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[Inwegen4POTUS] Unity Candidate Thanks You! *UPDATEx2*REAGANGATE

Dia 1,839, 19:13 Publicado em USA EUA por Inwegen

*NOW WITH UPDATES* See post-article for update!
x2 *NOW WITH IRC PICTURES* Hint: He thinks he's God!

Good evening fellow Americans,

I would like to personally thank John Killah and John Jay for their honest and upfront campaigning and concession speeches. It was a hard fought race and I'm appreciative tha the candidates were able to run a clean personal race. I have the utmost respect for how they handled themselves during the Unity Campign process.

I know some people are still upset with the Unity Process. But, I will say that rainy sunday did amazing work to be sure everything was transparent and well documented throughout the entirety of the process. There is still room for improvement, but I think we can say without a doubt it is improvement over the past two versions used for the Unity Process.

This campaign is no longer about personal campaigning. It is about national campaigning. That is not to say this was ever about me, but now that I am the Unity Candidate, it is us agaist them. Those that wish to take over this nation with illegally granted citizenships given to foreigners who fight against the stars and stripes on a daily basis are once again attempting to take the Presidency away from us.

It is time to unite in the name of America. We may not all be friends. Some of us may really dislike each other, but there is one thing that does keep us United and that's the Red, White, and Blue, that White House with a Rose Garden, that big lady with a guiding flame in the foggiest of nights. We are America and we will not be trampled upon by those who wish to do our country harm in the names of their home nations.

We will not be trampled upon. This home of ours will not be taken without a fight. We may be bloodied and bruised, but we will always deliver the knockout blow.
There still plenty of time to apply to be in my cabinet! All party secretaries will be pulling from these applications to staff their departments. It is imperative that if you wish to be invovled in the administration that you apply on this form. Application is below:
As has been revealed this morning, Ajay/RonaldGipperReagan, Hanibal, and AFA will stop at nothing to steal this great nation of ours from the true Americans. My friend fitoeleven has exposed his bribery and dirty tricks in a fantastic original article here: click here!

My friend BeachBunny has reposted it for the US media as well here

Please take time to read and vote up these articles! It is very important that we show new players to our community that the known-stalker Ajay would go so low as to create a story about your family dying or your family being without a home. This is unacceptable behaviour and we will not stand for it. Let your votes on anti-AFA articles, negative comments on pro-AFA articles, and most of all continue to vote against AFA on election days show that true Americans and our friends will not allow for this nation to be PTO'd.
I apologise in advance if they are difficult to read. Tablet screenshots.

As always, do not hesitate to message me with any questions, concerns, thoughts, etc. I would love to hear from you.

Vice President and POTUS Candidate

You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

And, now, some important links/information:

Get the latest news from the White House Press Office

Citizen orders for daily fighting - vote them up!

Keep informed. Get educated. Play the game.

Make sure you join the official USA forums!

Click here to join the eUS Armed Forces

Other useful articles and news links from elsewhere:
Our President’s newspaper
Why it is important to join the eMilitary
eNPR - the nation’s radio station


Inwegen Dia 1,839, 19:13


AlexJ1890 Dia 1,839, 19:16

Congrats, and don't fuck it up. o/

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dia 1,839, 19:16

On my way to join you o/

Binda33 Dia 1,839, 19:16

Oh, in that case I won't comment...

Israel Stevens Dia 1,839, 19:17

Comentário apagado

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,839, 19:17

I called this weeks ago.

Another Pfeiffer puppet.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,839, 19:18

Voted for awesomeness.!!!!!!!!


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Dia 1,839, 19:20

V. GL.

Thedillpickl Dia 1,839, 19:22

Ajay, is a psycho...

Wait... A psychic?

No, definitely a psycho. 😃:D

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,839, 19:25

Congrats sir

Neo Iasov
Neo Iasov Dia 1,839, 19:27

It's Inwegen time.

Ajay, you're pretty puppet-like yourself. Remember how i used to screw you over all the time and you kept coming back for more?

Fessti Dia 1,839, 19:35

Good Luck

Thedillpickl Dia 1,839, 19:36

LOL Iasov is my hero!

fingerguns Dia 1,839, 19:38

Congrats, and don't fuck it up. o/

Pfeiffer. Dia 1,839, 19:47

Time to put a little stick about, eh FU?

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,839, 20:06


emdoublegee Dia 1,839, 20:16


Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Dia 1,839, 20:20

Voted and subbed

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Dia 1,839, 21:12


Synesi Dia 1,839, 22:49


Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dia 1,840, 02:37


Norbengo Dia 1,840, 04:45

Real Americans? Aren't you a Britfagg Ingwen?
Once again, Pfeiffers minion has been chosen as the elites candidate, nothing new to see here...

GL and HF :😁

One Sky
One Sky Dia 1,840, 04:46

Gratz , o7

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,840, 05:03

Inwegen, Fluffer and Artela are all Brits...wonder if that would be considered bringing in foreigners to support the 'Flufferist"....

Artela Dia 1,840, 05:17

LOL at the thought of Pfeiffer being a Brit. And Inwegen lives in USA as well. People need to fact check more I think 🙂

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dia 1,840, 06:26

Who gives a rat's ass we're all eAmericans that's what counts!


Ethnically brit or not so what ?

Suelo Argentino
Suelo Argentino Dia 1,840, 09:42


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,840, 09:44

Anyone who is a friend of Pfeiffer is not a friend of America.

You are a PTOer.

All is fair in love and war.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,840, 09:44

and unfriended

Malpazar Dia 1,840, 10:16

@RGR lol, you seem panicked. Since the only thing you can come up with is anti-Pfeiffer comments and nothing on this entire situation.

Quit erepublik.

bigcdizzle Dia 1,840, 10:25

Congrats, and don't fuck it up. o/

Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Dia 1,840, 10:28


enderaggie Dia 1,840, 10:37

Anyone who is a friend of Ajay/PtH/RonaldGipperReagan is not a friend of America.

You are a PTOer.

All is fair in love and war.

nui04 Dia 1,840, 11:10

Anyone who is a friend of Ajay/PtH/RonaldGipperReagan is not a friend of America.

You are a PTOer.

All is fair in love and war.

ElvenCRO Dia 1,840, 12:10


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,840, 12:34

Inwegen pls tell me what do i ahve with all this u wrote. i dont see me on any of those ss and logs ?!

beerman616 Dia 1,840, 13:31

Hanibal, ou are just as bad as Ajay.

GL Inwegen...

Tacitus Arkenseale
Tacitus Arkenseale Dia 1,840, 13:31

The real question is how much longer can His Masters afford to have idiots like RGR fronting their operation? Dude's headed for the dustbin with Diem.

Rona1d Dia 1,840, 14:01

RGR is desperate, and Hannibal, please use the google traductor

Iamnameless Dia 1,840, 14:01

Let's hear it for rainy sunday; that looked like a lot of work,

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,840, 15:11


I thought it was pretty smart actually. 🙂

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Dia 1,840, 16:40

from the eNPR supplemental.
"Alliances...what do?

JJ: Develop, maintain and repair relationships. Make new friends (EDEN nations, Asia). An alliance isn't necessary.
JK: Same (Greece)
Wig: Same...better relationship with Greece is in the works, but there are also Greek PTOers here. It's in progress. Albania is also great/helpful/bros."
please explain. are you in favor of this vote? will you support this mpp if elected?

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Dia 1,840, 16:44

to add the background, to my question. the cot alliance of bulgaria and fyrom are attacking both albania and greece with NEs on both sides.
That is of course after getting their rumps whopped and running to Serbia for help.
SERBIA. their bros. their best bros.

Relorian Dia 1,840, 16:52

Another month of people who normally couldnt win an election being hand selected... Oh well, still better than Ajay and his chewtoy Hannibal.

stylez of roman
stylez of roman Dia 1,840, 17:46

Anyone who is a friend of Ajay/PtH/RonaldGipperReagan is not a friend of America.

You are a PTOer.

All is fair in love and war.

Oh also good luck Inwegen! Don't fuck up 🙂!

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Dia 1,840, 17:52

The elite have as much authority to create the eUS Code and Constitution and their Unity crap as I do to call myself the Dictator of the eUS, shout out Dictatorial Proclamations and expect people to follow them out of their legitimacy.

I'm sorry, but if it isn't explicitly permitted by eRepublik Labs, not following them is not unlawful. Only eRepublic Labs determines what is unlawful.

Zxdek Dia 1,840, 19:01

please read this Q&A with Inwegen and Hanibal LA.

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