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[USWP for Congress]This Slate of 8 is Great

Dia 2,135, 07:18 Publicado em USA EUA por Gnilraps

unDead and Lovely
Day 2135 of the New World
24 September, 2013

Every month, on exactly the 25th day of the month, eRepublik citizens have the opportunity to vote for what seems like the best possible set of congressmen/congresswomen for the coming 30 days.

And every month, normally, hundreds of erepublik citizens vote mostly along party lines.

It’s sort of stupid.

AMP vote for AMP…
Feds vote for Feds…
WTP vote for WTP…
UWSP vote for USWP…

The sheer repetitiveness of it has led to many simply leaving the game behind as they seek greener pasture in Farmville, Candy Crush, or some other boring clickfest.

eRepublik should never become so boring. In eRepublik, we have a vibrant social game environment where the people behind the clicks come alive. We actually get to KNOW one another because in eRepublik, we are more than just an avatar.

If you have been mindlessly voting in favor of your party’s candidates without giving ear to why they were selected or what (if any) are there merits, you’ve inadvertently become part of the problem.

Or for that matter, if you belong to a non-top-5 party (:respect:) but have avoided congressional elections because of game mechanics, you also are unintentionally contributing to the problem.

(Caveat: I am not addressing those of you who are engaged in your party’s primaries and who do know your party’s candidates. This article is not for you.

We in the USWP of 2013 would like you to consider something different.

First of all, we want you to know that this is not the old USWP. We are not the monolithic party filled with mostly undead players. That age has passed. There is no elite mastermind pulling the strings any more. Hell, I don’t even come with strings.

USWP has had to reinvent itself to a large extent.

This USWP has become a conglomerate of diverse members of the active eRepublik community. We are a virtual cross-section of eAmerican interests.
You think I’m making this up? Look again.



Today’s USWP is still wall to wall zombies for sure… we’re just a whole hell of a lot sexier.

But on a serious note, consider these facts:

Our Slate of 8 future congresszombies contains members of 5 different Military Units.
Our Slate of 8 future congresszombies includes players eBorn as long ago as 2008 and as recently as February.
Our Slate of 8 future congresszombies features some of the most active citizens in every aspect of the game.

And our Slate of 8 future congresszombies is
Troll free
Derp free
AFA free (ok, redundant I know)

USWP is committed to sending earnest gamers who want to represent the entire eUSA populace. We are distinctly NOT a partisan crowd of groupthinkers who is going to simply vote because some party wonk has issued a decree.

The United States Worker Party asks you to spend your precious vote by electing the USWP candidates into congressional office.

We completely don’t suck.


Rainbow Slash

The Rohirrim






^ This

^ is not this.

Vote the USWP Slate of 8.
It’s the wise thing to do.
You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking



Gnilraps Dia 2,135, 07:19

A Great Slate of 8

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Dia 2,135, 07:24


zako soldier
zako soldier Dia 2,135, 07:28

Proud to be USWP!

Inwegen Dia 2,135, 07:55

You just really had to point out that I'm the masochist and I'm still here... Didn't you? 😛

Gnilraps Dia 2,135, 08:06

I didn't say WHO has been around since 2008...

I'm on the verge of 4 years myself... more if you count the account I played prior to being Gnilraps

Inwegen Dia 2,135, 08:09

Yea, first account is since beta... but I really didn't play it that much.

Evil.Elvis Dia 2,135, 08:29

"Hell, I don’t even come with strings."

tell that to the fed militia.

Tiamati Dia 2,135, 11:02

"The sheer repetitiveness of it has led to many simply leaving the game behind as they seek greener pasture in Farmville, Candy Crush, or some other boring clickfest."

The above is only partially accurate as members of eAmerican parliament are beholden only to their party presidents whom often double as members of the current executive cabinet. Many younger eAmericans begin to realize this and depart.

"This Slate (read: sleigh) of 8 is 'troll free"

Is merely an opinion. From my perspective I see two known trolls in the group; one of whom enjoyed working at 12 health often when it would penalize their employer economically.

Neither of whom would be able to gain a congressional seat under the old congressional election system at this time were it still in existence.

Death to AFA Ra Ra Ra.

HeapSeppo Dia 2,135, 12:46

I'd let that Zombie ravage me. Just sayin'.

Deepchill Dia 2,135, 14:02


Having a great time in USWP.

ligtreb Dia 2,135, 14:15

That's a great slate.

Tiamati Dia 2,136, 08:11

Needed more Tenshibo to be truly great; as stated above two of this crop of 8 grate the senses.

Cme to think of it, Why aren't you in this group of 8.

Delyruin Dia 2,135, 17:40

Vote USWP for Congress!

whynotme Dia 2,136, 11:05


Kortanul Dia 2,136, 11:06

Have enjoyed USWP since I joined eRep--minus a short stint in the Feds before returning. Have some of the most interesting players, and this month a solid congress list.

Voted, because everyone should know we've changed. o7

Kortanul Dia 2,136, 11:19

Psst: The name's not Kartanul.

Gnilraps Dia 2,136, 11:52

whoops just a misspelling. I totes know your name.

Kortanul Dia 2,136, 12:22

I'd certainly hope so by now!

John Winter
John Winter Dia 2,136, 17:14

I enjoyed this. Sub'd and voted.

Colonel W Dick
Colonel W Dick Dia 2,136, 22:18

MCSH Dia 2,136, 23:41

Proud to be a sexy zombie.

wmasters84 Dia 2,137, 15:12


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