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[SOS] Congress elections!

Dia 1,923, 10:26 Publicado em Japan Japão por Sir Robin Ibz

Haruhi wants you to vote for SOS!

Because we have the coolest candidates!

The best dance ever!

And the most powerful weapon on the world!

Join the SOS Brigade!



Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,923, 10:27

First dennied

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Dia 1,923, 11:03


Kami Neko
Kami Neko Dia 1,923, 11:08

Just want to say that we are not haruhiism party, but players that love haruhi anime welcome to our party.
Ten Thousand Years of Fun, Save the world by Overloading it with Something fun.
Banzai SOS Brigade \o/

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dia 1,923, 13:19

Support o7

Zodiarque Dia 1,923, 13:39

がんばるよ! ね。

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Dia 1,923, 15:57


Angelkovic Dia 1,923, 16:34

Because we have the coolest candidates!
Yea! Shure 😃
But if you join us, we can rule the galaxy!

Squibeel Dia 1,923, 17:07

Why stop at galaxy?!? Universe for me!

ardishabutaro Dia 1,923, 17:56

angelkovic, haruhi is god. galaxy is too small for her

Angelkovic Dia 1,923, 17:59

But she can lose some weight if that's the problem 🙁

Angelkovic Dia 1,923, 18:00

And btv, who the F is Haruhi 😕

ardishabutaro Dia 1,923, 18:04

Haruhi is god in anime Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. You can google yourself. Her (thy) will be done

Angelkovic Dia 1,923, 18:06

Dont want to google her!
I don't want to watch anime...
It's makes me horny 🙁

ardishabutaro Dia 1,923, 20:34

lol, horny in anime.

Oraizan Dia 1,924, 11:27

Lol, oh dear.

ardishabutaro Dia 1,923, 17:56

almost impossible to beat god haruhi

well play, well play

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,923, 19:09

The "almost" in your sentence is a mistake.

ardishabutaro Dia 1,923, 20:33

damn. you true

Oraizan Dia 1,923, 22:14


darlosworld Dia 1,924, 04:43


Honda Kiku
Honda Kiku Dia 1,924, 12:47

I am betting on Yuki to beat Haruhi, Haruhi is just lucky she made Yuki and that Yuki is calmer then most of her "spacial stationary droids." I mean, to me, Yuki is more awesome and been through way more then Haruhi {That Endless Eight torture} and she was so cute in the Dissaperance of Haruhi Suzimiya! . . . Didn't Yuki beat Haruhi in that movie then bested herself? xD
Voted, Go SOS!!

Aister Pendragon
Aister Pendragon Dia 1,924, 17:23

yukism ftw!!

Auraborus Dia 1,924, 22:26


I'm loving it!
Totally jammin' on the music!

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