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[TWO] Glorious Victory

Dia 1,850, 13:36 Publicado em Hungary Hungria por TWO Alliance
[TWO] Glorious Victory

Greetings Friends,

I take great pleasure in writing to you once again to show you what we’ve been up to in the last few days. It’s been a busy time on the battlefield and we have some great victories to report! Each week your alliance team will be doing its best to keep you informed about what we’re doing, what your fellow countries are doing, and to bring you all the relevant news from around the eWorld.

First and foremost we'd like to welcome Latvia to our fold as a trial member! Latvia have been great allies for a long time now and wish to cement their relationship with us, ensure the safety of their people, and press forwards with us into the future. Latvia will be the first country to join what we're calling the 'Associate Countries of TWO,' or ACT TWO, and we look forward to working with them. If you would like your country to join ACT or TWO, please get in contact with Mininuns, our SG.

Here’s a country by country summary.

Poland had a very busy week! After proposing Turkey as their natural enemy, our Polish brothers have been hard at work with the backing of the alliance to beat them back. Widely regarded in the eWorld as EDEN’s last stand, Turkey has thus far struggled in MPP battles but won a resistance war. While still in its early stages, things are looking good in this war for Poland with them winning Eastern Anatolia.

Poland also signed a new agreement this week with Lithuania and Belarus. Called the Res Publica Pact, it is essentially a friendly agreement that cements the relationship between the three countries; pulling Belarus towards our side diplomatically and again showing Poland’s prowess with diplomacy.

EDEN tried to take advantage in RWing Poland’s colonies in the Netherlands, Germany and France but they were unsuccessful.

Serbia has begun an offensive against southern France this week and has steadily been taking land. The French are no match for our Serbian brothers, and don’t come anywhere close to the power of TWO and so it’s highly likely that they will be facing a wipe in the near future. Croatia tried to take advantage of Serbia’s war to try and RW a region on home turf, but were unsuccessful.

Hungary has been making progress in their relationship with Romania, with their agreement to give them Bukovina, a conquered region over to them for a financial cost every month. This will no doubt make the region more stable for Hungary in the long term. (But not for EDEN! ) Interestingly Romania were only too willing to screw the Ukraine over, who are their allies in EDEN.

Spain has seen success in their war with Portugal, successfully wiping them off the map. They were in the process of discussing with Portugal several viable options for a Non-Aggression Pact that had to be rejected because the Portugese refused to leave EDEN. That is a shame because it looks to have condemned them to a wipe for the foreseeable future. For now, Spain have had a major victory in the Norte RW, in which major resistance from EDEN forces was encountered but negated in short order. They’re doing great and it’s awesome to see it!

Slovenia has done the alliance proud recently! Having had no battles of their own to fight, they have consistently and constantly been of great help to the whole alliance and our allies, hitting where needed and helping to turn the tide in many battles. They’ve temporarily sacrificed their own fun and games to help us all out and we thank them for that.

The UK is currently taking part in a training war with our good friends the Belgians. This has allowed some of their citizens to develop and gain TP medals, while the bulk of their forces have been used to support allies in TWO, CoT and elsewhere. Without trying they’ve won every battle thus far with ease and need to be careful not to wipe Belgium off the map!

Every week we’ll be publishing our successes like this and celebrating our member countries. We’re also going to use the following section, ‘Ally of the week,’ in which we focus on a single country we consider to be a friend of the alliance, send mobile fighters to their battles, and report on their successes during the week. This week’s ally is Brazil. We sent mobile fighters to the UK to fight via MPP, and we send mobiles to help them in their RWs too!


Brazil has taken some bold steps recently and all of us here at TWO HQ would like to wish them the very best of luck and every success. Some of our constituent countries have already signed MPPs with Brazil and we’ve sent mobile support to their battles in the last week or two. Of all the countries in the eWorld, Brazil has arguably the most options available to them and most likely a great deal of fun to be had in the near future too. They’ve already performed a joint invasion of Taiwan with the USA and will no doubt look towards the future with great anticipation. This week, they’ve seen off an attack on their bonuses by EDEN in their South African colony of Northern Cape, in which I had the pleasure of taking a Battle Hero medal, and in other RWs too.

Whatever the future holds for Brazil I don’t doubt it will be bright indeed.

That ends our content for today so I’ll leave you with the motto I’ve adopted:

We will do what is hard, and we will achieve what is great. Where divided we may fall, united we stand, tall and proud; truly the world is ours.

Talon Karrde

TWO Secretary of Foreign Affairs

ACT ONE may be over, but ACT TWO is only just beginning!

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Minino. Dia 1,850, 13:38


fagyan Dia 1,850, 13:38

All hail The King o/

Ostenburg Moravek Gyula
Ostenburg Moravek Gyula Dia 1,850, 13:38


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dia 1,850, 13:38

ACT ONE may be over, but ACT TWO is only just beginning!

Ostenburg Moravek Gyula
Ostenburg Moravek Gyula Dia 1,850, 13:38

third then : (

Ungolim Pontius the Knight
Ungolim Pontius the Knight Dia 1,850, 13:42

\o/ Latvia

WayneKerr Dia 1,850, 13:44


Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Dia 1,850, 13:45


Pravoslavac IC XC
Pravoslavac IC XC Dia 1,850, 13:48


NueveOcho Dia 1,850, 13:48

o/ hail TWO
Hail Spain
Hail Poland
Hail Slovenia
Hail UK
Hail Hungary
Hail Serbia

Tototwalker Dia 1,850, 13:48

tea for two and two for tea

Latvian Soldier
Latvian Soldier Dia 1,850, 13:49

Hail TWO, Hail Latvia

cen1 Dia 1,850, 13:50

Everything is nice but I couldn't care less for Brazil.

Colonel Landa
Colonel Landa Dia 1,850, 13:51

Rokaj snimaj!!!!!!! rke koke!

MilosDj Dia 1,850, 13:52


Soulcraft Dia 1,850, 13:52

Hail TWO

Gislaine Dia 1,850, 13:53

Good Job o>

vejderr Dia 1,850, 13:54

Poland also signed a new agreement this week with Latvia and Belarus.

Lithuania, not Latvia

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Dia 1,850, 13:55

Join us or became part of us !!!


k0stek Dia 1,850, 13:56

Poland have had a very busy week!

Simple had. Poland had a very busy week! If you want to use pr. perfect then correctly wwould be has not have...

CptChazbeard. Dia 1,850, 13:57


k0stek Dia 1,850, 13:58

This mistake with "have" instead of "has" is everywhere. Correct this asap.

Mitra33 Dia 1,850, 13:59


rco Dia 1,850, 14:01

Brazil ally of week? I don't think so. We won't go to TWO, if that's what you want to know.

Titanicus Dia 1,850, 14:05


fagyan Dia 1,850, 14:09

The awkward moment when you want to teach an educated English guy how to write in his mother language 🙂
amirite k0stek ?

El Senso
El Senso Dia 1,850, 14:11

hail every alliance that kick Turkey ass o7

Bohemond4 Dia 1,850, 14:12

Hail TWO!

k0stek Dia 1,850, 14:13

fagyan: It really hurts me when I see those mistakes ; (

fagyan Dia 1,850, 14:23

Just to point something , the week hasnt end yet and you are still busy. so its "have had"
Poland refers to the people of Poland , not the country itself hence it must be "have" not "has".

Arfan-Khan Dia 1,850, 14:24


GregoryG Dia 1,850, 14:27

222 The World is Ours 222
222 Resistance is futile 222
222 You will be assimilated 222

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,850, 14:29

Amazing work Gentlemen. The eUk is proud to call you true brothers and allies O7

tiln Dia 1,850, 14:35


k0stek Dia 1,850, 14:45

Just to point something , the week hasnt end yet and you are still busy. so its "have had"
Simple "has" sounds better then imho.

Poland refers to the people of Poland , not the country itself hence it must be "have" not "has".
With this i just don't agree. If you want to speak about nation not country you can sue Poles/Hungarians... Otherwise "country has something".

Marcus Nerva Traianus
Marcus Nerva Traianus Dia 1,850, 15:04

o/ hail TWO
Hail Spain
Hail Poland
Hail Slovenia
Hail UK
Hail Hungary
Hail Serbia

Admiral Yamamoto
Admiral Yamamoto Dia 1,850, 15:09



conlosteroristas Dia 1,850, 15:10

ima skorpije ima vot

Snugz Dia 1,850, 15:13

brozil 4 lyf

Wildrunner Dia 1,850, 15:32

Congrats! Poland, hope you enjoy those days of more "Balkan style" action. ; )

Don Clota
Don Clota Dia 1,850, 15:37

Hail TWO!
Hail CoT!

Gunner BR
Gunner BR Dia 1,850, 15:56



JeguljaM Dia 1,850, 16:46


Rajk Laszlo
Rajk Laszlo Dia 1,850, 17:40


TemujinBC Dia 1,850, 17:45


Rona1d Dia 1,850, 18:50


Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Dia 1,850, 21:50


torres1992 Dia 1,850, 22:09


Darkslowstar Dia 1,851, 23:10

I am not a fan of ONE/TWO but I have to appreciate the communication effort. Nice article
see you on the battle field 😉

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