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[FED MEDIA DEPT] Fed Times are Happy Times!

Dia 1,880, 09:31 Publicado em USA EUA por OneTakeTony

MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE MONTH - I’m proud to be a Federalist all month, but perhaps I feel the most proud around Party President Primary time (tongue twister huh?) For that’s the time of the month when all the best Feds rise to the top and a little friendly competition ensues. Most months, you can’t go wrong with the candidates that have earned enough nominations on our forum ( to be on the ballot. January was certainly no exception. The incumbent, Duncan Crowe was the favorite from the beginning, after a successful month even by Fed standards, the current Party President ran on a platform of, “look at what all we have accomplished in just one month.” And it certainly resonated with voters, as he currently holds a 24 vote lead, one that if present trends continue will be nearly impossible to overcome, unless something that’s nothing short of a miracle happens, Duncan Crowe will be our Party President for the month of February!

But it’s not just the election that makes this the best time in the month for me. What does make this the best time of the month for me, is that the Federalists get to put up their top members on a pedestal and you truly realize why it’s so amazing to be a Federalist. The losing members would still make such great party presidents, I’m literally going to see a doctor after this article because I’m SWELLING with Federalist pride. For Exploration, the current second-highest candidate, the election will mark the end of what has been a month of preparation, however, it’s widely accepted around the forums and by other Federalists that Exploration’s time to be Party President will indeed come, and not in the too distant future. For logamac and kody5, both put up significant fights and both are fine, fine members who I consider personal friends, and would me more than capable of handling the duties of Party President, and much like Exploration, who knows when their time to be in charge will come?

On behalf of all members of the Federalist Party I thank the candidates for a clean, fair run, one that could only be accomplished by the esteemed, honest members of the Federalist Party. Also on behalf of the Federalists, I’d like to congratulate, and wish luck, to Dunks, continue the success brother!

PHILANTHROFEDS - The Federalist Party has always been one to extend a hand, to help a fellow eAmerican out, to let it be known that we’re in it together, and as long as you’re not apart of the PTO, we’ll give you the boost you deserve and need. Take the Federalists most widely successful program, AHH, as an example, for weeks on end, this program, run by Duncan Crowe, has donated well over 2 MILLION individual health units, for any member of any party not named the AFA. Why is it that we do this? Well, as corny as it sounds, we really do care. As I say in this article written by Dunks: this truly is a big boost for members of low and moderate levels, like I consider myself to be. We understand that the country has been battling rising food costs and sinking salaries for a couple months, so we being the true Philanthrofeds we are, took to the food truck and distributed ALL WE PHYSICALLY COULD. Under the instruction of only 4 quartermasters, AHH has become one of the biggest and best programs of it’s niche in our nations history. We at the Federalist Feed would like to extend a big ol’ salute to our QM’s: Dunks, Jefferson Locke, Stewy and Kody5, without them, thousands of American citizens wouldn’t be able to get the food they so desperately need to fight for America in ever so important wars. Continue the good work fellas, you’re doing the Federalist party proud!

THE FINAL WORD - Because this has been a considerably lengthy third issue of the Federalist Feed (the official Federalist newspaper) I’m going to keep this final word very short! Just 2 points of note for you!

1. If you lost in the Primary or were not entered in the Primary then we politely, yet firmly ask you to resign your candidacy so we don’t lose a single vote in case of an attempted PTO.
2. I could use some help writing some articles, especially next week, (exam week) so if you have any ideas, just write the article and shoot it over to me by PM, as long as they’re about the Feds, I’ll stick it in the paper somewhere!!

Stay Proud,
Stay Horny,
As always,



OneTakeTony Dia 1,880, 09:31

First reserved for the primary candidates, good run as always! And 1A. Reserved for Dunks, congrats buddy!

Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Dia 1,880, 09:36

Bravo Zulu

Bucephalus92 Dia 1,880, 11:09


One Sky
One Sky Dia 1,880, 12:26

congratza dunks p/h

Devil.s.Dance Dia 1,880, 12:53


Deepchill Dia 1,880, 13:19



Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,880, 14:04



fingerguns Dia 1,880, 16:08

Great issue as always!


Jackson Cousteau
Jackson Cousteau Dia 1,881, 02:44

If you are not Duncan Crowe, GTFO of the race.


General Robert Lee
General Robert Lee Dia 1,881, 11:44


AlexJ1890 Dia 1,881, 19:12

The Fed Party Primary has officially closed. Congratulations to Duncan Crowe!

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dia 1,882, 06:43


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