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~~Belarusian Ninjaz~~ Presidential elections

Dia 1,900, 04:33 Publicado em Belarus EUA por Blutmond
Belarusian Ninjaz Party officially supports Mitreiko in the CP elections.

Hyena Black giving a speech about the importance of voting for Mitreiko

I would like to say a few words why we support him and not someone else.
First of all, he is the nicest person I ever met in eBelarus. A year ago when I started my political and satirical career in this country, no one trusted me. Most of people thought that I am a Polish PTOer, no one wanted to support me, no one wanted to cooperate. One of the few people who were never judgmental, never had any prejudices against me, was Mitreiko. He helped me a lot. He translated many of my articles. He is the author of translation of the first manifesto of Knights Templar, he also translated the latest manifesto of the Belarusian Ninjaz.

Those are my personal reasons to support him, but why should you support him? Here are some of the reasons:
- He is a very smart guy and he knows how to change Belarus in order to make it bettter
- He is very experienced in Belarusian politics
- Even though he is very experienced he was never a president so we should give him a chance instead of giving it to people who already had this position in the past and didn't do anything good for this country
- He is not a racist bigot like Murashkokmit or Hyena Black
- He is supported by 4 parties so he can really win with a candidate from Nazi Front
- If not him, then who???



Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Dia 1,900, 04:38

А как же лучший чёрный друг?

Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Dia 1,900, 04:42

о, теперь всё понятно )

Fatigas Dia 1,900, 05:00

Racist Bigot Hyena Black giving a speech

iProphet Dia 1,900, 07:00

Mitreiko, I have a dream!..

Anarkisto Dia 1,900, 09:35

Фотка годная

Baba Jagodka
Baba Jagodka Dia 1,901, 09:48

Эх! Не удовлетворил Блутика Хуенчик...
Правильный выбор, товарищ Блутмонд! У каждого чернявого обязательно должны быть 3 белые вещи: зубы, глаза и хозяин.

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