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[Presidency] Our Allies in Brazil

Dia 1,901, 21:58 Publicado em South Africa Bolívia por atrawall

Some of you may remember back in September when I first ran for CP. I ran under the UP banner, with a very "Dignity Brigade"-Stance. I was against Brazil occupying our regions and absolutely wanted nothing more than to kick them out. I saw them as oppressors and nothing more.

While I still would love to see a sovereign South Africa one day, during my term as CP, I've realized one thing: We need Brazil as much as they need us. They need our regions for 10/10 bonus, it's nice that we don't fight them for it. It's even nicer that they pay to rent those regions. However, we need them for multiple reasons.
1) We need the money they provide us.
2) Their 10/10 bonus also gives most of our MU leaders that same bonus. Grimstone, Hamilton Moore and Crumoet all are living in Brazil in order to receive these bonuses and Provide for the country.
3)They protect us.

Looking at the protection aspect is important. We are a small country. We have our heavy hitters, but what we don't have is the numbers. Our population is small and while we can bring a lot of heavy force to a battle, what we can't to is "sustain" a war. We can't keep a war going all by ourselves. It's sad, when I as a CP know most of our active citizens, even the 2-clickers and know when I can expect to see them on the battlefield. This isn't a criticism, simply an observation of how truly small and intimate our country is. Brazil offers that around-the-clock fighting which we need in battle. (USA also dropped heavy damage for us in our first TW in Charrua, that didn't go unnoticed)

Brazil is also there to protect us when we need it most. The best example is our Training War with Uruguay. Whether it was due to poor communication on my part, or them being selfish, our Training War got out of hand and Uruguay refused to return Western Cape to us. That's the end result, no matter what the blame.

Here's an article (Originally Portuguese, translated by google) from the Brazilian CP, explaining why they have decided to NE Uruguay, the number 1 reason being that we needed the help. In case you didn't know, Brazil has recently been through a big war themselves, with China. The fact that they are so willing to do this for us is a great vote of confidence.

I was approached, not by a specific alliance, but still recently, with the offer to help us get rid of Brazil. I won't disclose any of the "Top Secret" information, but I will say that I did think it over. I tossed the idea around and even entertained it, until I thought for 5 minutes on the matter.

If we shun Brazil, and regain a sovereign eSouth Africa, it won't last long. There are too many countries that know our size. Uruguay just proved that we can't win back our own region. Without Brazil, we'd simply have new oppressors. After this term, I don't even see Brazil as "Oppressors" as they have been willing to help us out more than we could ask for.

The Future
As long as I'm in this chair, I hope to continue to strengthen the relationship between ourselves and Brazil and I urge everyone to take this into consideration, especially all future CP candidates.

"By keeping ourselves distant from Brazil, we will die in stagnation. By embracing the relationship and looking for ways we can join them, and help strengthen BOTH nations, we will thrive."
-Claudio Kilgannon (Yes I quoted myself)

The rest of the eWorld sees us as Brazil puppets already. We can revolt and essentially throw our toys around the play-pen, or we can constantly seek out new ways to join together and be part of the eGlobe as opposed to living in our own little bubble.

With this message I may have just put the noose around my own neck, but I hope you all take these words into consideration. From someone vehemently AGAINST Brazil, I honestly have had my opinion changed.

Thank you Brazil, for everything you have offered us.

Message to the Dignity Brigade: I've already laid the Tar and Feathers on the table in HQ, I'm willing and prepared to accept my punishment.

Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!

Claudio Kilgannon
Country President



Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Dia 1,901, 22:03

first denied! :3

Don Vin
Don Vin Dia 1,901, 22:12


nW0lf Dia 1,901, 22:24


Lorenzo Lopes Riviera
Lorenzo Lopes Riviera Dia 1,901, 22:32


RodrigoRR Dia 1,901, 22:42


Edmond Morrel
Edmond Morrel Dia 1,901, 22:56

Estamos aqui para o que precisar.

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Dia 1,901, 23:01


Guilpas Dia 1,901, 23:30

great article

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dia 1,902, 00:35

Well put Mr. Prez.
Sadly enough I believe your'e right.
-We do lack numbers, winning D4 battles only is not enough.
-We do need Brazil's support and need to compromise, but with Dignity.
I'm behind you, Keep up your good work!

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dia 1,902, 00:53


Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dia 1,902, 01:01

He deleted my post!

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dia 1,902, 01:05

What type of CP is this? You cant take criticism? Are you a King now?

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dia 1,902, 01:23

@Henock, Hard to believe that Claudio would do this. Post it again, please

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dia 1,902, 01:37

It was off the bat, i didnt exactly copy it somewhere or something.

To summarise, Claudio has failed eSA.

- Western Cape
- Embracing Brazil. Lets call a Spade a Spade, we are their slaves
- Tanking the economy. Its virtually non existent now. We CAN sustain a war, we just cant afford it!

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dia 1,902, 01:56

With all respect, you are a newbie and need to take a step back and view the reality for eSA in a bigger perspective. I recommend you cool down a bit and visit the eSA forum and take in some of the discussions about eSA economy, PTO/aTO. Get some broader insight.

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dia 1,902, 02:25

With all due respect back, i will not be the sheep that have become all our Citizens. SA is a democracy still even though its currently under a regime of a few friends who hand it over to each other time and then. Our elections are organised for pete's sake, you already know who's going to be the winner without even needing to wait for the results! This needs to change.

- Claudio should explain how he lost Western Cape and take responsibility for it.

- We need a stronger economy. I cannot stress this enough. A stronger economy means a stronger army.

- We need to get all our regions back!! We cannot be embracing oppressors because they throw us a few scraps. If Brazil are our "friends" then they will give us our regions back. That simple, no need to cover it with other piss posh.

- We need to conquer some new lands. Im certain there are unprotected countries weaker than us, why are we not invading those? Every country below us is fair game. When we are done with those then we would really be a force to be reckoned with. Then we can start taking risks and attacking countries right above us, working ourselves to being a (democratic) empire.

- Our citizens need to be more active and more included. Right now they are not because they feel insignificant, you all have organised yourselves into a little group of tyrannical untouchables that everyone else feels left out. This needs to CHANGE. We are in a rut we need to get out of, and we can only do that if more people outside of this "elite" clique are allowed a more significant voice in running the nation.

Just because you are better Soldiers does not make you better Politicians.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Dia 1,902, 02:30

@Henock: I wanted to delete your post protect you from the embarrassment you're causing yourself but I couldn't. Only game mods can delete comments.

Also, being "new" (we both know you're not) I don't expect you to understand that there IS no economy in this game. Erep's version of economy is built around military conquest. An enterprise which requires a large and active population.

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dia 1,902, 02:40

@Rick: Well i AM new, and apparently i know more than you do because there in fact IS an economic aspect in the game which when smartly handled is less depended on military conquest. I think you have them confused because the military aspect of this game relies on the economic aspect.

You would know that if you didnt spent all your time in the battle field blindly chasing a "God of War" medal.

SM333ZA Dia 1,902, 03:09

good article Claudio,

@Henock - dude, you must be a multi! apart from that you know nothing about anything - If you want to vent then make an article and lastly ... stay away from knifes, forks, sticks and just about eveything else cos you are going to hurt yourself 😉

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dia 1,902, 05:37

So much for taking criticism. You clearly know NOTHING about eRep. Go and study. If you need assistance there are many players you could ask. But you need to lose this attitude.

S.N.A.F.U Dia 1,902, 06:02

I have always been a true hater of eBrazil. However times are changing and maybe it is time to stop and think a moment about our situation. I still belive in a eSa with all of our regions belonging to us but this recent war with eUrugay really proved that even though we have a core of members that live their elives for eSa we are to few to even prove ourselves against a country like eUrugay...

People like Henock can keep talking that we can do somehting to change our economics and that we can make new proposals in congress that can get us a bigger playerbase and a stronger military. That sort of talk is worth shit, the last couple of years have proven just how stagnant eSa has become.

Luckily for us Claudio for once is at least causing ripples on the calm pond that has been eSa for the last years.

Sad to say, but you are making some very valid points Claudio. Now let's start putting tar and feathers on ourselves. Bring some beer!

kuckuck Dia 1,902, 06:02

I really don't like what happened with Uruguay.

On the other side, as a defender of the Brazil agreement, I'm happy about this communicate. The big eSA problems, economy and strength to be on our own, are not Brazil's blame, is matter of size and game design.

@Henock: Take a look at the situation of other small countries with numbers like ours. If you find it better than ours, please don't hesitate emigrating there.

Numbfaceclown Dia 1,902, 06:14

o7 Good article - the realities are truly put. We will definitely still require a healthy relationship with eBrazil. If anything, the TW with eUruguay has revealed our obvious military weaknesses in terms of numbers and battle-readiness - something we as a nation can and will continue to focus on.

This is most certainly not a failing of the Presidency. We were quite simply out-manned and out-gunned.

I agree we may be small, but we have a nation of loyal warriors, great thinkers and true patriots.

jmanya Dia 1,902, 07:42

sudafrica cagon
de ahora en mas ENEMIGO de uruguay

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dia 1,902, 08:15


"apart from that you know nothing about anything"

- I know more than im fed, apparently the same cant be said about you.


"You clearly know NOTHING about eRep. Go and study"

- Obviously i would appear that way to you, after all you have no clue what im talking about. Its only natural that you club me to death for uttering such nonsense of the earth being not flat but round.


"Claudio for once is at least causing ripples on the calm pond that has been eSa"

- He did alright, but im not sure they are the type of ripples we want. Losing the Western Cape was a stupid mistake and so is spewing things like giving in to Brazil.


"Take a look at the situation of other small countries with numbers like ours. If you find it better than ours, please don't hesitate emigrating there"

- Why should we be like other countries? Why cant we be better? As for emigrating, i dont think so. Not when im this patriotic, im not Leon.


"This is most certainly not a failing of the Presidency. We were quite simply out-manned and out-gunned."

- It most certainly was. We were not "out-gunned", Claudio was outsmarted and out played. Then he threw a fit and declared a costly war. I dont understand how you can be such a sheep and not see this.


We need to entertain the idea of giving it to Brazil. ONLY THEN, when we truly believe it, can we truly do it.

Leochao Dia 1,902, 08:19

What a shame SA, thank you for those who have honor and hsowed their respects like Grim and kuckkuck... You can be freed you know??? You surely need a better CP and MOFA, they have to be trusted.

Plenty of friends were offering you some help against Brazil, instead you chose to deceive and lie and ultimately being seen as what you are: A BIG PUPPET!!

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Dia 1,902, 10:51

Bye bye Uruguay.
If you are curious about our relations to Brazil you can compare them to what you have going on with Argentina.

Rexdeus Dia 1,902, 10:57


Miyagiyoda Dia 1,902, 23:15

@Henock: 407 100%-active people cannot beat 18,184 two-clickers. Its called arithmetic. Try it some time. Until 407 Safricans can beat 18,184 Brozilians we swallow pride and make the best of it. Its infinitely better than 407 Safrican trying to beat back 6,787 belligerent Japnesians, 14,528 Argentinians or 948 Urugayians (although we have a real shot at the latter because we have better looks, and everyone know better looks means more smarts -- ask any pretty person).

Flagwavism just makes you feel pretty and proud, but is no excuse to turn off your brain.
Be the dude and do the math.

@Claudio: Since you clearly are no longer DB material, consider joining IA -- where thinking comes before passion.

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dia 1,903, 01:51

Bye bye Uruguay.
If you are curious about our relations to Brazil you can compare them to what you have going on with Argentina.

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dia 1,903, 11:29

Yoda: "407 100%-active people cannot beat 18,184 two-clickers. Its called arithmetic"

- Not with that attitude certainly. And Why go to war directly with a country with a population that large? Be smart.

"we have better looks"

- You sir are 100 percent, Right.

Mr. Wet
Mr. Wet Dia 1,903, 19:39

I'm waiting for a Mr. Wet was right. I'll never get it though 🙂

Stryke Blayde
Stryke Blayde Dia 1,903, 21:35


Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Dia 1,904, 08:51

Mr. Wet was right. So was Rico (Rick!?).

Nobody hates Brazil more than I do. I was president when we first went to war with both them and Indo, and have fought and argued against being allied with them for almost 4 years now. I still think it is BS that we have to stay "allied" to them and I agree to some extent with Henock that we are basically slaves to their every whim. If there was a way to bring them down and get them out of our country, I'd do it without hesitation.

That being said, I know (as do those who were with us during the war in 2009) that even the strongest allies are unreliable (we had 7 of them, including a powerful USA). When the time came, they were mostly too busy with their own affairs and we were wiped by Brazil as Indo let them in and shielded them (our war was originally with Indo only). As long as Brazil and our enemies remain strong and eSA small and relatively weak, our only option is to stay alive and with them or fight another Liberation War and be wiped out again.

I've never actually said that before and hate that I even have to, but until things change I don't see what else we can do if we want to stay alive. However, if our cp does want to fight a futile war of liberation against the Brazi occupiers, I will enthusiastically sign on and write articles in support of it as I once did. I'm a sucker for lost causes.

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