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[Artela4CP] Working Hard for eAmerica

Dia 1,986, 10:58 Publicado em USA EUA por Duncan Crowe

Fellow eAmericans, o/

If you were not already aware from reading Artela’s announcement article, I was asked to run as Artela’s VP for the month of May. Initially shocked, I still accepted this position wholeheartedly and I ask that you consider Artela and I as your winning team.

To touch on Artela first, while I can’t say I was around for her first few CP terms, I do know that she has a work ethic that is unparalleled within cabinets. I was in a cabinet with her back when John Killah was CP, and I found that she did an excellent job of trying to keep the cabinet staff on track.

In addition to that, Artela has a very straightforward method of communication, which really helps to communicate her vast stores of knowledge garnered from her years of playing. eAmerica, due to the hectic nature of foreign affairs at the moment, could really benefit from some of this experience.

Artela happens to live in the UK, as you all might know, which means that eAmerican times are slightly difficult for her at times. Luckily, I will be able to fill these times. This is just one of the many things that make our CP team a winning one.

For example, although VP has long been viewed as a political appointment position for the purpose of winning over a party, I will not disappear as many past VPs have. If you elect Artela, a very strong and hard-working CP, you also will elect me, a awesome Fed. VP.

While I have not had too much experience with regards to Executive, what little i have had, such as SoD and SoI, have given me experience that will allow me to better serve my goals. There's more of my resume here if you're interested.

What are my goals? Well, here goes:

I. Help eAmerica Conduct Foreign Affairs

With the collapse of EDEN and the simultaneous fall of CoTWO, it seems that eAmerica has sparked a very heated foreign affairs arena with their entrance into CoT. I plan on helping to mitigate an impending World War, and will help Artela to attend diplomatic meetings in this light.

That’s not to say that I will try and foolishly prevent a war that is already doomed to occur, but I will do my best to help Artela as much as possible, as well as work with NewAzazel, her SoS, to conduct his business.

I have served in ambassadorial positions for 6 months, so that experience should allow me to conduct myself in the utmost manner, representative of the ideal eAmerican citizen.

So, all in all, I will do my best to help eAmerica in its state affairs, while, of course, not stepping on the toes of the people already doing the work, such as NewAzazel.

II. Improve the Executive’s Effect On Domestic Affairs

While I have not been privy to too many CP cabinets, I have had the chance to note that many are hammered for their lack of communication. This is something that I wll work to prevent, as I want Artela’s CP Cabinet to be as translucent as possible.

In order to do this, I plan on publishing an article at least every week or so, updating the eAmerican people on what their Exec. branch is doing. In addition to this, I will try and give the SoM as much as I can, given my position.

I will also work with Congress. After serving in Congress for 6 terms, I have noted that it’s somewhat beneficial to work with Congress and get their opinion on certain matters of the Exec. Congress can make an excellent sounding board if utilized correctly, and this is what I will work to do.

I enjoyed the referendums of Vanek’s CP term, and I will also do my best to offer these to the eAmerican people, just to get their opinion on what’s happening in the Exec.

In conclusion, being as communicative as possible is one of my goals as VP, and I will work in multiple ways to make this the case.

Vote A for America!

Thanks for reading, and please vote, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed this.

Respectfully Yours,


Artela Dia 1,986, 10:59

Dunks will be a VP full of awesome!

chickensguys Dia 1,986, 11:03

Voting for the Doc.

DoThraKl Dia 1,986, 11:05


Nektari0s Dia 1,986, 11:15


Ramirez.Andres Dia 1,986, 11:24


Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Dia 1,986, 11:35


Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Dia 1,986, 12:29


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dia 1,986, 13:40


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,986, 15:53


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,986, 14:54

America fought two wars and sacrificed thousands of its people to free our country from your Empire.

Go away and leave us be.

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Dia 1,986, 15:15

eAmerica has fought in multiple elections and sacrificed thousands of hours to free ourselves from your influence.

Go away and leave us be.

Flashback1 Dia 1,986, 19:13


Tyrannocopters Dia 1,988, 02:18

You just won eRepublik.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,986, 15:36

Did you seriously like your own comment?

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Dia 1,987, 14:12

Who else would like an RGR comment. Also shows you how bat-crap crazy he is!!!1

Skorpion 35
Skorpion 35 Dia 1,986, 15:36

[Artela4CP] you have my vote o7

Flashback1 Dia 1,986, 19:12

Voted and voting!!

Tiacha Dia 1,986, 19:44

Artela +Dunks= Unstoppable team. Go beat down the competition!

The Original Fawkie
The Original Fawkie Dia 1,986, 19:51

I love you long time

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Dia 1,986, 20:03

Smells like "unity" manure.

fingerguns Dia 1,986, 21:16

Dunks = player on the rise

We know how great you've been on the party level. Looking forward to seeing what you can do! It's very cool that you're getting this opportunity.

Sle7en Dia 1,986, 23:16

voted o7

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,987, 11:13

Good luck.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,987, 13:45

Dunks is a great player, good luck to Dunks and this ticket

Viarizi Dia 1,988, 10:06

I can see myself voting for Artela...

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