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Al1970Capone is a SCAMMER, stay away from him ! Thank you all !

Dia 1,958, 08:35 Publicado em Bulgaria Bulgária por Just smile back
I want to give my thanks to all serbian players who helped me to ge some money back and return me almost half of the lost amount! THANK YOU!
Hello, i am writing this article to express my deeply disappointment from one man who was in my friend list, who is from friendly country and who i think is a friend.
You will see everything in the pictures below... I am disappointed from this man....

Here is the proof that i don't have anything in my inventory

He didn't send me anything and he even removed me from friend list.

With such a friends, we don't need enemies.

This is just one person, each country have them !



Greevas Dia 1,958, 08:41

Ами така се получава като не спонсорираш родното производство

Jack the Weirdo
Jack the Weirdo Dia 1,958, 13:27

То само като видиш цената и ти става ясно, че е скам...

Silistra Dia 1,958, 08:42

E той този е известен мизерник..

Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,958, 08:46

Танковете ми бяха за раздаване .... Дийп ШИТ ...

Greevas Dia 1,958, 09:05

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Greevas Dia 1,958, 09:11

buying votes wont prove your point

Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,958, 09:13

yea, but will help other people to protect themselves, dummy !

Greevas Dia 1,958, 09:16

If you want to protect them write Al1970Capone is a scammer as a title
first i thought that serbians fuged up something again

Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,958, 10:42

пооправих малко статията (:

Simonymous Dia 1,959, 13:58

I talks Inglish

Ivke Pivke
Ivke Pivke Dia 1,958, 11:36

You have successfully donated 600 RSD. If the user accepts, the amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

Not all Serbs scammers.
Everyone has their own scumbag.
And next time you better ask around before you send 11600 cc.
You do not play this game since yesterday.

Empiree Dia 1,959, 00:24

Така ти се пада гаден контрабандист,укриващ данъци !

БГ депутат който не си плаща данъците и купува на всичкото отгоре от чужденец !!!

Това с откраднатите пари ли се опита да купиш тия танкове?

СРАМОТА ! Но какво да очаква човек от един СУЛ-аджия !

Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,959, 02:16

Ходи се нагълтай с хапчета в слънчев бряг и изчезни безкрайно, тъпо долнопробно реферче такова :Д

Boyan Zhelyazkov
Boyan Zhelyazkov Dia 1,960, 08:17

Лазократите да мълчат.

Empiree Dia 1,959, 04:16

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Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,959, 04:22

Не ми обяснявай ти, всеки тук знае какво гълташ xD

Empiree Dia 1,959, 04:35

Какво гълтам?
За цялата ти рода знаем,че РУКове гълтате : )

Greevas Dia 1,959, 10:09

Удряй силно, че от толкова е*ане в гъ*ъ ниго не Усеща вече само ти се усмихва обратно

Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,959, 14:59

така е, вие дето се оправяте взаимно, трябва да се подкрепяте и по статиите, иначе човек ще помисли,че педеръзката ви се е разпаднала... Гълтай и не се обяснявай.. (:

Empiree Dia 1,960, 00:40

О колко си жалък и плосък. Почти ми е жал за теб :Д

Arrlo Dia 1,958, 08:46

Scammers don't know friends or allies.

Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,958, 08:52

i want to make giveaway for our citizens for those heavy battles ...
A friend in need is a friend indeed... o7

Al1970Capone Dia 1,958, 08:53


Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,958, 09:05

I may have scammed with 50 gold but the whole eWorld will know what a faget you are.

iKoren Dia 1,958, 11:18

Whole world already knows. He scams people for over a year now...

dnkol Dia 1,958, 09:05

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General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Dia 1,958, 09:06

Vrati čoveku pare, ili te brišem sa liste prijatelja.
Ne mogu sebi da dozvolim luksuz da me neko obaveštava preko IGM da imam lopove među prijateljima.

Al1970Capone Dia 1,958, 09:07

Ajde bre pali

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 10:03

lol, imas ovog sljama u prijateljima???

Dusan Nastasijevic
Dusan Nastasijevic Dia 1,958, 10:27

Igore, ja sam dao simboličnih 2g, šalji i ti čoveku nešto.

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Dia 1,958, 10:42

Aman, ja prihvatam sve zahteve za prijateljstvo. Nisam ni znao ko je.
Mogao je tako i mene da zajebe da ja nemam pravilo, prvo roba, pa pare. Ja sam poznat igrač i sigurno neću da pravim prevare.

Darriel Dia 1,958, 09:09

Yo, sucker, what's up?

TheManiacBG Dia 1,958, 09:16

Typical serb..

morja13 Dia 1,958, 09:46

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morja13 Dia 1,958, 09:48

serbians never were a friendly nation to us and never will - take for instance the Balkan war and also report him + the pictures and he'll get a bann

Novljan Dia 1,958, 09:48

Oh and typical Bulgar is missing a tooth and is haunting Ukrainian women for human trafficking cartels. I mean c'mon man grow some brains.

morja13 Dia 1,958, 10:02

U telling me to get brains I'm not the one writing total meaningless bullshit I'm speaking with facts, so yea judging from you're stupid point of view if I can call it a view go debate with some germans or russians.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 10:05

he's a scammer, he bought the account of a regular player and he's been scamming all the time. that scum must be on all black lists in the game.

morja13 Dia 1,958, 10:09

He must be banned are all the admins and devs sleeping?

Slob Dia 1,958, 10:10

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Romper Dia 1,958, 10:14

He didn't break any rules. Black market is not the part of the game, so if you use it, you risk being scammed. There is a market in game, where nobody can scam you. You try to scam the country for taxes, someone scams you for all your money. C'est la vie.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 10:17

True, Romper, but he's still a scammer, eventhough he's not breaking the rules.

Al1970Capone Dia 1,958, 10:17

Hello citizen,

The purpose of the "Donate" button is self-explaining.

The players to which you have donated cannot be considered scammers because donation implies that you will not receive anything in return.

Best regards,
Your eRepublik team

Romper Dia 1,958, 10:23

he is, but that is not admins problem

morja13 Dia 1,958, 10:31

Yea it is their problem and if they can't deal with this there's no support in this game at all.

wolfpece Dia 1,958, 11:23


Romper Dia 1,958, 11:27

how is it their problem if you avoid trading in in-game built market??? It is your problem. You tried to cheat the country on tax money and you are upset because someone cheated you in the process? Well admn gave you market, use it.

morja13 Dia 1,958, 12:07

Yea right guess most of you haven't played a game with perfect support like I did good luck with that it's your problem that phrase "it's your problem" is typical for the Balkan countries and the situation we're in real life.

Just smile back
Just smile back Dia 1,958, 15:37

Typical idiot as always (:

Stolch Dia 1,958, 18:21


It is if they agreed to the deal in "their" game and the money/gold/resources were acquired through payment to the admins.

If the above is the case, the admins are equally responsible for the scam regardless of what TOS they have come up with.

Of course they know that there aren't any crazy people ho will take them to court for it so they aide the scammers by not doing anything.

If they had agreed to the transaction outside of the game on IRC for example then they would have no responsibility, but as it was done on their platform there is. The only question here is weather the person who was scammed has ever bought gold from the admins, if he has he can demand the admins to reimburse him and to take it from the scammer.

Simply put, the TOS is in place for general stuf, but there are laws that cannot be superseded by any TOS no matter how ignorent the admins are or untouchable they think they're. Scamming is one of those areas that cannot be superseded by private agreements.

When it is their platform that was used to facilitate the scam by legitimizing the person in question, then the admins are jointly responsible for his actions if they do not do everything in their power to prevent or fix the problem.

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