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Dia 1,874, 14:03 Publicado em USA EUA por OneTakeTony

FG FTW VICTORY THY NAME IS FINGERGUNS! After what quickly turned out to be a savage beat down of the AFA the Federalist Party is proud to announce that Fingerguns is indeed president of our beloved eUnited States. This is the first time the Federalist Party has occupied the Oval Office in 8 months and we couldn’t be welcomed back with a better candidate then Fingerguns, plus, it’s always fun to smack that smirk right off of RGR’s face isn’t it? And we did! The Federalist Party would like to say a quick thanks to anybody who campaigned for Fingerguns, anybody who shouted, anybody who subscribed, anybody who voted, regardless of what party they hail from, it took an all-around effort from many people from many parties. The work has just begun, and above all the Federalist party is anxious and excited for this term to get under way (the team below FG can be found at this article and have no fear, the Feds like to spread the wealth, while Fingerguns made sure to but her more than fair share of Feds in, we’re certainly no dictatorship, as we sprinkled in more than a couple members from other Unity parties within the cabinet. And while it’s okay to soak up the sun for a little bit and enjoy the whack-a-mole type beat down we laid on the AFA our work is not over yet, and RGR is still lurking about, it’s not over yet folks! If you want to get involved in the ATO game in any way, drop Jefferson Locke a line and he’ll suit you up real fast, you too can bask in the glory and fun that is the Federalist Party while destroying the AFA!

OH.. YEAH.. HI THERE! Had the Feds not just defeated RGR and won back the presidency for the first time in more than a half of year I might have remembered to mention, that I OneTakeTony will be taking over the Fed Media Department effective… well… now! If you don’t know a lot about me that’s fine, a quick resume blast for you: I served on the WHPR team, I’m the ambassador to eParaguay, I was a de facto assistant campaign manager on the FG campaign, I’m a p/h fed since my eBirth along with a member of the EZC 2nd Division, and most of all I love this game. People ask me “what are my plans for the Media Dept?” And my answer is simple, I want to continue the prestige and efficiency that my predecessors (Malarkey83 and Fingerguns) have left for me, while putting more of an emphasis on the newbies in the party who are writing, so if you have an idea for an article that you wanted to see in big p/h bold font, let me know! I promise I don’t bite! That’s all I have to say for now kiddies, here’s to a long and fruitful career at the head of the Department!

Jefferson Locke says: Also, it is important to note that the fed nomination rules have changed. Effective this month, each party member will have one nomination to give. In order to be nominated for fed PP, you must have five nominations from your fellow party members. Please remember, if you would like to campaign to be nominated, it must be done outside of the nomination thread. These changes are being made to help strengthen the party against any future PTO attempts, and any concerns or questions should be directed to PP Duncan Crowe or VPP Jefferson Locke.

Okay Feds, just a quick, friendly reminder for what our routine will be during the Party President elections! In the past couple months there have been problems with people that have lost in our Fed Primary (that take place on give it a visit) still staying in the in-game election on the 15th, this is something we can’t afford to do as it confuses the new members and devalues the entire purpose of holding the primary. We know that this could be a simple “slip-up” type of a mistake, but we ask that if you do in fact lose the primary on our website that you make sure you resign your candidacy, to avoid confusion and potentially hurt feelings.

That’s all for now folks!
Be proud,
Stay horny,
As always, OneTakeTony


OneTakeTony Dia 1,874, 14:14

First reserved for a plea to vote, shout, subscribe.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,874, 14:15

voted, subbed, and about to shout

Deepchill Dia 1,874, 14:37

Voted + Subbed

Great first issue.

Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,874, 14:52


fingerguns Dia 1,874, 14:58


Love you Feds

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,874, 15:13

yay!!!! fed media is awesome media 🙂

proud/horny, voted hard

One Sky
One Sky Dia 1,875, 01:58

p/h , feds are awesome

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Dia 1,875, 02:17


Jasher Dia 1,875, 05:13


shayumin Dia 1,875, 06:54


bigcdizzle Dia 1,875, 06:55



Gnilraps Dia 1,875, 07:56


Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Dia 1,875, 19:31

Bravo Zulu

Malpazar Dia 1,877, 18:22

Voted and Sub'd

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