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[CP] Treaty with ePoland

Dia 1,889, 02:28 Publicado em Netherlands Holanda por Het Catshuis

Agreement between The eNetherlands and ePoland.

- The eNetherlands represents: Kimberly McCullouch, President of eNetherlands
- ePoland represents: Coehoorn, President of ePoland

1. ePoland will release 1 occupied region: Northern Netherlands.

2. ePoland will hold 3 regions: Eastern Netherlands, Southern Netherlands, Western Netherlands. These regions will not be given up at any moment to any other country.

3. The eNetherlands will not start or support any resistance war in regions mentioned in point 2.

4. If ePoland lose control over one of regions from point 2:
- The eNetherlands will NE ePoland on request of ePoland,
- when all regions from point 2 are in control of ePoland a peace treaty will be signed and NE will be closed,
- all regions from point 1 (if are in control of ePoland) will be given back to The eNetherlands.

5. This agreement starts with the date of signing and will be renewed every 14th of month at 12:00 eRepublik time automatically, if sides will not agree otherwise.

6. The eNetherlands will pay the nation of ePoland the lease price of the province of Northern Netherlands, at a cost of 10000cc in the begining of each monthly period.

This treaty will come into immediate effect when the following 2 conditions have been met:
- Country Presidents mentioned above agree with this proposal,
- Sides have published this treaty in the official state newspaper of their countries.

Kimberly McCullouch, SIGNED 14.01.2013
CP of eNetherlands

Coehoorn, SIGNED 14.01.2013
CP of ePoland

PS: eNetherlands congress decided on 19-01-2013 to sign the treaty.



Kordak Dia 1,889, 02:37

The best thing for now, but we will wait what happens next month..

Broersje Dia 1,889, 02:39

What he said. ^^

Gwom Dia 1,889, 02:42

10000cc sounds as very much money. But a single resistance war cost precisely that amount.

dailykille Dia 1,889, 03:17

This make me remind of the Vichy regime from WWII (Do not get me wrong, Im not referring to other bad things this regime has done but the one that has a very clear link with this article)

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Dia 1,889, 03:19

^ RL != erep

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Dia 1,889, 03:30

the deals keep getting worse. Seriously, I don't see how this benefit use beyond electing a Congress to replace idle/retired congressmen.

The previous 2 were 2 regions free for nothing. Maybe we should permanently harass the Polish, so that even if we are small, they agree to let us have 2 regions (that they don't need at all) so they don't have to deal with frequent RWs.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dia 1,889, 04:35

good 🙂

Broersje Dia 1,889, 05:11

Please note that we don't have to pay for the first month, as that amount had already been paid by a foreign supporter of the eNetherlands. So, basically, we get this month for free and can use that time to consider our options.

Tijl Uilenspiegel
Tijl Uilenspiegel Dia 1,889, 07:15

Can someone state here how much extra state-income we have with a "free" region?

james janeway
james janeway Dia 1,889, 07:32

I am afraid this will give problems in the next months..

djirtsdew Dia 1,889, 07:52

@james: We'll probably not prolong this treaty, unless the Polish are prepared to make it more acceptable to us. So if with "problems in the next months" you mean that we'll be off the map again (like we were all of December), you probably are right.
In any case, a treaty that guarantees us 3 additional weeks of being on the map is at least worth something.

@Tijl Uilenspiegel: Extra state income: We have a job market again, so we can get some more income tax (for those few who work for Dutch employers), and we get a congress again (medals & tax), we can get new immigrants, which potentially means more sales on the Dutch markets. So not a lot of extra income. I don't see how we could manage to pay the 10k CC the treaty will cost us if we extend it.

Leo Belgicus
Leo Belgicus Dia 1,889, 07:54

@ Broersje al the free money in the eRepublik can't make this deal moraly sound.

SKYJACKED Dia 1,889, 07:56

hopefully this "treaty" will only be for this month.......coz to me this is not a treaty ........... this is extortion/blackmail.........
No RW's allowed , the annexation of 3 regions plus we pay a lease for that 1 free region.

F*** me silly plse......

Where those 3 regions giftwrapped ???? plse don't forget the ribbon & bow , coz a present isn't finished without it

RV93 Dia 1,889, 08:57

This will give problems. It is a humiliating treaty.

But it is the best for now, since it allows us to elect a new congress. But for now, I agree with Yfke and SKYJACKED, since the treaty is more like a chokehold..

This is good for eNetherlands during the first month, as I said, but it is a bad 'treaty' on the long terms..

RV93 Dia 1,889, 08:58

(And please, leave RL history, and the bad and painfull things that happened, out of the game! For the sake of history.)

Broersje Dia 1,889, 10:11

I agree with all people above who said this treaty is crap. But hey, a free month is a free month.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Dia 1,889, 10:26

Doesn't help, now the UK will wipe. All in all a great month!

RV93 Dia 1,889, 10:28

True! Great month indeed.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dia 1,889, 18:07

"The eNetherlands will pay the nation of ePoland the lease price" That's an insult to the NL. Although I do agree with this one month NAP, payed by the pink itself XD I will never agree to those words in that so called treaty! Being the Supreme Commander of EDEN, or just a citizen of eNL. o7

S.Killer Dia 1,889, 22:23

The eNetherlands will pay the nation of ePoland the lease price" thats stupid!

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dia 1,890, 00:43

Another good nation capitulates to the beast


FrankieVB Dia 1,890, 07:53

Hah we already broke the treaty by setting the DO on the RW in Western Netherlands. It lasted only 24 hours. Seems like some don't even want that free month and rather see us to be wiped off the map again asap...

Kixtart Dia 1,890, 12:52

A do isn't the state choice

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