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[EXTRA] The Affairs of Congress, in Brief: February 2013

Dia 1,925, 22:10 Publicado em Japan Japão por ahava3233

Howdy, it's the your now Interim Speaker of the Diet, ahava3233. Anyway I just wanted to go over major events that happened in the Diet this month. I would've reported earlier but honestly activity in the Diet was rather minimal and other individuals had been advertising current discussions rather nicely.

Eligibility for Speaker

The only prevailing change implemented this month involved eligibility for the position of speaker. After much discussion over the matter, the Diet voted to allow non-congress members to run for the position without any restrictions. I have just opened up the nomination for the next Speaker here.

Legislative Reorganization: The Daimyo

A Daimyo from a rather recent anime, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna (織田信奈の野望)

One of the most contentious and active discussions this month involved comprehensive reform of the entire legislative system of Japan. The current cp, Kitsune Usureki, attempted to push a Daimyo system to replace the current system of discussion in the Diet. The Daimyo would be appointed by the top 5 parties to discuss legislative actions and vote on them, they would also be the only source of proposals for new legislation. However, the Diet could override any of their decisions with a 33% vote to have a Diet vote.

There was a long discussion on the matter involving pros of the system, including efficiency, against negatives, including lack of a say by Diet members and the general public. After much contention, Kitsune decided to stop pushing the proposal. Our legislative system has remained the same since.

Immigration Reform

The discussion to formalize immigration restarted at the end of this month. There are currently several proposals which haven't been pushed due to a lack of ability to enforce them without the support of party presidents. Furthermore, there is a lack of agreement on which proposal to push to a vote. The discussion on this issue shall continue into next month.

Current:Minimum Wage Reduction

The smallest denomination of our currency, the yen (1 yen)

In order to support efforts of communes in Japan, Ardishabutaro, a prime figure in the Shinsengumi proposed a reduction of the minimum wage to the lowest value possible. He argued that as the market rate for work is way above the minimum wage, there was no reason not to reduce the minimum wage to help support communes, such as those maintained within his party, the Shinsengumi. As there's minimal resistance to this change and it's been over a day since the discussion began on the forum, I have just pushed an in-game vote.

That's all folks, tune in for more articles from me on other matters and be sure to log into the forums and irc to keep an eye on what's going on in this country. Until next time, ahava3233 signing off!



ahava3233 Dia 1,925, 22:11

First denied

Lonqu Dia 1,925, 22:19


Shirobu Dia 1,925, 22:48

Thank you for the update, Ahava.

ardishabutaro Dia 1,925, 22:59

good article.

1 month, only 1 law officially passed onto forum. good job all congressman!

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Dia 1,926, 23:00

it's difficult if 70% of the congress don't visit the forum 😛

ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 00:42

we face too much debate this month.

ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 00:42

That fact that i am proud is only my law passed onto forum.

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Dia 1,925, 22:59

I hope the forum will work soon again 😛 (portal)

well this month i'm not a congress, so have fun^^

ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 00:42

That fact that i am proud is only my law passed onto forum.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dia 1,926, 02:23

To much talk, to little productivity.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dia 1,926, 09:56

Stop using the english translated name for the series..
it hurts my mind by reading it!

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Dia 1,926, 10:25

Too many ego's insisting they have to have their version or none

Darshu Dia 1,927, 00:45

I have a solution for the congress' problem.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,927, 03:30

No Bicameral systems please.

Darshu Dia 1,927, 03:32

Nope. I decide everything on my own which is functional from day 1. The moment the congress can vote on something, it will automatically overthrow my way and functions from the day the vote passed with majority. It's a functional system until the congress can do it better.

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Dia 1,927, 09:15

unfortunately darshu, they'd have to agree long enough to get something to vote, which they wont do.

Auraborus Dia 1,927, 18:20

Good job Ahava

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