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[King Hannibal] A Message From An Old Friend

Dia 1,871, 09:36 Publicado em India Índia por Xicor13

FAO: eIndia

In this big, evil World of ours we often find ourselves challenged by the most difficult of situations, such things as addiction, heartache and illness are sent to challenge us all on a daily basis and I believe it is fair comment to say that the older you get in life often the better a situation can be handled due to both maturity and experience, however until a life has been lived and mistakes have been made then you can never achieve either of these and so first of all we have to accept that regardless of what has happened in the past few days, weeks or months we must stop the debate on who is to blame and instead take what we have learnt from the situation to help move our beloved eIndia forward.

The War we face is going to be brutal and being wiped of the map is possibly inevitable at this stage but where there is a will there is a way and if we stay strong, united and loyal to our beliefs then that way will be revealed to us by the powers that be, all we have to do is keep the faith, work hard and fight with dignity and we shall come out of this War the victor.

FAO: eCroatia

Who is right or wrong in any situation is not for me to say, however the gauntlet has been thrown down by your great nation and War has begun, if you expect India to sit idle and do nothing then that will be your greatest mistake, you were accepted into our land as friends but now the deal has turned sour and you now wish to oppress the people of India, this will not be tolerated and we will fight you and we will win, maybe not in the next week or even in the next month but we will win I promise you that and with this great Indian victory you will be sent home with a better understanding and respect of the true passion, pride and beliefs of the people of India.

I wish you a good fight as your mighty army is one of awe but we shall meet you head on!

FAO: eIndian Government

This is a personal thought but it is my understanding that we voted as a Country to be a neutral nation and so please do not feel rushed into joining any alliance as it suddenly feels the right thing to do, speak to every nation within the game and ask for their support in our efforts to beat the Croatian aggression on our home land, if needed use the financial reserves to offer tribute to these nation as that is why these reserves were built, if its time to use them so be it.

Try and find a way to bring others into the arena, if Thailand and Indonesia can become bordered (strategically possible) with Croatia then attacking the Croatians on three fronts will end in certain defeat for the Croatian army, however Thailand and Indonesia must be rewarded out of respect for such an act, be that using money from our reserves our the allocation of some resources for a an agreed period it must be done in a dignified manner to retain our dignity and honour whilst also benefiting those who help us.

FAO: United Aggression MU

Your presence in India is most certainly wanted and appreciated and your views are certainly widely accepted to be more knowledgeable than that of many people in India, this in truth is probably why you are in India as you have all lived a good elife and have many great past experiences of how to handle situations and Wars but I ask you please to consider that to be truly accepted as eIndian you must stop treating the people of India and it’s Government like that of other more advanced nations.

India is a developing nation full of youth and inexperience with this mistakes will be made both now and in the future by our Government figures but posting articles on a regular basis in our media with titles such as ‘Who is running this ship of fools’ will only have a negative impact on both the view of current eIndian’s on your group as well as also making those who maybe making the said mistakes upset about the situations and possibly then blindsided into being able to address these situations properly as they need to be addressed.

Please accept that we are not perfect in India and we are a long way behind many nations in organisation skills but this will come in time but only with the support of groups like yourself, India is a beautiful nation full of passionate and proud citizens both young and old, we all want India to develop and be the World leader it should be so please consider this when posting and commenting in the media, thank you!

Signed an old friend!


P.S : This Article has been written by King Hannibal of ASIA,he deserves the applauds for the piece of work

Off the delivery boys (aka Xicor13) goes to read the article
Thanks David



Fighter100 Dia 1,871, 09:39

David forde. o7

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Dia 1,871, 09:48

o7 David

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Dia 1,871, 09:52

\o/ Dave.. 🙂

navincharles Dia 1,871, 09:58

Thats my buddy Dave 🙂

off whisky
off whisky Dia 1,871, 10:06


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dia 1,871, 10:23


lHonouR Dia 1,871, 10:40

David o7

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Dia 1,871, 11:32

point taken my brother.

I have always had trouble containing my emotion when I strongly disagree, however I will heed your advice. Perhaps a new approach is needed.

ultimatewinner Dia 1,871, 11:49

Thanks David

Zinaa Dia 1,871, 13:43

great article o7

Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,872, 04:44

ah hah Dave : D could not resist it in them old bones : DD

Cholan II
Cholan II Dia 1,873, 07:14

David o7

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