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Dia 1,903, 15:08 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Sir Humphrey Appleby
I've tried taking all the joins/parts/interruptions out, sorry if I've missed a few :3

[20:00:00] =-= Mode #FebDebate +m by Appleby
[20:00:04] Appleby erro and welcome
[20:00:13] Appleby to the eUK handbag fight of 2013 feb
[20:00:30] Appleby this month's entertainers are butjam, rfeist and Alphabethis
[20:00:38] Appleby they are all crazy mofos
[20:00:45] Appleby so feel free to ask nasty questions
[20:00:51] butjam Somebody find Chaz!
[20:01:01] butjam We'll probably want a laugh by the end of the night..
[20:01:01] Appleby .access add CptChazbeard 9999
[20:01:06] Appleby he isn't registered ;_;
[20:01:09] Appleby anyway
[20:01:18] Appleby same setup as the last one really
[20:01:21] Appleby the usual manifesto topics
[20:01:28] Appleby with 3 minutes to open and 2 to answer
[20:01:29] Alphabethis rfeist, basically , what do you want to do with Canada ?
[20:01:35] Appleby not like that
[20:01:40] Alphabethis ok
[20:01:41] Appleby you take it in turns on specifric subjects
[20:01:46] Appleby argh
[20:01:48] rfeist
[20:01:53] Appleby typing is harder in Scotland
[20:01:54] Alphabethis Canada is no specific ? ok
[20:01:58] Appleby well
[20:02:03] Appleby unless you want to go through every country
[20:02:03] Alphabethis scotish alphabet ?
[20:02:09] Appleby you can start your own debate and feel free 😛
[20:02:25] Appleby we shall start on the highly interesting topic of finances
[20:02:30] Alphabethis great
[20:02:37] Appleby as most people can have a starting nap
[20:02:41] Appleby Alphabethis
[20:02:44] Appleby you can kick us off
[20:02:50] Alphabethis low import taxes, 2 million in the treasury
[20:03:08] Alphabethis VAT fluctuating high and low to keep those 2 million
[20:03:12] Alphabethis that's what I want to do
[20:03:23] Alphabethis kill blackmarket flows
[20:03:26] Appleby say [end] to end
[20:03:30] Alphabethis [end]
[20:03:37] Appleby jolly good
[20:03:46] Appleby butjam, you're next in the alphabet
[20:03:54] Appleby starting when you're ready
[20:04:04] butjam I guess I should've gathered that....
[20:04:12] butjam Well, seeing as my ice cream needs time to defrost...
[20:04:33] butjam We live int imes of economic uncertainty, gold is worth a bout a tenth of what it was when I satrted with absolutely no recuction in cconstant prices
[20:04:42] butjam AN MPP has gone from 5G to closer to 40
[20:04:52] butjam Now call me MR boring sod if you want
[20:05:11] butjam But I'm not likely to go on some mad investment scheme or anything like that, especially considering the admins have mentioned they want to make changes
[20:05:17] butjam And with the pvp module acting as a currency sink
[20:05:31] butjam Gold will drop further in value till it hits the base mark where countries can issue it
[20:05:37] butjam Currency I mean
[20:05:49] butjam However, we can't very well sit idle,a s people have mentioned
[20:05:57] Appleby 1min warning
[20:06:06] butjam Profits have pretty much died, WAyne cries nightly about the VAT hurting his profits which I fully symapthise with
[20:06:12] butjam 10% is a risk to take, yes
[20:06:20] butjam But perhaps whilst we still have the tiniest shred of stability
[20:06:27] butjam It's an avenue we should be open to exploring
[20:06:40] butjam Asides from that, I'm pretty happy with most levels, I'd like to drop income
[20:06:56] butjam And keep us stable at our current reserve, try reinvesting a bit into newer players too
[20:06:57] butjam [end]
[20:06:59] Appleby time
[20:07:05] Appleby nicely done :3
[20:07:16] Appleby stage is yours rfeist
[20:07:25] rfeist ok
[20:07:28] rfeist no CptChazbeard ?
[20:07:39] Appleby uhhh
[20:07:45] Appleby we'd be here for hours
[20:07:50] rfeist ok lol
[20:07:53] rfeist Financially I think that the past month has shown wars do no longer stimulate a large enough reward for the investment the government sinks into it. this rules out the use of this tool.
[20:08:03] Appleby I wasn't even expecting alpha to turn up (he said he couldn't come)
[20:08:10] rfeist I would like to see investment ideas but in the current climate with the MM so poor that is more a pipedream.
[20:08:37] rfeist but there is the possibility for us to look into investing in training upgrades for our younger eUk members
[20:09:17] rfeist I would like to see UKPP ideas implemented with a 1% income tax and 99% import tax
[20:09:26] Appleby 1min warning
[20:09:45] rfeist this would be the base rate and we can then work with congress to enable this to change depending on the situation
[20:10:18] rfeist I would also want a final figure in the bank at the end of the term nearer to 2m
[20:10:20] rfeist done
[20:10:24] Appleby time
[20:10:47] Appleby Alphabethis
[20:10:52] Appleby you have 2mins to respond when you're ready
[20:10:53] Alphabethis yes
[20:10:57] Alphabethis of course
[20:11:00] Alphabethis ready
[20:11:04] Appleby on
[20:11:27] Alphabethis what's the question ?
[20:11:30] Alphabethis ok
[20:11:36] Alphabethis yeah
[20:11:54] Alphabethis I think the real problem with economy balance is expenditure
[20:12:04] Alphabethis I mean, the economy is going to sink more and more
[20:12:11] Appleby 1min warning
[20:12:15] Alphabethis since we are in a system with excess of production
[20:12:17] Appleby sorry, spilt tea
[20:12:26] Alphabethis the only way is cut call to arms
[20:12:31] Alphabethis to real necesity
[20:12:38] Alphabethis and to get money from import taxes
[20:12:45] Alphabethis we can become a nation of exporter-importersç
[20:12:55] Alphabethis few local producers actualll y make a profit of it
[20:13:03] Appleby time
[20:13:12] Appleby butjam, you're up
[20:13:28] Appleby >_>
[20:13:42] butjam Okay, well
[20:13:48] Appleby on
[20:13:51] butjam I must say that I wholeheartedly disagree with Alpha
[20:14:12] butjam The economy module is nowehere near developed enough to provide for any sort of 'trade centre'
[20:14:25] butjam It's just not feasible and I wouldn't want to bank our financial future on that
[20:14:52] butjam And I think that, whilst Rich is bringing his party into his decision making, we're probably on the same level when it comes to import and income taxes
[20:15:32] butjam I might want a wee bit higher than 2m though, it all depends on the income of the month and any variations that are introduced of course
[20:15:37] Appleby 10secs, sorry - forgot your warning
[20:15:42] butjam It's fine, I'm done
[20:15:44] Appleby ah good
[20:15:51] Appleby rfeist?
[20:15:59] rfeist right well
[20:16:03] butjam (Can I also quickly apologise for terrible typing, I do have a genuine condition)
[20:16:55] rfeist I would say that I think CTA could be combined with some sort of NHS idea, use it to judge active under level 30's
[20:17:06] rfeist get it working on donations instead of gov funded
[20:17:12] Appleby 1min warniung
[20:17:22] rfeist I would like 2 mil as a guidline and take anything above that as a win
[20:18:10] Appleby time
[20:18:16] rfeist I think that the idea of helping new players will be an important one as many older players can support themselves and do not nessacerraly need CTA
[20:18:39] Appleby we'll take a few questions before moving onto Foreign Affairs
[20:20:01] Appleby nobody seems to have any x_X
[20:20:05] Appleby oh wait
[20:20:16] Appleby daniefox to the rescue
[20:20:20] Appleby .voice daniefox
[20:20:20] =-= Mode #FebDebate +v daniefox by NHS
[20:20:22] daniefox Don't higher import taxes just increase the cost of weapons for the average UK player, and encourage them to buy from abroad?
[20:20:41] Alphabethis who answers ?
[20:20:50] butjam You can go first if you want Alpha
[20:20:58] butjam Or I'll go, no problem for me
[20:21:02] Appleby whoever is fastest to respond really
[20:21:09] Appleby a lot of this is waiting about
[20:21:12] rfeist ok i'll go
[20:21:14] rfeist
[20:21:16] Appleby ^^
[20:21:18] daniefox all go at once
[20:21:20] daniefox I can read them all
[20:21:28] daniefox
[20:21:30] Alphabethis basically not, and the proof is that all prices are almost the same in countries with very different economies ( bonus, size, age) .
[20:21:43] Appleby sir-nick - desist
[20:21:53] Alphabethis informal flows of products by donation balance the prices in all countries
[20:22:27] daniefox UK - £7.70 Poland - £6.20
[20:22:50] daniefox *£6.60
[20:23:04] Alphabethis as a matter of fact myself and a few others (Dan Moir) used to go abroad to buy and resell in eUK
[20:23:17] Alphabethis I know because I have practiced in the highest peaks
[20:23:26] Alphabethis of prices differences
[20:23:30] rfeist I would say that it would be a move to try and protect the eUk businesses that are producing in this country. Many players that tend to get weps from poland for example do so from communes
[20:23:34] Alphabethis I know because I have experienced it
[20:23:43] Alphabethis and I saw other players do it
[20:24:01] butjam Unless we drop our VAT and Import tax significantly, we're gonna' struggle to attract anybody with a different CS
[20:24:06] Appleby alright, 20mins in
[20:24:08] Appleby I think we should move on
[20:24:12] Appleby otherwise we'll be here for 2hrs
[20:24:21] Appleby any consling remarks for finances?
[20:24:23] Appleby closing*
[20:24:25] butjam Cool beans
[20:24:32] Alphabethis ok
[20:24:40] Alphabethis are there any breaks ?
[20:24:55] butjam Just a plea to congress to please be sensible and realise they have a lot of time to discuss taxes, and don't need to propose a new one every day or two, just to have something to vote on!
[20:24:59] Appleby when the others are talking usually
[20:25:14] Appleby all ready for foreign affairs?
[20:25:18] Alphabethis yes
[20:25:53] Appleby rfeist, butjam
[20:25:58] Appleby mind if we move on then?
[20:26:02] butjam Not a problem
[20:26:06] Appleby hit the 25min mark
[20:26:08] rfeist ^
[20:26:17] Appleby goodo
[20:26:18] rfeist 1 sec
[20:26:23] Appleby in that case
[20:26:27] Appleby butjam, care to kick off
[20:26:35] butjam Sure
[20:26:40] Appleby starting now
[20:26:51] butjam FA wise, I'd be quite surprised if anybody suggested any form of a radical shift
[20:27:17] butjam We're pretty comfortable here in TWO, we're proving ourselves worthwhile by getting members in HQ and by making up for our size in spirit
[20:27:43] Alphabethis two minutes ?
[20:27:48] Appleby yes
[20:27:53] Appleby left of his
[20:27:59] butjam Looking forward to increasing our friendliness with our allies is obviously the main focus of MoFA, but we also have to be careful in that we don't have too much of a soured relationship with any CoT members
[20:28:09] butjam Even though we are looking to reduce the MPP's with them
[20:28:24] butjam Mainly in consideration of the big shift we can expect in a few months, when this three way returns to a 2 way
[20:28:38] Appleby 1min warning
[20:28:39] butjam My goal will just simply be, to be friendly
[20:29:08] butjam Not much more we can offer than a friendly face, and not end up looking like France
[20:29:15] butjam Yeah, that'll do it
[20:29:32] Appleby ready when you are rfeist
[20:29:36] rfeist ok
[20:29:38] rfeist ready
[20:29:50] rfeist I think butjam is almost spot on with our outlook on the world
[20:30:16] rfeist I would like to look into being prepared more for the CoT vs TWO which could happen anywhere in the coming months
[20:30:35] rfeist I would like to maintain and if not strengthen links with the big players in that alliance
[20:31:15] rfeist countries around us need to be approached too. there has been very little about ireland and I would like to strengthen that link
[20:31:28] rfeist canada goner canada
[20:31:41] Appleby 1min warning
[20:31:43] rfeist I think that TWO is where we need to be and will continue to be
[20:32:09] rfeist again we need to repair soured links with countries in there and look to show our support this coming month
[20:32:21] rfeist as one of my articles said, 'make love not war'
[20:32:28] rfeist I think that covers it
[20:32:43] Appleby cheers :3
[20:32:47] Alphabethis me ?
[20:32:47] Appleby over to you Alphabethis
[20:32:49] Appleby aye
[20:32:54] Alphabethis I want real presence in the alliance, deploying MU in allied countries.
[20:32:54] Alphabethis "Choose" an enemy , like Canada, and beat him till exhaustion , not TW, but
[20:32:54] Alphabethis for the purpose of helping Spain in their west front and Portugal. So we get a real
[20:32:54] Alphabethis presence and people talk about us not as a purely auxiliary and secondary power.
[20:32:57] Alphabethis
[20:33:06] Alphabethis FA is based on military strength.
[20:33:07] Alphabethis I'd leave Norway and weak enemies, it gives us a poor image.
[20:33:09] Alphabethis
[20:33:28] Alphabethis Of course, I'll keep most TWO MPP's
[20:33:36] Alphabethis and Indonesia and Chile for the timezone
[20:33:47] Alphabethis I have to add a very personal adding
[20:34:03] Alphabethis Since I am Spanish in RL, I have felt that our relations with eSpain would improve
[20:34:23] Alphabethis although, I must say, I have helped not to worsen during bad BigAnt mandate
[20:34:38] Alphabethis to put it short, I am somewhat appreciated by some espanish principals.
[20:34:49] Appleby 1min warning
[20:35:04] Alphabethis That's a very personal adding of myself to the post. but certainly we'd be a much stronger nation
[20:35:11] Alphabethis in Foreign Affairs, and active
[20:35:18] Alphabethis I'll keep Kravenn and Keers
[20:35:24] Alphabethis since they do useful stuff
[20:35:32] Alphabethis and I will hear any advice
[20:35:43] Alphabethis coordination and communication always
[20:35:47] Appleby and that's time
[20:36:04] Appleby If you have any questions on foreign affairs you'd like to ask the candidates, send it to me in a query :3
[20:36:21] Appleby but first they have their 2min answers
[20:36:37] Appleby butjam, you kicked us off
[20:36:42] butjam Cool beans
[20:36:42] Appleby feel free to do so again
[20:36:54] butjam Well, seeing as Rich pretty much stole everything I said 💔
[20:37:19] rfeist
[20:37:22] butjam There's not much I can say in response to him, I'm glad he's got similar views to me considering that he's lined up as my MoFA if appointed
[20:37:37] butjam Once again, Alpha, I have to disagree with you
[20:37:50] butjam Basing our foreign affairs on military strength....when we have very little
[20:37:57] butjam I don't want to be Canada #2
[20:38:02] butjam WHo even likes Canada #1?
[20:38:05] Alphabethis because we have to increase it
[20:38:05] Appleby 40sec warning >_>
[20:38:20] butjam Foreign affairs is discussion and friendship, not military
[20:38:20] Appleby Alphabethis
[20:38:21] Alphabethis can I speak ?
[20:38:24] Alphabethis sorry
[20:38:25] Appleby wait until your turn
[20:38:27] Appleby :3
[20:38:41] Appleby time butjam
[20:38:49] Appleby which brings us back to rfeist
[20:39:12] Appleby ready when you are
[20:39:15] rfeist Moving our MUs country to country would not be cost effective and thats what an MPP can cover. so Alphabethis not sure thats needed
[20:39:36] rfeist although I agree that keers and kravenn are good at what they do. I have already spoken to kravenn about options and he has helped me with my two ideas and direct were I to get elected.
[20:40:16] Appleby 1min warning
[20:40:28] rfeist I think that one of the assets of the eUK is that we have a good number of well know citizens that make discussion and diplomacy an option instead of war and this can be used to better effect
[20:41:02] rfeist think thats it
[20:41:07] Appleby cheers rfeist
[20:41:20] Appleby just to remind people that you can ask questions by sending them via query :3
[20:41:30] Alphabethis me ?
[20:41:31] Appleby first come first served e.t.c.
[20:41:34] Appleby Alphabethis, yeah
[20:41:38] Appleby when you're ready
[20:41:39] Alphabethis Basically, the MU deployment was approved by parliament.
[20:41:40] Alphabethis Second, war is the extension of politics ( foreign politics): Clausewitz,
[20:41:40] Alphabethis It's not an idea of me. It's basic politics.
[20:41:40] Alphabethis
[20:41:43] Alphabethis Cost effectiveness ? More than CtA and it gives a good image for allies
[20:41:59] Alphabethis We have accostumed to poor and weak governments
[20:42:16] Alphabethis from TUP and BigAnt has been quite hysterical but very little effective
[20:42:29] Alphabethis basically eUK has yet to know a real war leader
[20:42:38] Appleby 1min warning
[20:42:41] Alphabethis no planning , no logistics and all that impress allies
[20:42:50] Alphabethis and raises our position within alliances
[20:43:06] Alphabethis As I say, much to be done
[20:43:39] Appleby time
[20:43:48] Appleby alexg737 is up :3
[20:43:53] Appleby .voice alexg737
[20:43:54] =-= Mode #FebDebate +v alexg737 by NHS
[20:44:03] alexg737 "I ask what steps have you made to open the lines of communication with TWO HQ, who do you know already, how you intend to improve communications with them and how you intend to make TWO HQ goings on more transparent to the eUK public?"
[20:44:05] Appleby .devoice daniefox
[20:44:05] =-= Mode #FebDebate -v daniefox by NHS
[20:44:09] alexg737 to all candidates
[20:44:18] butjam Ooh, this is what you sent to me wasn't it alexg737 ?
[20:44:24] Appleby oh
[20:44:25] alexg737 affirm
[20:44:31] Appleby you send questions to me, not the candidates >_>
[20:44:31] rfeist i'll go if you want Appleby
[20:44:35] Appleby sure
[20:44:43] butjam I was uspposed to do a Q&A article, that went badly...
[20:44:59] rfeist to open my lines of communication with TWO i have taken a MoFA that has already held that role this month. this means that he will be able to use his already established contacts to have lines of communication.
[20:45:35] rfeist there is a certain element of two hq that cant be discussed ofc due to it being secret and might damage alliances etc
[20:46:00] rfeist but I would like to see MoFA interpret it and put it into an article for eUK
[20:46:12] rfeist Also with talon as vCp there are those links and lines of communication that may not be through two but may make it possible to speak direct to MUs/gov and get us that help if needed
[20:46:18] Appleby butjam, Alphabethis?
[20:46:19] Alphabethis I plan to use team works, enlightened individuals "a la Keers" or prejudiced guys "a la Kravenn"
[20:46:20] Alphabethis have been proven a fail and a single point of failure.
[20:46:20] Alphabethis Not all can be transparent, but at least I expect more coordination.
[20:46:36] butjam Yeah, we've been a little shut out of TWO hq this month, apart from CP's
[20:46:44] butjam Thanks to some silly log leaking
[20:46:49] Alphabethis The key is always communication and coordination. The boss, me, only watches all the process
[20:47:01] butjam But being MoFA I've had to be in touch with gents behind the scenes, most notably Kravenn
[20:47:01] Alphabethis and he only gives slight indications
[20:47:14] Alphabethis a team is not two guys+ kravenn
[20:47:22] Alphabethis a team is 5-6 people at least
[20:47:25] butjam Who has kindly volunteered to give me all the information I need to work succesfully with TWO, being an expert in the area
[20:47:33] Alphabethis and permanent feedback to the CP
[20:47:35] butjam Alpha, you add more people and you get a bloated team
[20:47:48] butjam And everybody gets confused and disorganised, not to mention lazy
[20:47:50] Alphabethis butjam , I am a planner, let me those details to me
[20:47:52] Appleby alright
[20:48:01] Appleby I think this q is turning into a topic of it's own :3
[20:48:06] Appleby daniefox has another q
[20:48:09] butjam Keep your friends close of course, being mates with people like Talon means I do have an informal in
[20:48:14] Appleby cheers alexg737
[20:48:18] Appleby .devoice alexg737
[20:48:18] =-= Mode #FebDebate -v alexg737 by NHS
[20:48:25] Appleby .voice daniefox
[20:48:26] =-= Mode #FebDebate +v daniefox by NHS
[20:48:28] daniefox would you have attacked Portugal last month?
[20:48:48] Alphabethis yes
[20:48:55] Alphabethis but i would have done differently
[20:49:07] Alphabethis coordinating with eSpain , asking for support in Canada
[20:49:12] rfeist sorry daniefox do you mean the azores battle that happened?
[20:49:16] Alphabethis reviewing the logistics
[20:49:26] Alphabethis BigAnt didn't do anything of that
[20:49:33] daniefox Yes...
[20:49:38] butjam In hindsight, I don't reckon any of us would, but it is a 20/20 vision of course
[20:49:38] Alphabethis Spanish bosses were very hurt with him
[20:49:43] Alphabethis he was basically MISSING
[20:49:59] butjam At the time we thought we had an easy path through to Azores, if we hadn't had such a crazy time attacking Canada
[20:50:04] Alphabethis coordination + communication + planning = success
[20:50:08] butjam We would've been alright
[20:50:17] Appleby does anybody else have a question?
[20:50:20] Alphabethis good plans include surprises
[20:50:22] rfeist can I say that I think at the time the battle had been planned out
[20:50:22] Appleby or shall we move onto military affairs
[20:50:29] Alphabethis like Canada being sneaky
[20:50:33] butjam It's a human mistake from not just BA, but from everybody, that we didn't consider Canadurp Canadurping
[20:50:40] Alphabethis we should,
[20:50:43] rfeist but we over assessed our abilities to go to war on our own almost
[20:50:46] Alphabethis that's the job of the CP
[20:51:00] Alphabethis poor planning and poor logistics
[20:51:31] Alphabethis and lots of fear
[20:51:47] Alphabethis BigAnt watched his own political career all the time
[20:51:49] Appleby we have a q from Spite
[20:51:53] Appleby .voice Spite
[20:51:53] =-= Mode #FebDebate +v Spite by NHS
[20:51:56] Appleby cheers again daniefox
[20:52:03] Appleby .devoice daniefox
[20:52:03] =-= Mode #FebDebate -v daniefox by NHS
[20:52:09] Spite [20:51:21] <Spite> i have a question
[20:52:09] Spite [20:51:47] <Spite> why do people keep assuming I'm going to help them when nobody has actually asked me
[20:52:13] Spite
[20:52:25] butjam Pffft, like I need you, ebil Keers
[20:52:36] Alphabethis Spite, I plan to recruit as much as I can
[20:52:43] Alphabethis asking publicly for help
[20:52:50] rfeist I hadn't..... yet
[20:52:58] butjam But in seriousness, because you're a soft hearted git really who can't resist it, and one of our best assets, as much as it must hurt people to recognise that
[20:53:01] Alphabethis and keeping a clear channel with everybody
[20:53:12] butjam But I don't think I've pulled you in for anything yet
[20:53:54] Appleby alright
[20:53:58] Appleby next from Gluttony
[20:54:02] Appleby .devoice Spite
[20:54:03] =-= Mode #FebDebate -v Spite by NHS
[20:54:05] rfeist oh butjam it does hurtbut yer he is good at what he does. I have only talked to Kravenn so far Spite as he is in TWO HQ but I am more than willing to come and find you if I need your help
[20:54:06] Appleby .voice Gluttony
[20:54:06] =-= Mode #FebDebate +v Gluttony by NHS
[20:54:18] =-= Gluttony is now known as GregoryG
[20:54:25] GregoryG aka GregoryG
[20:54:33] GregoryG As dSG and as a guy with nearly two year alliance ( ONE / TWO ) HQ experience, I'd like to mention the fact that alliance communication is solely the matter of personal contact with the HQ members. And HQ members consider only the experianced, influental and active player serious contact with govs, those who have actual controll over their govs. What the candidates think about this?
[20:54:54] Alphabethis I want to stop that
[20:55:05] GregoryG My point being that we rather rely on our personal contacts.
[20:55:06] Alphabethis gregoryG, we must create structures , teams
[20:55:20] Alphabethis something less personal and more professional and reliable
[20:55:28] Alphabethis and even less politically biased
[20:55:55] GregoryG The HQ does not care about politics only professionalism
[20:55:55] butjam Well, even if it's only a temporary thing lasting a term, your CP medal gets your foot in the door with chatting to people
[20:56:07] butjam From there on out it's a case of proving yourself
[20:56:10] Alphabethis gregory, keers get profit from his contacts
[20:56:17] Alphabethis TUP , the entire TUP , does
[20:56:29] butjam I reckon I'm a nice enough guy, and not too daft that I can make a good impression
[20:56:42] Alphabethis I want to stop that, things must get less "familiar" ( a la Capone) and more modern and professional
[20:56:43] Appleby rfeist?
[20:56:48] Appleby before we move onto NWG
[20:56:50] butjam I'm not one to fly off the handle (publicly) but I'm not ready to sit down and say nothing either
[20:56:54] rfeist personal contacts is how the world operates if truth be told
[20:57:02] rfeist Currently that is how the game operates unfortunately. I think that i have the right balance within my cabinet to offer those lines of communication should they be needed.
[20:57:33] rfeist that is until and I hope it doesnt take long or I have already earned the trust of two enough to be that first point of contact on all matters
[20:57:45] Alphabethis rfesit, personal contacts are like many parties are built,
[20:58:02] Alphabethis we strive for planning, communication, coordination and professionalism for ONCE
[20:58:05] Appleby alright, NWG's turn :3
[20:58:12] Appleby 4min on a q >_>
[20:58:15] Appleby .voice NWG
[20:58:16] =-= Mode #FebDebate +v NWG by NHS
[20:58:17] GregoryG Personal contacts are fast, based on mutual trust and efficientcy. :>
[20:58:18] Appleby cheers GregoryG
[20:58:21] GregoryG o/
[20:58:23] Appleby .devoice GregoryG
[20:58:23] =-= Mode #FebDebate -v GregoryG by NHS
[20:58:24] NWG with the economy as it is right now and every little helps, is it worth with Ireland leaving EDEN re-looking into land swaps for resources gain. Also bearing in mind the TP Gold this would constantly bring
[20:58:25] rfeist o/
[20:58:49] butjam NWG, I'd rather keep the wipe on Norway for it
[20:59:11] Alphabethis land swaps were a source of unstability
[20:59:15] butjam Norway are easier to hold down, but obviously 'spare' damage can still be poured in for TP medals
[20:59:18] Alphabethis it seemd a good idea
[20:59:28] Alphabethis but it prevented us from doing greater things
[20:59:41] Alphabethis we sank very low internationally because of that
[20:59:45] butjam Region swapping with Ireland for food seems a wee bit unnecessary, if it was weapon resources I could almost understand
[20:59:51] Alphabethis basically TUP loaths war and expansion ( and fun )
[20:59:58] Appleby we've hit an hour
[21:00:03] Appleby on only 2 subjects ;_:
[21:00:14] Appleby any objections if we move onto mil?
[21:00:20] rfeist I agree with butjam I would rather keep norway and get TPs from that. Land swaps cause to many problems due in the past to a lack of communication about the reasons for them and also the patriotism it can create. Also the reward may not worth the cost
[21:00:21] Alphabethis Ireland is more boredom
[21:00:42] Alphabethis Norway will become boredom soon
[21:00:50] Alphabethis if you don't want to play, let others play
[21:01:04] Alphabethis let others try to get eUK to its full potential
[21:01:14] Appleby righto
[21:01:14] Alphabethis lets plan, organize, deploy and support allies
[21:01:21] Alphabethis stuck in norway ? come on
[21:01:22] Appleby rfeist, you're turn to kick off I think
[21:01:28] rfeist indeed
[21:01:34] Appleby when you're ready
[21:01:46] rfeist military?
[21:01:48] Appleby aye
[21:01:52] rfeist ok
[21:02:06] rfeist well my latest article is about my military ideas
[21:02:17] Appleby .devoice NWG
[21:02:17] =-= Mode #FebDebate -v NWG by NHS
[21:02:20] Appleby >_>
[21:02:31] rfeist now lets all be honest we want eUK to be the strongest, but this is not the case and realistically wont be for some time
[21:02:52] rfeist but we can be organised and prepared to counter this hindrance
[21:03:53] rfeist I want to see the suggestion by goku about giving orders from MoD not just for battles but in key battles orders by division and see if we can direct our fighters where they are needed more quickly and efficiently
[21:03:57] Appleby 1min warning
[21:04:03] rfeist It has worked in other coutnries
[21:04:43] rfeist I would also like to see the return of some sort of MU league and the possibilty of mass strikes but not using government funds and instead run in like RN sunday strikes
[21:04:48] rfeist thats all I think
[21:04:57] Appleby I think Alphabethis is next
[21:05:02] Alphabethis ok
[21:05:16] Alphabethis in the military there are three levels to work at
[21:05:24] Alphabethis technical, tactical and strategical
[21:05:36] Alphabethis again , communication and coordination becomes the name of the game
[21:05:39] Alphabethis how ?
[21:05:53] Alphabethis instructing our captains to behave as captains
[21:06:08] Alphabethis that'd be a tecnical and tactical level
[21:06:21] Alphabethis we must do some kind of education less BH-prone
[21:06:28] Alphabethis and more damage efficient
[21:06:47] Alphabethis we must tune our firepower and prevent MU behave as wild dogs
[21:06:56] Alphabethis to achieve this:
[21:07:04] Appleby 1min warning
[21:07:17] Alphabethis teams of volunteers and a joint headquarter
[21:07:32] Alphabethis in the strategical level, we must to coordinate with allies MU
[21:07:44] Alphabethis we must hire mercs IN ADVANCE
[21:08:02] Appleby time
[21:08:05] Appleby butjam is up :3
[21:08:40] butjam The way some people chat about the military module, we'd have thought it's some grand strategy game with multiple levels of deceit and trickery
[21:08:55] butjam When the closest thing to strategy is timed attacks and fake NE proposals
[21:09:03] butjam Just focus on making our MU's an enjoyable place to be
[21:09:09] butjam And bring a little competition between them
[21:09:29] butjam In DC, we like competing with Tank Nation, especially seeing as wel all know frag
[21:09:32] butjam Gives us something to work for
[21:09:48] butjam Let's not keep it there, open it up and bring everybody in
[21:10:10] butjam I want to see MU's wandering about waving their e-peens everywhere, simply because the games mroe fun that way
[21:10:23] butjam When we don't have a common enemy to fight a la Azores campaign
[21:10:23] Appleby 1min warning
[21:10:34] butjam We have to make our competition and our fun between the bunch of us
[21:10:49] butjam Joint strikes, MU leagues and just spots of pointless fun
[21:11:06] butjam The simplest way to increase fun and damage
[21:11:13] butjam That'll do
[21:11:29] Appleby rfeist
[21:11:40] Appleby 2min answering remarks for military affairs :3
[21:11:43] rfeist ok
[21:12:12] Appleby when you're ready
[21:12:20] rfeist right first I think that instructing our captain better is a fantastic idea Alphabethis but how will you do this effectively?
[21:12:40] Alphabethis do I answer ?
[21:12:45] Appleby not yet
[21:12:52] Appleby let him speak his piece
[21:13:05] Appleby 10secs extra time rfeist >_>
[21:13:22] rfeist I would love to see more 'banter' between the MUs and making them compete, this could be increased by a rebirth and reorganization of an MU league/strike packadge
[21:13:39] Appleby min warning
[21:14:38] Appleby time
[21:14:43] rfeist I would like think that captains are the responsibility of their commanders and so we need to keep commanders active and involved in military matters. I would link to this that there is a certain degree of self choice in being a captain/commander and not everytime (unless its urgent for the eUK) they wont fight where directed everytime
[21:14:49] Appleby Alphabethis, your turn :3
[21:14:58] Alphabethis basically , we have Legion
[21:15:08] Alphabethis perhaps you don't know how Legion worked
[21:15:15] Alphabethis I love Legion , indeed
[21:15:24] Alphabethis it's a fantastic work
[21:15:30] Alphabethis well, basically, we must drill
[21:15:41] Alphabethis we must have series of fighters
[21:15:50] Alphabethis series 1, series 2, series 3
[21:15:58] Alphabethis cross-regiments
[21:16:01] Appleby min warning
[21:16:16] Alphabethis the captain behaves as centurion
[21:16:26] Alphabethis and he designates helpers
[21:16:35] Alphabethis to check them PM or IRC
[21:16:45] Alphabethis so , in every single moment WE KNOW WHAT WE are DOING
[21:16:53] Alphabethis Legion must obey government
[21:17:02] Alphabethis others MU will just learn from Legion
[21:17:07] Appleby time :3
[21:17:14] Appleby butjam, you're up
[21:17:48] butjam Jesus, first time I get an email from my captain telling me to get up for morning drills on erep is the time I quite and leg it back to playing Tribal wars or something like that
[21:17:48] Appleby ;_;
[21:17:51] Appleby argh
[21:18:00] Appleby k, go
[21:18:01] butjam You're over complicating stuff Alpha
[21:18:15] butjam Make it fun and people will come
[21:18:34] butjam That's all we can really do
[21:18:51] butjam SImply because there's very few people crazy/stupid enough to put that much effort into erep
[21:19:06] Appleby min warning
[21:19:24] butjam If you want organisation, get your MoD to identify divisional areas that need helkp, I want to start collect info about countries and their strengths/weaknesses
[21:19:27] butjam So we can better prepare
[21:19:40] butjam But I'd never force any ungodly ampount of organisation on people who just want fun
[21:19:44] butjam /done
[21:20:12] Appleby carlini's up :3
[21:20:25] Appleby oh, he wanted to anon it
[21:20:44] Carlini Also, how will you make it work?
[21:20:46] butjam Awks
[21:21:13] Alphabethis I would make a league
[21:21:15] butjam Well, I'm a scientist,not a mathematician, so, y'know
[21:21:18] butjam Trial and error
[21:21:23] Alphabethis but not on DAMAGE done
[21:21:26] butjam We've been through a few before now
[21:21:33] Alphabethis but on precision and discipline
[21:21:38] Alphabethis a kind of precission league
[21:21:46] butjam It's just a case of selecting proportional stuff, % active, avg. damage, that sort of thing
[21:22:01] butjam Me and Rfeist solemnly swear not to rig it for DC too guys, don't worry
[21:22:04] Alphabethis blind damage is something we have had enough
[21:22:04] butjam We're nice chaps really
[21:22:05] rfeist I would be on getting rodney with his large joint strikes to work with MoD (most lively Garth) on getting something that gathers a range of data
[21:22:41] Alphabethis and when bulk damage is truly required (like Canada invading) we don't know how to fight
[21:23:01] Alphabethis let's focus on precission, accuracy and discipline
[21:23:06] Alphabethis more than bulk damage
[21:23:11] Carlini So are you all saying that it will actually happen? And be something for MUs to compete for?
[21:23:13] Alphabethis we can do intelligent leagues
[21:23:13] Appleby anymore questions before we move onto home affairs & government structure?
[21:23:24] Alphabethis I'd do one for sure
[21:23:31] rfeist rory not rodney
[21:23:32] Carlini 1 yes, rfeist butjam?
[21:23:37] butjam I can't make a promise, probably because I'd feel a little daft if like other incarnations it failed
[21:23:56] butjam I'm bent on giving it another whirl though
[21:24:04] butjam Although it appears to suffer from top trumps syndrome
[21:24:16] butjam It pops up all the time and then support just sort of fades away
[21:24:26] rfeist yes, in some capacity there would be an MU league. just needs to be done properly and wouldnt mind not releasing if until end of my term if it meant it was dont right
[21:24:30] rfeist done*
[21:24:38] butjam If it means chucking apples at the head of my MoD though, then so be it, I hope B&E is good at ducking!
[21:25:03] Appleby x_X
[21:25:06] Carlini Ok cheers guys, can't wait, all I want really. Carlini out.
[21:25:08] Appleby on that note
[21:25:10] rfeist apples, your MoD lucky
[21:25:18] rfeist
[21:25:36] Appleby >_>
[21:25:42] butjam I'm nothing if not a kind soul
[21:25:50] Appleby anybody want to kick off home affairs & gov't structure?
[21:26:07] butjam I'll go if you want
[21:26:12] Appleby go for it
[21:26:18] butjam Alright
[21:26:41] butjam So, I seem to have a pretty big difference from Rich in that my cabinet is perhaps one thousandth of the size of his
[21:27:07] butjam And I've been all grumpy and insisting on people not being involved in their parties (externally) at the same time
[21:27:31] butjam My reasoning for it is simply to try and streamline it, too many cooks spoil the broth, too many MoHA's don't publish much (sorry guys )
[21:27:47] butjam You'll always find willing people out there who want to pitch in
[21:27:54] butjam But you need to designate managers
[21:28:01] butjam Who aren;t being distracted by work from the party
[21:28:16] Appleby min warning
[21:28:30] butjam The abstinence from party positions should also help a wee bit with the "HE'S ABUSING HIS POSITION!" calls too, which would be a nice change
[21:28:48] butjam I want a ncie tidy government, who makes things a little brighter for us all
[21:29:01] butjam Even if I did forget to name Moriarty as my Poet Laureaute....
[21:29:06] rfeist
[21:29:15] Appleby time
[21:29:24] Appleby Alphabethis, rfeist
[21:29:30] rfeist ill go if you want
[21:29:30] Appleby whoever's ready
[21:29:32] Appleby sure
[21:29:45] Alphabethis rfeist ?
[21:29:58] Alphabethis I don't mind if he's not ready
[21:30:01] Alphabethis just being polite
[21:30:03] Appleby he is prolly typing
[21:30:26] rfeist right firstly, I have gone for a larger cabinet in order to have a large number of deputy ministers to train up as one of my points was to encourage newer peopleto get involved
[21:30:31] rfeist yes I was Appleby
[21:30:55] rfeist I have gone for people with a lot of xp in the main roles and tried to give them some young fresh talent to train
[21:31:18] rfeist the response has been amazing from newer players may I add
[21:31:48] rfeist I hope to be able to use the month of peace and laidbackness to train up new ministers for coming terms.
[21:32:03] rfeist Also no matter what peoplesay bigger is alwasy better
[21:32:36] Appleby min warning
[21:32:56] rfeist Iwill be dividing up responsibilities for ministers when/if I get elected and will have a better idea then of where everyone fits in with their roles and responsibilities
[21:33:06] rfeist I have also take on 3 'cabinet ministers'
[21:33:33] rfeist these will be all rounded on matters and up to date making them able to step in and cover if any gaps appear for any reason
[21:33:34] rfeist done
[21:33:37] Appleby goodo
[21:33:40] Appleby over to you Alphabethis
[21:33:48] Alphabethis well, basically, I agree with rfeist
[21:34:11] Alphabethis and I'd add that I'd love to create a structure , that'd be the "who" part of the question
[21:34:31] Alphabethis but in home affairs I think the key is the "WHAT"
[21:34:44] Alphabethis I'd love to rescue interesting articles , more than creating new ones
[21:34:56] Alphabethis for example beta's guide series
[21:35:09] Alphabethis I'd love to promote writers actively
[21:35:16] Alphabethis by creating literary contests
[21:35:21] Alphabethis with prizes
[21:35:33] Alphabethis I'd foster culture and literacy ( a things much needed )
[21:35:43] Alphabethis basically in the media
[21:35:52] Alphabethis about NHS more than "who"
[21:36:04] Appleby 50sec warning
[21:36:09] Alphabethis I'd try to find synergies that currently exist
[21:36:14] Appleby sorry, was choosing a bottle of red :3
[21:36:26] Alphabethis like inside MU
[21:36:40] Alphabethis as always coordination and communication
[21:36:50] Appleby time
[21:36:58] Appleby rfeist, 2min response :3
[21:37:01] Alphabethis perhaps some stattiscall office
[21:37:11] Appleby ready when you are
[21:37:15] Alphabethis statistics
[21:37:17] rfeist 1 sec
[21:37:19] Appleby sure
[21:37:21] rfeist door
[21:37:24] Appleby butjam?
[21:37:40] butjam Yo yo yo
[21:37:44] Appleby ^^^
[21:37:46] butjam Sorry, I was being queried
[21:38:00] butjam Anyway, yeah "Bigger is always better"
[21:38:03] butjam Not if it's bloated
[21:38:10] butjam It's great that people want to get involved
[21:38:34] butjam But showering the with cabinet positions to give them something to be proud of at the end is a bit of an inefficient way to go about it
[21:38:47] butjam And devalues the position really, leading to a lowered sense of responsibility
[21:38:53] butjam When you're a minister, you serve the country
[21:39:05] butjam I want my cabinet a little smaller, and help to come from the civil service idea
[21:39:29] butjam It lets people specialise in what they want to specialise in, graphics, writing, giving up a couple hours to tediously mass message
[21:39:32] Appleby 30sec warning
[21:39:36] Appleby opening the bottle >_>
[21:39:40] butjam You build up a CV, you start to prove yourself
[21:39:48] butjam And then you move along to a ministerial position
[21:39:52] butjam DOne
[21:40:14] Appleby rfeist/alpha?
[21:40:47] Alphabethis rfeist ?
[21:41:02] Appleby over to you then Alphabethis
[21:41:03] rfeist you first mate if you want
[21:41:17] Alphabethis butjam , it's not smaller or bigger
[21:41:23] Alphabethis but organized or disorganized
[21:41:34] Alphabethis it's not about unskilled or skilled but about doing actual things
[21:41:45] Alphabethis like recovering old articles
[21:42:00] Alphabethis like exploring most efficent ways of delivering food
[21:42:12] Alphabethis ( supporting of MU captains comes to mind )
[21:42:22] Appleby 1MIN WARNING
[21:42:24] Appleby argh caps
[21:42:28] Alphabethis making contest and people involved
[21:42:36] Alphabethis literary contests, logo contests,...
[21:42:57] Alphabethis I would trim anybody request by having a large team
[21:43:10] Alphabethis I'd reorganize to make room to anyone
[21:43:17] Alphabethis everyone
[21:43:22] Appleby time
[21:43:27] Appleby over to rfeist
[21:43:46] rfeist right, well.I think that my cabinet is just right for what is needed.
[21:44:49] rfeist enough people in the right positions at the heads of ministries while there is a good amount of deputies to help out when needed and more importantly observe and learn what is needed to do the job themselves
[21:45:22] Appleby argh, 40sec warning
[21:45:29] Appleby wait
[21:45:33] Appleby prolly 20 actually
[21:45:44] rfeist I think that linked to this there is a large amount of new people that want to get involved and this is the best way for them to do so
[21:45:44] Appleby forgot to time this one <_<
[21:46:00] rfeist they dont have to one of the cooks more like one of the waiters
[21:46:09] rfeist helping to provide our service
[21:46:12] Appleby time I think
[21:46:25] Appleby now normally we'd ask questions one by one
[21:46:29] Appleby but as it's the end
[21:46:33] Appleby opens floodgates
[21:46:38] =-= Mode #FebDebate -m by Appleby


BigAnt Dia 1,903, 15:12

Clearly who ever wins will struggle to match me 😃

Bohemond4 Dia 1,903, 15:12


On Guard

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Dia 1,903, 15:14

it's funny how alphabetis will fix finance by cutting costs, like CtA, and then later, he wants to give prizes to good articles...

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Dia 1,903, 15:14

Yeah it's hard to be as crap as you were BA

Invalidation Dia 1,903, 15:14


Jamie2721 Dia 1,903, 15:34

Kinda similar really, i will probably go with Butjam, although i don't really have much against rfeist

Danie made a good point about the import taxes though, i don't like the 99% consensus we seem to have, make more sense to have it at like 3%

GameChanger Dia 1,903, 17:26

I think that "wall of text" is the only real way to describe this...

mwcerberus Dia 1,903, 18:15

invalidation done did a better one
alpha is running who'd have though

Jimbojoy Dia 1,903, 19:20

Jesus. Telling Gregory G you have a stupid policy is stupid. Anyone but alpha >_>

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,903, 21:35

Thanks for that MC, apologies for missing the mass debate but real life called. Great gosting as always and good luck to all the candidates today \o/

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Dia 1,904, 07:26

I stopped paying attention half way through the live debate, next thing I knew butjam was throwing fruit at me.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Dia 1,904, 07:32

Thank you for posting this.

Alphabethis Dia 1,904, 08:38

Thanks for posting.

Sambo112 Dia 1,904, 09:15

so if I read correctly:

1) We all gonna die
2) We all gonna die

Jimbobfrey Dia 1,904, 12:21

That sounds like a long night... good debate.

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Dia 1,905, 12:27

I can summarise this entire wall of text:

[20:21:43] Appleby sir-nick - desist

CptChazbeard. Dia 1,905, 14:26

Appleby's underhand manoeuvres cost me 325 votes!

IfIWereARichMan Dia 1,905, 15:07

Beware opening a bottle of wine during political debates. Heading down the BA railroad.

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