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[eWorld] CP elections in eBe, ePe & eSwi

Dia 1,994, 14:32 Publicado em Switzerland Áustria por Kaad

Hello everyone!

In this article, I will speak about three eCountry presidents that were elected yesterday!

These are eBelgium, ePeru and eSwitzerland. Why them? Because they all welcomed me and I met there good people, such as the new 3 presidents of these countries.

Without any surprise, the great & young Beaver was elected. Against 3 other candidates, he did a good campaign, gave his opinion as other didn't or did less (as Jens). After coming back to the game, he had 87 votes meaning 67.44%. eBelgium made a great choice for his future.

PS: I made his profile picture 🙂

ePeru CP was a friendly fight between two candidates:

Erick Jibaja C and Gary Karl Paredes Rosales. This last one won by 66.19%. Gary KPR will be another refreshing CP for a CoT country. Young but experimented, rl Peruvian, he knows what's great for the country. He will be a perfect CP.

The candidate of the united switzerland won with 80.77% and will be the legitimate candidate for the country. plasmakp has much more experience than a lot of players and CP while he is ranked 4th in the eSwiss ranking. Unless it's his first time CP, he have been minister for a while and 9x CM. He is also active in CoT HQ.

Good luck to them!

Thanks for reading,



Kaad Dia 1,994, 14:35

Very small only the needed things....

Vote and shout 😉

Hail CoT

SKYJACKED Dia 1,994, 14:46

Voted & subbed 🙂

VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Dia 1,994, 15:04

Nice article ; ) Voted

eazyjp Dia 1,994, 16:28

wtf gary famous 😃

Kaad Dia 1,994, 18:07

I was ePeruvian 2 weeks ago 😉

Ely.nea Dia 1,994, 23:59

voted kaad : )

Strength and HOnour

Guardian Of The Realm
Guardian Of The Realm Dia 1,995, 14:22

nicely done

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