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[SOS] Thanks for voting!

Dia 1,925, 01:43 Publicado em Japan Japão por Sir Robin Ibz

We got a lot of votes!

Look what surprise face had Oraizan yesterday when watching the results!

Today she's cheering our members and friends for the good job:

Thanks for your votes!

What are you waiting for? Join SOS 団!



ardishabutaro Dia 1,925, 01:45

first denied

Tinyto Dia 1,925, 03:36

Good luck o/

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Dia 1,925, 03:56

Grats for the good results 🙂

Zodiarque Dia 1,925, 04:00


O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

Lonqu Dia 1,925, 04:07

Lol'd at Oraizan.

Congrats SOS! : D

Khomul Dia 1,925, 04:40

Congrats!!! o/

Black Raison dEtre Dia 1,925, 05:06

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Black Raison dEtre
Black Raison dEtre Dia 1,925, 05:07

( ^^)∠※ PAN!!
おめでとうSOS 団!
( ^^)∠※ PAN!!


Andreivi Dia 1,925, 05:13



darlosworld Dia 1,925, 05:22


Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dia 1,925, 06:06

Congratulations for your unbeliveable succes! ^w^

cuihao Dia 1,925, 06:22


Oraizan Dia 1,925, 07:36

Ten thousand years for SOS!

Indeed, a thanks to isp especially. Althogh we hosted their members, they helped us too.

Angelkovic Dia 1,925, 07:52

Keep doing GJ!

bobbySAURON Dia 1,925, 07:57

At IRC you ranted about multis.
Here you say Good Job?

Angelkovic Dia 1,925, 08:02

Well i told that -10 votes comes from multis.
Am i wrong my dear black friend?

bobbySAURON Dia 1,925, 08:03

Now you are two times wrong 🙂

Angelkovic Dia 1,925, 08:05

Oh.. I`m wrong. Forgive me please.

Oraizan Dia 1,925, 09:29

Obviously they came from multies, Thankfully they were erased. Anything more than 76 votes would have been questionable, it's too bad not all obvious multies were deleted that I reported though. At least SOS can say our result is an honest one.

Leinster Dia 1,925, 08:29

Ola k ase

Geezus Dia 1,925, 12:53

Fake accounts don't read articles!

Squibeel Dia 1,925, 14:31

In the end ISP/SOS numbers are enough to put SOS in second so he is thanking those votes. Dear MoF, math doesnt seem to be your best subject.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,925, 14:48

Hey Geezus. I'm going to teach you some maths jusr because I love my eCountry and unluckily you're our MoF. yesterday SOS had 44 members,ISP had 32. 32+44=76 Mr MoF. Learn math and keep your mouth shut.

Oraizan Dia 1,925, 16:05

Haters going to hate. It's okay, everybody gets jealous once and a while.

Geezus Dia 1,925, 22:54

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Geezus Dia 1,925, 22:55

The 10 fake vote is fact, SOS tried to cheat!

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 03:18

The 10 fake votes were made by DEN007! Your friend!

Squibeel Dia 1,926, 05:20

10 removed votes are a fact but SOS trying to cheat isn't. Present concrete proof before making false accusations.

Honda Kiku
Honda Kiku Dia 1,925, 13:02

Only one can guess how much work Yuki did to get those multies deleted with Oraizan, only to be rewarded by a Haruhi that's to excited, an Oraizan that's cheering so hard, and herself holding a sign of who knows what xD
Anyways, awesome job! It was hard to decide which party to choose, but it looks like I decided right ^^
V o7!!

Oraizan Dia 1,925, 16:06

Indeed, welcome to our family Honda-san. 🙂

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dia 1,925, 21:43

Congrats to the success of our sister party, we are so proud!

Aister Pendragon
Aister Pendragon Dia 1,926, 09:34

those... bobby

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