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[Mr Crumpets 4 CP] A single vote could decide the election

Dia 1,904, 16:33 Publicado em Australia Austrália por Mr Crumpets

Good Morning eAustralia,

What an incredible finish we are set up for in the eAustralia CP race.

Myself, Mr Crumpets have been in a see-sawing race with Tim_Holtz.

Through voting day, both of us have held the lead at some stage and in the last few hours it's only been one or two votes separating us - in fact at some stages we were even tied!

It's safe to say, we have seen such a thrilling election since December 2009 in the Cozza versus Garven Dreis versus Sir_C0stant race.

That day, SC came third, about 20-30 votes behind the top two.

Cozza ended up beating Garven by just ONE VOTE in the last minute on election day.

The December 2009 elections were back in the day before eRepublik Admin did the 'multi vote check'.

Now, when an election is finished, no winner is declared until six hours after voting has closed.

Typically, a handful of votes are usually removed due to voting by multi-accounts. The worst case was by PTOer Szenti who had around 100 votes stripped from him.

So if at the end of voting, if the result is less than five votes the difference, we may have to wait until 1am Melbourne time (10pm in Perth) to find out who will be the leader of eAustralia.

Hopefully I, Mr Crumpets will get your vote and that will be the vote that gets me over the line to become President of eAustralia.

All my previous campaign articles can be viewed below:

I hope that proves that I will keep you informed of all government business should I be elected to lead this nation.

Thanks for your time.

Mr Crumpets


Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Dia 1,904, 16:36


Keeping YOU informed.

infin Dia 1,904, 16:49

It's going down to the wire!

Lenat Sori
Lenat Sori Dia 1,904, 19:33

Go for it roland mcdoland!

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