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[Presidency] Congress Please Hold Off Voting on Brazil NE For Now

Dia 1,845, 17:01 Publicado em South Africa África do Sul por Al Kazar

EDEN (mainly Greece, China and Taiwan) are hitting hard in the Resistance War in Northern Cape so that they can try cut Brazil off from all the bonuses they get from renting some of our regions.

Due to our treaty with Brazil and at the request of the Brazilian CP, I have officially proposed Brazil as our Natural Enemy. If Brazil loses Northern Cape, this will allow them to regain the region as soon as possible and restore their direct link to the resources they require (in return for the rental payment we receive from Brazil).

The side effect of this is both good and bad for us. The bad is that we could temporarily lose all of our regions to Brazil, but the good is that this will give us an opportunity to earn an NE Bonus while fighting against Brazil and will give us the opportunity to regain our core regions with official Resistance Wars (with the assistance of Brazil).

The Resistance War in Northern Cape could go either way so please hold off on voting until the outcome of the Resistance War is known.

If Brazil lose then please vote Yes, but if they win please vote No. But do not vote until then.




kuckuck Dia 1,846, 00:06

Well managed Mr. President

Crumoet Dia 1,846, 00:14


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dia 1,846, 00:18


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