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[DoE] Become an Ambassador!

Dia 1,996, 08:18 Publicado em Switzerland Áustria por Kaad

Hello Dear eSwiss citizens!

Today, I’m gona introduce you to something that was forgotten in our country for a while but it is gona change!

Being an ambassador what does that mean? What are we expecting about an ambassador?

- Being active on a foreign country forum and maybe IRC
- Give report of the new ministers and CP
- Give report about treaty, alliance change, wars (NE and TW)
- The ambassador can write articles to allow eSwiss discovering the country (In game or RL description)
- Being a contact between the foreign CP/MoFA and the Government of eSwitzerland

Who can become an ambassador and how?

- Everyone who wants to, no lvl required
- Being eSwiss
- PM one of the 2 responsible (Kaad – Uros012)

In which foreign country?

- We need first ambassadors in allied country to keep contact
- Could be great if you are not RL Swiss to be an ambassador in your RL country
- You are allowed to be ambassador in several countries if you can manage more embassies

Why do we need ambassadors?

- It helps the government to take the good decisions and quickly
- It helps the government to knows which person they need to contact
- It helps improving relations between us and the foreign countries
- Bring quality articles about something else than politics and makes revive the news section

Any question? Want to start an ambassador career?

-> Send a pm to Kaad and Uros012

“Let’s bring some fun back to eSwitzerland”

For the eSwiss Department of Embassies

DoE for TWO & non-allies

DoE for CoT


Rican Dia 1,996, 08:23

voted and supported

Sheikha Al Jalila Al Maktoum
Sheikha Al Jalila Al Maktoum Dia 1,996, 08:28


Ely.nea Dia 1,996, 08:52

voted Kaad ^_* Good luck

skumar Dia 1,996, 09:26


Kaad Dia 1,996, 10:47

Thanks Indian friend!

skumar Dia 1,996, 22:30

if you dont mind can i shout in indian media.... asking ppl to apply eindia wherever eswiss... is .. i think this article is universal.

ANTINIANKU Dia 1,996, 12:00


Ernesto Jeon
Ernesto Jeon Dia 1,996, 12:00

Voted, Cheers Friend from eSK!

Guardian Of The Realm
Guardian Of The Realm Dia 1,996, 17:16

i'll give er a go

Thedillpickl Dia 1,996, 17:47

Will be back tomorrow after work to do stuffz.

remi.remi Dia 1,996, 17:54

(◡‿◡✿) voted

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,996, 18:12

Make me ambassador to Murrica~

VESTITEL Dia 1,997, 11:37

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