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[Embassy] eItaly News - Day 1,953

Dia 1,954, 08:31 Publicado em USA Itália por Gervaz

Nothing important on the Italian front on the day 1,953 for the daily newspaper, most of them talk just about the passed congressional elections which ended with:

Even if, as we can see here, the Top-5 parties in Italy is:

And so we can understand how some of the members of the "small" parties were temporarily housed in the "big" ones. Why do this? Simply:
The member of the "small" party participate in the 64th Congress for the "big" one in exchange for the votes of his own party.

We can also understand that perhaps the first party, simply called PCE in Italy (one of the older party), and also "Fratelli d'eItalia" (a new party) have many inactive players.

Regarding the military Italy seems to be mainly in standby.

Not much else to report for today, I hope this article has been helpful even if very short.


- Abruzzo was secured by Slovenia in the war versus Resistance Force of Italy (Wars)


- Il Rasoio di Occam (Social interactions)
- Elezioni Congressuali 25/03/2013 (Political debates and analysis)

U.S. Ambassador to Italy


pakkiotto Dia 1,954, 08:45


spiderwii Dia 1,954, 09:25

Seems like almost every Rinascita eItaliana member voted and showed their loyalty to that party!

Gervaz Dia 1,954, 12:55

Yes, but i think also that it is coz it hosted lots of players from the small parties who voted for ReI (Rinascita eItaliana).

ligtreb Dia 1,954, 12:47

Thank you for the update.

Gervaz Dia 1,954, 12:55

Oh, sorry for my english, it isnt very good.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dia 1,954, 13:01

good job

A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Dia 1,954, 14:09


Senatore Richards
Senatore Richards Dia 1,956, 03:43

Good job

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