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[Ashwamedh] How To Drink Scotch

Dia 1,900, 11:46 Publicado em India Sérvia por Ind1anMartyr

Yes its Friday night and Im stuck with the guys trying to get our latest game released.( and its f *****g 1 30 am.. early for a games company)

My patience has finally run out, time to turn to my best friend... a lovely bottle of Scotch (this time its Glenfiddich - Rich Oak) Also its been almost a month since I brought out one of my raving drunk articles 🙂 so why not extol the virtues of this manna from heaven? (God bless the Scots! Hammy I ALMOST ...almost thought of sending you 10 G... thank God I wasnt drunk enough)

So... how SHOULD you drink Scotch anyway?

Many people many ways but the best goddamn way for best darnedest Scotch (Single malt please... blended and bourbon is for losers) is as follows...

1. Take a lovely crystal decanter and a flat bottom glass. It needs to have a feel when you grip it.

2. Put in a couple of rocks (that's ice)

3. Pour the lovely golden liquid till you have them submerged...take your time, this is important!

4. Look at the little beauty - nice and golden. Time to stir it up!

5. Pour a wee bit of water till it starts getting smoky (not too much or you will ruin the taste)

6. Sniff it, savour it and taste the warmth and the smoky goodness of cinnamon with the peat.

Take your time with the lovely sip of goodness (its NOT a one night stand) ... drink responsibly ... fight the urge to go out and drive like a maniac... instead type out an article for an erepublik media contest. This has its advantages...

You will save fuel, no one will get hurt, you will have no hangovers and you will be ready for round 2 on Saturday! 😃 (yes the weekend has 2 days...sometimes even Sunday you know)

PS: I really MUST say something about the game...or my article will get deleted!!! and I will get an FP


1. If you havent read Stoich's logs, you missed a few laughs.

1a. If you havent read smee's logss, you missed a few laughs.

COMMONALITY : Atrocious English of the members in the logs, Idiotic IRC chats. Shows how amazingly stupid ingame strategy is!


2. India will be rising very soon...Croatia have had things the easiest among EDEN folks... thats about to end I hope.

2a. EDEN does not exist anymore but all the ostriches with their heads down in the sand SWEAR the sky has to be brown not blue...sure EDEN lives!





Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,900, 11:48

damn me... did I not mention it? Its my entry to the article contest!!!

Dranze R
Dranze R Dia 1,900, 11:54

Jai Hind!

o7 single malt Scotch
hail Indonesia!
hail bulgaria

Stolch Dia 1,900, 12:31

me pressurise, pressurise : D

I must have had one too many myself cause I sear I read ho to drink Stoich o.O

Good article, but don't take your time too much, cause you know, Stoich will just nag, nag mag....BB, BB, BB, go go go! : P

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dia 1,900, 12:32

Scotch is not real whiskey

Patanjali Dia 1,900, 12:58

Vande Mataram !

Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,900, 13:22

Stoich I meant the english of the EDEN reps : DDD

Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,900, 14:22

D & T... I forgive you .. just this once : D

(now whered i kepe my claymore)

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dia 1,900, 14:54

Keep drinking that bogwater Ash...

ShockWavve Dia 1,900, 19:38


Wild Quark
Wild Quark Dia 1,900, 22:53

Spoiling your liver and spilling it on your livery eh

games.k67 Dia 1,901, 00:21

Wild Quark back. good.

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Dia 1,901, 21:28

Only way to drink scotch.. Straight up.. As God intended 😃

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