hy ne nje MU kisha zgjedh se ka me dhjetra ktu ne USA,biles edhe nga krahu tjeter qe ju dhe kta i quajn PTOersa,por nuk kam dash me luftu kundra aleateve.nqs ata kan bo aq damage per neve,shume falimnderit prej tyre,por dhe ne kemi kon te gatshem me ju ndihmu sa here ka qene nevoja,dhe vota eshte e shenjte dhe e fshehte,por ju kemi ndihmu sa here ka qene nevoja,keshtu qe ska pse jemi inferior ne respekt.gjithsesi cudi mvjen nga komuniteti shqiptar,qe shumica kan keqkuptu artikullin tim,duke me trajtu mbase ma keq se kta arrogantet e EZC apo edhe e ndonje MU tjeter ku aplikova dhe ma perplasen deren si kta.gjithsesi le te harrohet ky artikull dhe shout skam me e bo mo,por per ta fshi smundem me e fshi.(thejshte dicka doja me pyt,cfare rreziku po i vjen prej meje ose dikujt qe don mu bo pjese e MU tyne????whoever

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Dia 1,929, 14:12


KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Dia 1,929, 14:29


Me e fshi artikullin eshte gjeja ma e lehte.

Me burrerorja, per cka na njohin te tjeret paraardhesit tone eshte me pranu ndonjehere qe nje pjese e fajit ose e gabimit eshte te vetvetja.

EZC mund te kete gabuar ne komunikim dhe cdo dite mundohet si te behet nje MU me e mire, por EZC-ja nuk e meriton me i quajt me gjithe ato emra qe po na quan (se mos harro se ka mjafte shqiptare aty bile edhe ne role udheheqese).

EZC mbetet MU me e dashur dhe me e mire per mua ne kete loje dhe kam vazhduar te mbetem ne Erep ndoshta vetem per shkak te kesaj MU. Keshtu qe kur ofendon me emertime EZC-ne dije se na ke ofenduar te gjithe anetaret nje nga nje. Ne mund te ofendohemi cdo dite nga AFA por kur kjo vjen nga nje shqiptar dhemb me shume.

Perseris edhe njehere qe mua nuk me ka folur njeri per kete pune pasi qe pergjigjja do te ishte tjeter.


P.S. kerkoje dhe gjeje kuptimin e kesaj thirrjeje pasi qe eshte dicka qe na mbane me se shumti ne jete edhe neve shqiptareve

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 14:33

VLLA,ofendova ke??? mund te ma sqarosh ku u ofendove ti ose dikush tjeter qofte nga ezc???

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Dia 1,929, 14:41

lol xD

Just follow the protocol and there shouldn't be any problems : )

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 14:45

Thorin i dont have problem with the rules,but from the disgusting response of Harry.W hill.
he insulted me

Evil.Elvis Dia 1,930, 23:34

"we politely ask..."

honestly, if you can think of a better way to phrase "gtfo and follow the rules like everyone else" then i'd be all ears, i thought the rejection letter was quite pleasant, all things considered.

I'm sorry batoa, i know you're trying to keep the peace, and i love you for it, but i just don't get how he continues to think he was insulted, maybe it's a language barrier thing and i just don't see it because i only speak english.

In either case Rorschach, we meant no harm, just simply implied that you must follow the rules like every single other player that attends this game.

Rorschach C
Rorschach C Dia 1,929, 14:53

no,you MUST leave bla bla bla pdfffffffffffff

nuno258 Dia 1,933, 00:36

Go America

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