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[Fed] Fed Radio is Sexy! (eFPR Episode Two Supplemental)

Dia 1,864, 22:52 Publicado em USA EUA por Duncan Crowe

eFPR Episode TWO

Archived Episode

If you listened to the beginning of the second episode of eFPR live, or before an edited version was uploaded, you probably experienced a lot of dead air as I struggled to call in and Tiacha tried to fill in.

However, once Jefferson Locke and I joined Tiacha on the air, we were able to run the intro and get right into things.

Jefferson Locke, Tiacha and I hosted the second episode of eFPR, and the variety of topics included a discussion of Candor's ERT, RGR's candidacy article and resulting BS, and a look at fingerguns for CP.

We all gave our opinions on most of the latest national issues, along with soliciting some very justified opinions from the listeners that were able to call in.

We had quite a few callers, including:

George Griffin
Dr Luis Sentieiro

If you didn't have a chance to listen, make sure to find time in your schedule to listen to the archived show.

You'll be glad you did.

Archived Episode Two

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Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,864, 22:53

Fed Radio is awesome!


tuPole Dia 1,865, 23:03

need vote?

can visit my profil

Candor Dia 1,865, 00:46

Had a good time, you guys run a great show. Thank you!

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,865, 03:07

It was a good episode, methinks 😃


Tiacha Dia 1,865, 05:16

Hells yes. p/h

fingerguns Dia 1,865, 05:44

Great work, guys!


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Dia 1,865, 06:09

I was quite congested... nasty colds. xD

Besides, good show. (:

HannyaTR Dia 1,865, 12:07

is there any girl?

One Sky
One Sky Dia 1,865, 12:20

p/h feds

Tuco el Macedonio
Tuco el Macedonio Dia 1,865, 12:54

everyone gets second commander

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Dia 1,865, 15:40

lol, I love how it is tagged proud horny. Keep up the good work Feds! P/H

LordWarden1485 Dia 1,865, 15:57

You have no idea what you have unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I had a radio talk show in bum frack Mississippi.

I was too political. My topics were too controversial. When a New York newspaper called the backwater station wanting an interview, it short-circuited the local powers that be and, even though I had the highest rated show on their pathetic little station, I was canceled and black-listed.

I had no idea such a thing as "blog-radio" even existed. I have now signed up for an account.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dia 1,865, 18:26

Is it wrong if I touch myself while listening?

Kody5. Dia 1,865, 18:30

No Jon.
Thats what we want you to do.

SColbert Dia 1,865, 18:48

I enjoyed the show. Great job!

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