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[The Seed] We need bromances.

Dia 1,959, 07:54 Publicado em USA EUA por HeapSeppo

Hello again. In the last article I brought up that we in The Seed are unsatisfied with the current alliance politics of eUS, and we want a change. Some suggested that the change we wanted was to go back to EDEN, but this is not what we are aiming for. We have several “bro” countries around the world with which we should further our relationship—old bros and new bros.

We have been a trial member of CoT for quite a while now and we have learned a lot about the alliance in that time. We give and give but do not get much back for what we do. We are being toyed with by countries with much less strength and numbers. It’s time, not necessarily to be in a power position of an alliance, but to be respected among our peers. We believe this can never happen in CoT.

Who are our bros?

As I mentioned, we have several “bro” countries out there, among these are countries such as Albania, Australia, Russia, France, Asgard and our old friends Brazil. These are countries that have big hearts, they are not among the biggest out there but when someone needs help they hit as hard as they can, and they can do miracles, as was proven against Spain when Canada initially freed themselves from the Spanish grip. With help from Asgard, which deployed to free them even when their own congresses were in trouble, they managed to free region after region and secured a congress for Canada. Later on they even secured congress for Sweden. These are REAL fighters with a lot of experience in warfare.

France has been under siege for far too long. They are that country that all of the world seems to have forgotten. For some reason people think it’s acceptable to let them stay wiped and pay for their own regions every month. We do not think so. France helped us a lot before and we helped them by forgetting them? It is time that France gets back on the map, without having to pay every month for it.

We still have a good relationship with Brazil, and this is something we want to keep working on. They are looking for the same stability that we are and it is possible that we can help each other find this. Right now there are rumors that they are looking to join TWO, but would they still want to if there were other options on the table? Are those in their current administration leading based upon the will of their people or some backroom deal?

We of course have many more bros than this, but to list them all here would make one long article. There will be follow ups to this one where we could go further into this topic.

A new alliance?

Is a new alliance practical? Is it necessary? An alliance is only as good as its members—its bros. While the new alliance rankings in eRep are pretty and all, we find it most important to set up MPPs with countries that we wish to support that will return the favor as needed. It’s time to lock together with true allies and form something not based upon some document, but on a desire to see each other succeed. Since the dissolution of TERRA there is a gap between EDEN and CoTWO. This is our opportunity to shape something new and bring fun and brotherhood back into the game.

But what about being able to defend against TWO?

TWO and some of its member countries are quite formidable. The joint power of countries such as Serbia and Poland is great. While we may not find ourselves aligned with a group that can overtake them globally, we can defend our regions and protect our bros if we have a common bond and focus. The idea of forming an alliance just to defeat the largest alliance only leads to one thing, and that’s a 2-alliance world (no pun intended). As frustrating as the stalemate of TEDEN/ONE was, the idea of a 3rd/4th alliance is the way to a more interesting eWorld, and the vision behind CTRL and CoT shares that, but that’s where our shared vision stops.

The Seed and Vanek26

Regarding this article:

As Vanek26 stated earlier this week, he wants to explore the idea of expanding our bonuses. He shares common interests with us and we have decided to support Vanek26 in the upcoming election. This support is based upon Vanek26’s job performance and does not reflect an endorsement of Unity. As we said in the previous article, we do not support Unity nor AFA, but Vanek26 has shown some great progress during his month as POTUS and we would like to see where this takes us.

On that note we would like to make our voices heard in the matter and issue a challenge to Vanek26: Our desire is to see a formal break from CoT and a big change in eUS MPP stack this upcoming month.

Join us!

If you’d like to join a party that speaks up for “the rest of us,” join The Seed. We’re not big into meta-game, but we are about making the game better. Come help us plant the seed and change things for the better.
Join The Seed today!


Wolf Henrich von Helldorf
Wolf Henrich von Helldorf Dia 1,959, 08:02

Great article! Voted

// King in the North

Blackbower Dia 1,959, 08:03

Awesome ideas, great party, voted.

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Dia 1,959, 08:07

Well thought out. Voted and Subbed

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,959, 08:08

I don't even like America.

Mr_Pornstar Dia 1,959, 08:10


Yanisin Dia 1,959, 08:12


BeachBunny Dia 1,959, 08:15

Good article and wonderful thoughts but tbh do you think your support warrents the challenge you have set forth?

HeapSeppo Dia 1,959, 08:19

Our support has no conditions, we chose to support based on our opinions of Vanek26, the challenge is simply what we like to see. If he chooses to follow them is up to him. We simply wanted to mention what changes we are looking for this term.

BeachBunny Dia 1,959, 08:23

No i get that. But if he does that I highly doubt it was for this article or party and was merely what he wanted to do and that was best.

HeapSeppo Dia 1,959, 08:27

Sure, but then our wishes has been done as well. It's just our way to show what we want to see this term. We are not a big party but we want to make our voices heard and now he sees what we want done. Sure it might not be because of us, but we at least want to get it out there.

petran007 Dia 1,959, 08:16


KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,959, 08:18

Wise words my friend and healthy thoughts...

crisfire Dia 1,959, 08:41

HeapSeppo is awesome!

Arfan-Khan Dia 1,959, 08:48


Kilbupere1 Dia 1,959, 08:52

Great article

bATRA Dia 1,959, 08:53


Al Punk
Al Punk Dia 1,959, 08:55

Vote! New alliance!

TheSmoke Dia 1,959, 09:03

Good Article

nutty fox
nutty fox Dia 1,959, 09:16

voted! Liked the part with HEART and helping your allies and NOT getting some just do your dirty laundry or be a silly puppet !

NoobPower Dia 1,959, 09:23

Great article! Voted.
Hail Bromances!

LaIIe Dia 1,959, 09:54


Driver of ufo
Driver of ufo Dia 1,959, 10:10


Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Dia 1,959, 10:15

I will not join. But, the seed has been planted.

ligtreb Dia 1,959, 11:33


John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dia 1,959, 11:56

The entrance of USA in COT, among other objectives, occurred in order to protect USA from TwO.

Although COT/TwO is still focus on EDEN countries, the fun is almost over since only China stands invincible now, and I believe they will loose this status in a couple of weeks. Which means that Poland and Serbia will look for another fun adventure.

While the USA is in COT there is a level of protection from this alliance, not because COT would have the power (or the will) to defend the USA against TwO, but because they prefer that TwO damage goes elsewhere, namely their battles against EDEN. Therefore they will fight diplomatically to keep TwO out of US soil.

If USA decides to leave you loose that protection.

In respect to bromances... to be "bro" as some kind of exclusivity attached. You can be bro of 3 or 4 countries but keep such an intimate connection with 7 or 8 is difficult and is much more an "Alliance" than a Bromance.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dia 1,959, 15:10

Fortunately, not all the eUS citizens share these pathetic feelings & ideas about being ''protected'' by CoT...

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Dia 1,959, 13:02

When I think "Bro," I think Croatia.

Not Russia or France (they were willing participants in our invasion).
Australia has been a historic drain - constantly occupied/embattled and needy for our help, only to show some sort of macho hostility toward us instead of gratitude..

Radiche Dia 1,959, 13:39

You really said that eFrance wlling participants in your invasion? How about eFrench and eRussian that comes to help you with that invasion ! ??

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dia 1,960, 07:23

Probably different invasions. Russia and France participated in the 2009's invasion of the USA the PEACE vs Atlantis era, and they supported USA in the Spoland invasion.

Mv13 Dia 1,960, 09:49

We invaded you back in 2009 (I know, I lead the French troops back then). But as you can notice, 4 years later..Things have changed radically. Old allies became enemies and vice versa.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Dia 1,960, 12:41

France has been friendly lately, but Croatia has always been our friend.

Pfeiffer. Dia 1,961, 06:34

France is solid, Croatia is as well. My only problem with Croatia is some of their other friendships...and the fact that those will always come before ours. Doesn't matter the need or the importance or urgency of things, we were always second (and sometimes third) down the line simply because that's how they operated.

hazelh Dia 1,959, 13:27

V & S

Cubby Dia 1,959, 14:25

Plant the seed with us! Your voice counts!

Catri Athena
Catri Athena Dia 1,959, 14:29

well thought out and well written. voted and subbed.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dia 1,959, 15:15

Voted, but when I think "Bro," I think Hellas (Greece)!

Elitists simply suck!!!

John Largo
John Largo Dia 1,959, 17:10

Yeah, Broatia is definitely missing, but the others are p cool.

HeapSeppo Dia 1,959, 17:31

Like I said we can only give a partial list here else we'd have a very long article. 🙂 We just wanted to bring up some of them. Croatia is on our list of bros. 🙂

Liquid Oxygen Dia 1,960, 13:38

Comentário apagado

klop123 Dia 1,959, 17:22

Awesome! o/

Allen Webster
Allen Webster Dia 1,959, 18:02


morpheus666 Dia 1,960, 01:11

Seppbro < 3

Rale0 Dia 1,960, 04:41

Balance has to be restored..

yhpdoit Dia 1,960, 04:51

Comentário apagado

biaxident Dia 1,960, 05:04


Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dia 1,960, 08:23


Animis Dia 1,960, 08:46

I especially like the comment that discusses the 'protection' CoT gives the eUSA.... they would kill us in our sleep if they could!


bigcdizzle Dia 1,960, 09:03

France?.....Australia?.....No. Just no.

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