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I'm watching you :spy:

Wow… it’s another election already !

10 Dzień 1,003, 15:19 Opublikowane w Switzerland Switzerland

I learned so much in my first term… and I made a few mistakes… but I have kept my promises:

• Always to tell the voters the truth

• Always to stay transparent in my dealings

• Not to make promises I cannot keep

Well, I’m older and … czytaj więcej »

Minimum Wage and the eSwiss Economy

17 Dzień 996, 22:58 Opublikowane w Switzerland Switzerland

I told you when you elected me that I would be transparent and honest in my political dealings. Sometimes that means admitting that I was wrong. This is unfortunately one of those times.

Since I have come to office I have proposed two bills.

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/me cries

8 Dzień 991, 06:10 Opublikowane w Switzerland Switzerland Społeczeństwo i rozrywka Społeczeństwo i rozrywka

Hello Citizens of Switzerland,

The voting turn-out was a little disappointing this congress election... but … czytaj więcej »