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[FED MEDIA DEPT] The Fight Ahead

Dia 1,884, 10:14 Publicado em USA EUA por OneTakeTony

PTO AVOIDED, NO SWEAT FOR FEDS - The title just about sums her up folks, Duncan Crowe is our Party President for another glorious, gleeful, Federalist filled month. While Duncan Crowe and the Federalist Party successfully avoided the attempted take over of the party from that one party we don't talk about by a vast margin, it has been brought to mine, and the rest of the Federalists attention that we again wasted quite a bit of votes on Duncan when we could've offered even more help to Artela, the USWP, and the rest of the "good guys" trying to defeat PTO's. Regardless, we here at the Federalist Feed would like to focus on the positives of another MONTH OF DUNKS

In just one month atop the Federalist Party, good pal, and friend too all, Duncan Crowe has brought quite a bit to this wonderful party, and the entire country as a whole. Whether it was running AHH (the Federalists way of giving back, can be read about in my last article) to another month full of successes, reviving the increasingly dormant Federalist Media Department, or simply growing, retaining and increasing the popularity that comes with the Federalist Party. Of course, we also can't forget to mention the fact that Dunks played a critical role in getting Fingerguns into the White House, long story short, Dunks has done one heck of a job. In this upcoming month, it is evident we will face both internal and external forces of evil here in eAmerica, and without getting TOO mushy mushy I'd like to say there's nobody I'd rather have atop my party than Dunks and nobody else atop my country than Fingerguns.

If that wasn't enough to convince you that this Federalist Party is booming and ready for action, maybe this sparkling testimonial from SethRogen ( new addition to the Federalists and Federalist Media Contributor will do you in?

WHY I JOINED THE FEDERALISTS - by Federalist Media Contributor: SethRogen When I began this game I was looking for a political party that

1. Shared my political beliefs
2. Offered me a chance to grow and become a distinguished political figure
3. Had members that shared my interests
4. Had an at least semi-dedicated MU
5. Had members that were fun loving and knew what they were doing in this game.
--In the Federalist Party I found all of these things and more. The Federalists are a group of fun loving, dedicated members of the eUSA who look out for the common interest of the eUSA citizens at all times. The Federalists also have a dedicated MU, Easy Company, who I was able to join to receive directions on how to play the game on the military side of things. Overall the Federalists welcomed me with open arms and a smile on their face as I have become a full Easy Company member and, the Federalist Party. I have had many questions, which, through the help of many Federalist players, such as OneTakeTony and Duncan Crowe, have been answered and I am well on my way to becoming a top contributing player to my party, and more importantly, my Country. I am now looking forward to hopefully writing many more articles for OneTakeTony, and moving my way up through the ranks of this party and hopefully one day becoming PP, or even Country President. If these things ever happen I have the Federalist Party as a whole to thank for my success, and if these things do not happen, then I am sure I will still be successful and am able to thank the Federalist Party for all of their help. I hope anyone out there who is new and looking for a great political party to advance their game to the next level, reading this article, sees how much help you will receive when joining, and are inspired to join, because the Federalists are a bunch of great guys and girls who will answer all of your questions, are lovely people.

THE FINAL WORD - It's time for so long, but let's sing just one more song? There will be 1 gold awarded to whoever can tell me what TV show that's from! Go!

Okay, all games and kidding aside, I'd like to get on my soapbox just one final time this article, and politely say that no matter what announcements FG may make about looming wars (set to go up tomorrow Day 1885) I ask that no matter what your thoughts may be on the CoT, no matter what your thoughts on allying ourselves with Mexico, you put these negative thoughts aside, and at least hear her out, at least respect her opinion. Because, Fingerguns knows what she's talking about, she knows what she's doing, and she cares about the future of all of us, she commits herself day in and day out to developing the next generation, and the very least we owe her is to hear her out and try her policies.

The moans and groans that American soldiers are bored and want to fight have been heard loud and clear, and tomorrow you will get your wish, be ready. That's all I, and the Federalist Party as a whole ask of you.

Stay Proud,
Stay Horny,
As always,



OneTakeTony Dia 1,884, 10:15

First Reserved for SethRogen, thanks for the swift writing of the article, thanks for contributing, and a request to all of my friends, please send this guy a job, send this guy a friend request, he'll make us proud!

fingerguns Dia 1,884, 10:19

Thank you for all the support, Feds!!

Also, great work Seth!

AeroGent Dia 1,884, 10:38

Blue's Clues for the show that had those words in the closing. Thanks for getting that song now stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Good luck this month, Feds!

One Sky
One Sky Dia 1,884, 10:42

Awesome article

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,884, 11:13

nothing good about you all

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,884, 11:54



Jetsmets Dia 1,884, 13:13

Fed Media is stepping up this month!

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