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[FED MEDIA DEPT] Together United, We'll Never be Divided

Dia 1,876, 14:07 Publicado em USA EUA por OneTakeTony

TRYING TIMES, TRYING MEASURES – Unity, a word we here in eAmerica hear quite a lot about, we hear about Unity Candidates and Unity ATO efforts, but what does that mean to us as an individual user? How does it affect our gameplay? Unity, in the modern eRepublik sense of the word can be best described as the Federalist Party, United States Worker Party, American Military Party, and We The People, and allied lower ranked parties, joined together as a cohesive unit in an effort to thwart the plans of the “American” Freedom Alliance lead by King RGR. In today’s issue I’d like to discuss the Federalist Party’s continued efforts towards this common goal of ridding the world of the pest known as the AFA by examining our relationships with our fellow united parties.

FEDS AND WE THE PEOPLE PARTY First off I dive into what is considered to be the most tumultuous relationship between any 4 of the major parties mentioned earlier. Without getting into much vivid detail, during the election of the previous Unity Candidate for President (or the president that is supposedly supposed to be supported by all 4 major parties) a major rift was created in between the two parties when we saw our own Fingerguns pitted against John Jay and Candor from the We The People’s party. A long story made rather short, feelings were hurt, a small amount of trust was lost, but in the end, the United Forces recorded a victory in re-obtaining the Oval Office, so no serious harm was really done. After speaking off-the-record with Fed Party President Duncan Crowe, reiterated that the Federalist Party will continue to be there for the We The People party, helping them from looming PTO’s and expressed interest in creating more mutual programs between the two parties so the relationship can remain as healthy as it was in months past. Current WTP Party President Oblige once called the Federalist Party home, something that without a doubt could play a positive role in future relationships.

RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE UNITED STATES WORKER PARTY AND AMERICAN MILITARY PARTY The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest parties in the United States, the Feds, American Military Party and the United States Worker party maintain a near perfect relationship and have truly come together when the country needs it the most. Fingerguns named John Killah (member of the AMP) her Vice President, and Civil Anarchy (proud USWP member) her secretary of Media, both are priceless positions and it goes to show you just how much trust has been put into these “brother parties” in Fingergun’s presidential election, and now into her presidential term. All is well within these 3 parties, and I know from personal experience, that friendly faces like Dr Luis Sentieiro (AMP) and Civil Anarchy (again, USWP) are esteemed, welcomed, and appreciated guests both on and around the Fed’s chat room (#fedpartychat) and forums ( I have missed countless names throughout the article that have provided a nearly unbreakable bond of trust between these major parties and my gratis to them of course.

THE FINAL WORD Well fellow Feds, it’s about time I wrap up this, the second edition of The Federalist Feed and my reign atop the Federalist Media Department, a couple of quick reminders about the upcoming PP elections, nominations are currently up, so if you have a Fed that you feel deserves to be in charge, we encourage to log on the forums and ensure their name gets on that ballot!

Also, a bit of a personal plea, I have a very, very meager number of subscribers and votes, so I encourage all members of the Federalist Party to please contribute a vote, subscribe and ideally a shout to your friends or MU. I remind you that this indeed the official Federalist Newsfeed and I’m politely requesting YOUR HELP in getting new readers to the paper.

As always, the Fed Media Department is looking for new writers, experienced or new members, the story can be anything of your choosing. I will typically try and squeeze out 2-3 editions a week, and with exams looming for ol’ OneTakeTony next week, I need your help now more than ever! 😉

If you’re looking to apply for another job within the party please follow the following links directions ( and I hope to see you involved in the party soon, you won’t regret it, and remember as always:

Stay Proud
Stay Horny
As always,



OneTakeTony Dia 1,876, 14:08

First reserved for a plea for good relations between the Top 3 ATO parties in the Nation, keep fighting the good fight!

Nadrqan Dia 1,876, 14:28

I didn't know that RGR is a king.
It's nice to know that.
Well, you should bow yourself before him instead of calling him a pest, but I guess not everyone have manners. : P

OneTakeTony Dia 1,876, 14:47

King in his own mind I suppose.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,876, 15:10


voted with a hammer.

Deepchill Dia 1,876, 17:03


Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Dia 1,876, 18:06

Voted and endorsed for being P/H

fingerguns Dia 1,876, 18:34


Trogdorthetroll100 Dia 1,876, 18:51

The Feds are #2 now?
Dafuq happened

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,876, 19:18

Excellent article 😃

Great job as always OTT

AlexJ1890 Dia 1,876, 19:38

"The Feds are #2 now?
Dafuq happened"

Awesomeness happened

John Rupert Miranda
John Rupert Miranda Dia 1,876, 22:15


One Sky
One Sky Dia 1,877, 00:38


Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Dia 1,877, 01:44


Greene12 Dia 1,877, 17:33


OneTakeTony Dia 1,878, 04:34

My first time in the top 5! Wooo!

Magnanimous Dia 1,878, 06:24


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