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[Artela] Pedantry Time (reprint)

Dia 1,788, 02:30 Publicado em USA EUA por Artela

I see a lot of articles which could be improved just by basic grammar and spell checking. The spell checking I can’t do much about in an article like this, however the common grammar mistakes can be corrected easily if people think about the context of the word they are using and change accordingly.

Common basic grammar problems

There / Their / They’re
There – this is the one to use if you mean something is somewhere, not here but there
Their – this is the one to use if you mean “belonging to someone”, it is their word
They’re – this is a contraction of “they are” and should only be used where “they are” would make sense

Your / You’re
Your – use this one for the context of “it belongs to you”
You’re – this is a contraction of “you are” and should only be used where “you are” would make sense

Its / It’s
Its – belonging to it
It’s – contraction of “it is”

You should be getting the hang of it by this point…

This short informational snippet brought to you by the ‘Society of Pedants Against Cruelty to the English Language’! Join today! We have Cake!

All the best

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Finway Dia 1,788, 03:26

I aren't sure : D

mogaba Dia 1,788, 03:59

Grammatik macht frei.

Freiheitskaempfer Dia 1,788, 05:55

mogaba < 3

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,788, 06:03


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,788, 06:04


fingerguns Dia 1,788, 06:06

I would vote a thousand times, if I could.

mick cain
mick cain Dia 1,788, 06:11


Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael
Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael Dia 1,788, 07:04


wingfield Dia 1,788, 07:23

V + S

Don't get me started about the catastrophe that has befallen the apostrophe!


To - either where you are going; or part of the infinitive that should NEVER (not even in Star Trek) be split from the rest of a verb - put the adverb AFTER the verb and the object instead, stupid!
Too - to denote excess (as in too much and too far, etc)
Two - the number after "One"


Lose - what your team does when it is beaten
Loose - not secured properly

Inwegen Dia 1,788, 07:28

I would vote a thousand times, if I could.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dia 1,788, 07:30


John Killah
John Killah Dia 1,788, 07:45

I would vote a thousand times, if I could.

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Dia 1,788, 07:53

If only this would accomplish anything : (

soil3d Dia 1,788, 07:57

Cake is a lie

Zonmei Dia 1,788, 09:19

Next can you do an English to American translation guide? Fortnight... WTF?

eSupernova Dia 1,788, 09:30

I've already made the "lose/loose" mistake in a comment. But that was because I was tired, so I didn't take attention to how I wrote it. And when I noticed this failure, it was too late....

DokJon Dia 1,788, 10:32

I would of voted a thousand times.

Now catch the error! 😛

Maegalodonus Dia 1,788, 10:49

Them niggas aint got no clue

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Dia 1,788, 12:24

aw yiss

Artela Dia 1,788, 12:45

DokJon: LOL.... grrrrrrrrrrrr.... that makes my teeth itch!
(And it's 'would HAVE')

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dia 1,788, 14:37

Excellent, cake.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dia 1,788, 15:10


olivermellors Dia 1,788, 17:17

Is "grammar error" an error of grammar or an error in grammar?

wingfield Dia 1,788, 19:48

"oriented" NOT "orientated"
"orient" NOT "orientate"
"different FROM" NOT "different to" or "different than"

and ...

No matter what Websters may presume, the past participle of "sneak" is "sneaked" and NOT "snuck"

LanyIsLost Dia 1,788, 20:06

my pet peeve is the misuse of "then" and "than"

roboz Dia 1,788, 20:21

Its great your taking the time to educate people. They're alot of people that will find this useful 🙂

kirintaimu Dia 1,788, 21:28

On the rare occasion that I make such elementary mistakes, I find it acutely embarassing.

snake dr
snake dr Dia 1,788, 23:50

could of/should of - only in *retarded mode*

correct is:

could have/should have

jmurrib21 Dia 1,789, 00:11

Excellent. I like constructive critics. Voted.

castaneda Dia 1,789, 01:46

Me faily english ?!?!? Thats unpossible

Izzat Reich Dia 1,789, 02:01

Comentário apagado

Fitisin Dia 1,789, 07:55

@ollivermellors - neither, it's a grammatical error. 🙂

AndraX2000 Dia 1,789, 08:16

"I see a lot of articles which could be improved just by basic grammar and spell checking."

That's not fair. Most articles could also be improved through planning, creativity, or other means. Most articles are not so well written that they could be improved just by basic grammar and spell checking.

Oh, you meant, "I see a lot of articles which could be improved easily by basic grammar and spell checking." Don't worry, misusing "just" is a common mistake; no one will be pedantic about it.

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Dia 1,789, 08:20

I've seen people use funner.....

Iamnameless Dia 1,789, 08:36

couldnt of put it better my own self

Artela Dia 1,789, 09:35

@Bucephalus92: LOL, made my day!

Animis Dia 1,789, 10:04

I see many articles that could be improved by not pushing the publish button....

Animis Dia 1,789, 10:05

ps: cake looks yummy

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dia 1,789, 11:31

"Orientate" is OK in Brit-squeek, budda tain't good Uhmurken.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Dia 1,789, 13:08


Brits OUT!

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 1,789, 16:04

should've, could've, would've

so it goes dot dot dot

poe101591 Dia 1,789, 17:52

Grammar Nazis, grammar Nazis everywhere.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,789, 21:12

People that feel the need to present themselves as superior everywhere.

Devoid Dia 1,789, 21:36

Voted so hard.

Oblige Dia 1,789, 22:03

Top 5 article about grammar ftw!

pure_evil Dia 1,789, 23:30

I'd off thoughted peoples new theese thinks. Its' asiff noone goed to shcool.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dia 1,789, 23:54

Madame Pandora obviously loves ''elite'' brit Artela...!


PS: Pizza Fail, again!!!

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