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Comeback against Argentina from 28-56 to 96-56 in 2 rounds

27 hari ke 4,636, 01:05 Diterbitkan di India India Analisa perperangan Analisa perperangan

Today we celebrate a comeback battle against Argentina at La Paz, Bolivian Altiplano.

Here is what Round 4 looked like

Epic Epic everywhere..
We won 40

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The trick to complete Daily Order with 1 kill

14 hari ke 4,627, 02:48 Diterbitkan di India India Langkah awal di eRepublik Langkah awal di eRepublik

I learnt this trick few days back. And when I talked about this in discord many people seemed to be not aware of this trick. But they were all interested to learn the trick.


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Drawbacks of a residence. Nomad citizen ftw!

11 hari ke 4,611, 18:24 Diterbitkan di India India Perniagaan kewangan Perniagaan kewangan

Being a citizen without residence (Nomad) is tough.

First, you get to see this ugly notification all the time

Second, you don't get the +2 energy recovery booster and

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Energy Bars survey

38 hari ke 4,401, 13:48 Diterbitkan di India India Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

How many EBs do you have?

Comment and win free food 🙂

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Gold value has bumped up!

4 hari ke 4,199, 18:00 Diterbitkan di India India Perniagaan kewangan Perniagaan kewangan

It's a big surprise that gold value has peaked out to the highest in erep history ever. I remember back in days when gold price used to be 150cc. (When money was more important than gold). Not to mention last month I donated 1000 gold to our

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