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December CP Election ( The Groot Choice)

9 hari ke 4,397, 11:02 Diterbitkan di USA USA Arahan pertempuran Arahan pertempuran

Hello Fellow Trees and eAmericans

Tomorow is the Country President election!

We had a great and wondefull month in November and I want it to be the same for december!

I never tought I'd say this only weeks ago.. But Chickenguy really did

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Real friendly American Hero!

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Your text to link here...

This is what I call a truly friendly American !!
Sniping a newby first sky hero ... that the spirit!

Ihsan the Magnificent...
If you see this dude with a BH anywhere in the … baca lebih lanjut »

Just to push ajay's garbages out of front page

24 hari ke 4,170, 04:57 Diterbitkan di USA USA Debat dan analisa politik Debat dan analisa politik

I'm done 🙂
Return to your normal activities

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56 hari ke 4,165, 09:41 Diterbitkan di USA USA Debat dan analisa politik Debat dan analisa politik

If you are like me, you enjoy having many battles and training wars where you can fight and make lots of gold and TP money...
Apparently, not everyone in eUSA is happy about it and they are trying to mess it up!
They fighting incredibly stupid

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What would you do if you were Admin for 1 day?

27 hari ke 1,756, 18:54 Diterbitkan di USA USA Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

What would make you thinking about Buiying Gold! That is the question Admin is constantly thinking about.. What would make those stupids sons of bi"/$es buy some more gold, spend real life money and stick to this silly boring game?


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