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Dia 1,872, 09:22 Publicado em India Tailândia por Samnorugh


DANGEROUS EVENTS are taking place all over eIndia. Recently and most thunderiously and suddenly. the eCroatians who were so-called frends of eIndia have blackstabbed us, with the most vicious and ragious reasons. The MoFA of croatia have suddenly NE'd us and we were socked and were numb. So the same was done by Vladimir Alexei and we also NE'd them. After the law passed the croatian MoFA invited the indian MoFA and government team to a channel called #jebeskave which literally mean in english "F@#K COWS".

Dont be shocked. this is just the start. then they told our MoFA team that they will conquer our country and they left us with two most rude and unpleasant and impossible routes:

1: They will plunder all and we'll have none.
2: They will leave the congress with one region.

Well we cant hurry to make such crude decisions and fail ourselves but i personally vote the second option. you all might be shocked by this agreement of the rules, but i have certain plans. well i dont wanna discuss them in the open and alert our all-time enemy. I will surely inform the congress and discuss on this matter.

This betrayal of trust evolves to two destination in the indian history of war, conflict and land own. Just get a bottle of wine and offer it to your friend and say " Oh my my, you have decorated your house wonderful. Well, why wont you? It's new year. Well take this as a present, this bottle of wine made of grapes from the german vines."

Who will be ever fool enough not to take a present of your friend, when you dont have the money to buy one bottle for yourself. Well another question, who would be wise enough to detect it as a well - thought and executed death trap.

Same isthe case with india. But we must not forget:Every cloud has a silver lining. And now the heavenly gold light shines above us and we must realise who the casters are:


we suddenly received many alerts. A law has been proposed and now it awaits your vote. Suddenly and most astonishingly the rain of allies started with Bulgaria, Argentina, Slovenia, China, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Japan and so on. these are the heavenly shine of the gods. We are wordlessly grateful to you all who have accepted the need to wipe the treacherous croatians out of asia. We have received great help from Bulgaria and Canada. I assure all the allies that we will soon see actiona and revenge. You shall receive any inportant messages by our congress group.

I greatly appreciate some great articles and appeal to those who havent read them to read as soon as possible:

This one by Vladimir alexei

This one by UvAjed

And this too by UvAjed

I appreciate ther articles too which i forgot.

Another heartbreaking news s the quit of the wise , beautiful and patriotic Wildquark who has been abused by some lunatic and mental people. she has left behind for us an article which reflects the bad condition of eIndia and RL india. Also appreciated by Ashwamedh who wrote an article to beware us:

this one by Wild quark

And this one by Ashwamedh

Wildy, it is a request of all indians to return to our country and help us fight the nightmare. Without you we are missing a crucial turn in the war. I hope you forget this shameful accusion of the shameful and hellish people.
We await you.

Hail allies
Hail india
Hail Wildquark
Hail freedom




Chengis Khan
Chengis Khan Dia 1,872, 09:29

if we could have Brazil as our Ally it would be better o7 but I know Bulgarians shall surely help us with all their strength

MohanB Dia 1,872, 20:11

Thanks for the positive article samnorugh...

Treian Dia 1,873, 06:50


If we pull together, we can come out of this on top.

Chengis Khan
Chengis Khan Dia 1,873, 10:21

The rain of allies started because we have joined an alliance CoT bodhu

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