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[Presidency] On the War Front

Dia 1,910, 08:23 Publicado em South Africa Bolívia por atrawall

I have been asked "What is going on?" by a lot of people. Here is my address of the situation.

Brazil and us engaged in a NE War so that we could get our country sorted out. We wanted all of our regions conjoined, and to lose our Uruguay border since they had played dirty and decided to keep Western Cape.

Speaking of Uruguay... Does anyone remember when they weren't wiped? Maybe if they'd have trusted us they'd still be on the map... Maybe if I wasn't such a bad, non-communicative CP, I'd contact Brazil and ask them if they could at least give Uruguay a congress... Oh well, they dug their own grave.

Back to War... We now have peace with Brazil and have ended the NE and now have to Resistance War our regions back. The regions we will focus on regaining are:

-North West Province: This region currently has a RW going on: Go and fight for South Africa

-Free State

Thank you for your time. Also thank you for your patience while I dealt with some RL issues.

Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!

Claudio Kilgannon
Country President



Ejdatful Dia 1,910, 08:24

First. Voted !

Belea2008 Dia 1,911, 08:04

You are wrong. 😁

Belea2008 Dia 1,911, 08:05

Second... 🙂

Belea2008 Dia 1,911, 08:05

Third... 😁

Belea2008 Dia 1,911, 08:05

Fourth.... 😛

atrawall Dia 1,910, 08:29

I wish I could vote and comment on your comments, so I could be First to comment on your comment : - P

atrawall Dia 1,911, 08:53

I can predict the FUTURE!

Seisan Dia 1,911, 09:28

Oh god, what have you done?

Dule87 Dia 1,910, 08:47

V !

eUruguayo2 Dia 1,910, 08:51

and you talk about dignity? is the war, and Uruguay always respect your allies, the problem in WC that you! Kilgannon, you dont talk with Cp of Uruguay, he sent a llot of maills. Article FAIL, dont vote.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Dia 1,910, 09:18

I salute you Mr President!
Onwards and Upwards, with Dignity of course.

Badger06 Dia 1,910, 09:54

good work mr prez

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Dia 1,910, 10:02

Thanks for the update Mr. President!

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dia 1,910, 10:04

o7 Mr. Prez.

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Dia 1,910, 11:50

Dear Uragay: Protip.

1. Cry moar.
2. ???????
3. Profit.

Locutus Dia 1,911, 06:31


jmanya Dia 1,911, 06:39

could not withstand the war with us and had to call daddy brazil

Donald John Trump
Donald John Trump Dia 1,911, 06:42

Lol, who's the country who didnt got congress for a year? who is? yeeeeeeeeeeah, you're little kid 🙂

NyxShade Dia 1,911, 06:43

Fight fight fight!

Master Darth Vader Dia 1,911, 06:52

Comentário apagado

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Dia 1,911, 06:53

A President who lies his country on a secret deal with another president. can not speak of dignity
A President that when he betrays others. takes refuge in a lie can not talk about dignity.
A President who gives their territories to Brazil can not talk about dignity

A President to buy votes to be reelected. can not talk about dignity. Ooops you forgot to tell them that this had happened. . .or think they believed you when you said that "those who are not going to vote those who are trying to sell their votes." Leon did not receive their ballots. even a few, that strange no???

atrawall Dia 1,911, 08:08

Ohu Uruguay : - )

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Dia 1,911, 10:32

for the next election I know who sell votes cheaper than that you bought for this election

atrawall Dia 1,911, 11:19

LOL, I'm a level 26 account with 2 Gold and 174 ZAR, someone bought the election FOR me if that's the case...

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