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2,064일 11:24 USA에 게시 미국 - Oblige

Goooooood Afternoon e-America!

Thank you for taking the time to break from your normally scheduled entertainment and read my article. I've written many things over the years, but few articles have been as meaningful to me as this one, so I'm again, very appreciative of you taking the time.

Before we get started though, you should strap yourself in and get ready for the ride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fDuNuFNG38

Now, this isn't the first hatchet job that's been written about me, nor do I doubt it will be the last; however, this one has made me legitimately upset- not only because of the direct content of the article, but also because of the additional rumors that are being spread on IRC and other channels. So, secure the aforementioned straps and prepare yourself for some orange sherbet grade truth and rage.

Disclaimer: the Speaker has declassified the thread in question and I waited until I had her permission before publishing this article.
ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: the PoTeUS has reviewed the article and is now satisfied with the level of classified content.

To begin, we should talk briefly about the Select Committee on Intelligence (SCI), what it is, and how it works. (If you already know, skip this section.)

As you may know the eUS has what's called a Constitution and Code. An oversimplification of this document is that it basically says that the Executive asks for money and Congress decides to spend it. Again, for simplification purposes what generally happens is that each month Congress votes on the budget (in private), and then, once passed, the budget becomes public.

Outside of this process though exists SCI. Its purpose is to provide Congressional oversight of Executive funding requests that are either time sensitive or secret. The reasoning for this is that it takes Congress, at absolute minimum (discussion waived, proposal done in theoretically zero minutes), 24 hour to approve a funding request, which could be a critical period during a war, etc.. SCI requests can be approved in minutes if done properly. Additionally, it's invariable that things posted in private Congress leak, whereas, until yesterday in the three year plus period that SCI has existed, nothing has ever leaked. Not for political reasons or non political ones, and especially not for one sided hatchet jobs.

Now, take out your popcorn, and let's go through this line by line.

Our original request. For those of you looking to this for a learning experience, SCI requests need to be made by their President or their proxy - traditionally the Secretary of Defense. Here the CP is asking for money (a considerable sum - enough for 10,000+ tanks) to fund a RW.

Also, let's also take a moment to read that Code I mentioned before. Specifically section 2.3 "Select Committee on Intelligence." It says, and I quote:

The Select Committee on Intelligence shall be staffed by The President. The Committee must include no less than 5 current Congressmen and the CBO Director(s), as well as the Speaker of the House, or Deputy Speaker of the House, or their acceptable representative, if either can not pass security check. The President or the Secretary of Defense must attain 5 approvals from SCI members before spending any reserves except in an emergency, which only requires 3 approvals. Information provided to the Select Committee on Intelligence should be as detailed as possible. Insufficient information may be grounds for disapproval of the funding request.

So what that means is that if this request had been flagged as an emergency, which some were saying (after the fact) that it was, it would've only needed three approvals to pass. Additionally, no member of SCI can in fact do anything to obstruct the process. There is no majority or quorum required, just three or five yes votes. Moving on...

Ah, the crux of the matter. Evil Oblige politicking at its finest! As you can see I've stated that I disagree with the executive's funding priorities, and that I think the money would have been better spent funding the USAF. We'll get into more detail later.

My favorite slide from the whole deck.

Here Dennis states that his request is more important than the USAF as a whole. I'll give you a moment to let that sink in. He's saying that victory in a single battle is more important than the entire community of the eAmerican Armed Forces.

There are a few of these. Including them for the purpose of transparency. I love you too Paul.

Yadayadayada procedural stuff.


Edited for swearing. Also, just because an expense is "legitimate" does not mean you automatically get approval. There are many, many, denied SCI requests, it is not a "rubber stamp."

Stands alone, although I do agree with that last bit.

Unlike, say... writing an article breaking the only secure space the forum has ever had...

Everything is political, and for the record the executive has not participated in the budget- at all. Neither the President nor the Secretary of Defense/War has (apparently) had enough time to comment on the thread.

Pot, meet kettle. This is the crux of my argument. This is the whole thing:
1.) We have scarce resources - this means we do not have unlimited money
2.) I believe the money is better spent funding the USAF than funding distributions
Regardless of what anyone might state. This is a 100% legitimate stance to take. And also the reason for my original vote.

Evry flip flops.

Edit: war plans removed by request of the President.

Now here we see DMV start to lose his cool. It's been seven hours since he opened his requests, so far he has only two "no" votes. He blames this on me making it "political."

Ever single one of the assumptions in his post is false.
1.) He lacks the required number of votes (even if I voted yes!)
2.) The window for his request has passed (this would be an executive failure for not flagging the thread as Emergency)
3.) Not enough SCI members showed up, or if they did, they decided not to support the measure and abstained from commenting. Typically it is the responsibility of the Executive to whip SCI requests by PMing the members of SCI, but this was not done. (I did it every time I made one, starting when I was Secretary of State, and it's very effective.)

Additional side notes: he's referencing a second RW which was started in Russia - which was not mentioned in the OP or anywhere else in the thread.

9 hours in. Yes vote #1.

So self righteous.

Evry flip flops and now (after DMV has sort of closed the request and 10 hours in) we are at yes #2.

And that about wraps the thread up. There is one more post where Paul locks it EDIT! before [strike]after[/strike] Dennis writes his article, but that wasn't part of the official discussion.

Now you're probably wondering why I went through the effort of writing this tell all.

There are a number of reasons. The first is to shed some honest, and truthful light on the situation. If you have taken the time to read this article you have seen that every single accusation he makes is false because:

- A single Senator cannot delay a funding request
- DMV did not make his request properly
- He did not have the required support to have the request pass (regardless of my vote)

The second is to call for DMV's head on a platter resignation as NSC Director. So far he has lost his SCI access, but that is a slap on the wrist compared to the seriousness of offense, which is a hatchet job wrapped in the false blanket of whistle-blowing. How can we trust this boy with organizing our Nation's military defense if he cannot even react maturely to his own failures?

Pic of the accused.

Join me, eAmerica, in calling this spade a spade and demanding the resignation of Dennis McVicker!

Shout it:
On the hypocrisy of Dennis McVicker


Oblige 2,064일 11:25

First reserved for hypocrisy.

beerman616 2,064일 11:42

댓글 삭제

Oblige 2,064일 11:45

First should've been reserved for typos. I do not draft :>

DMV3 2,064일 14:05

Hey Oblige, you should have at least redacted the actual strategic portions of the post. And thank you for posting this it makes it easier for people to see your motivation.

Oblige 2,064일 14:21

Yes, to be honest and upfront, as opposed to releasing a hatchet job for political purposes.

Avruch 2,065일 04:28

Well this is all pretty unprecedented, ain't it. Two major leaks from SCI, including screenshots! The NSC chairman losing his SCI access. Public sniping between the CO of a branch and members of the exec security team. Sounds like government operations are getting more and more dysfunctional by the day. Maybe we should burn it all with fire and start over one more time? That seems to give us a good year or two of stability.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 2,065일 07:40

I think what is pretty obvious is that American citizens are tired of be a$$ F**ked by a bunch of douche bags measuring the Epenis, one citizen whose opinion influenced other SCI members held up funding for supplies for Americans fighting in Wyoming; because he was mad that the Exec wouldn't back his demand for USAF funding -to be used to SAVE the military...?

I say FU, give that funding to Easy Company and we'll show you how it is done; CURRAHEE....!

DethBunny 2,065일 09:47

Time to put the military into power and get rid of the PP (pansy politicians)

shadowber 2,064일 15:31

I felt the need to post this on top...
Wow... just wow... I am new to the game, and don't know either of you, but what you just did here is unforgivable (and utterly hypocritical)!

You post this with the line "HIGH TREASON BY NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL CHAIRMAN" yet all he seems to have done as far as I can tell is reveal that their is a secret counsel.... wooo hooo.... and that compromises us how?

On the other hand, what you just posted clearly defines highly classified military plans!

If anybody happens to mention the days JMO (something that is usually already public by the very fact that we are all fighting in certain places) in a semi public IRC that is already grounds for expulsion etc... I don't know if you were right in your opinions for not giving the money (although I think you are wrong...) But what you did here makes me call for your full and complete resignation (and barring that removal) from any and all positions of power!

~Shadowber, Proud (and angry) citizen of the eUSA

shadowber 2,064일 15:50

Oh and If the speaker cleared this knowing you were going to post ours and our allies military plans, the speaker needs to go as well...

The Original Fawkie
The Original Fawkie 2,064일 15:52

So him publishing an article about this is high treason... Does that make this article high treason too?

Jasher 2,064일 16:50

But DMV3 really did not show anything

Oblige 2,064일 20:00

No, after the original article was released there were many calls in Congress to make the thread public. The Speaker gave me permission to defend myself.

After the article went live edit requests were sent by the CP and made. Everything is up to procedure at this point.

HeapSeppo 2,064일 21:03

I wouldn't exactly call it "up to procedure" that you had to be asked to edit the post to remove the strategy. If you think that DMV should resign, then I would like you to formally resign yourself from all positions as well, even if you have edited the post now.

Oblige 2,065일 08:07

The whole post was declassified Heap. That means no longer secret.

HeapSeppo 2,065일 08:53

So you think that's a valid reason to post the current strategy in a public article? You actually feel the need to protect yourself that much that you think it's completely okay?

If you do, you just put yourself before the whole country and all our allies.

chickensguys 2,064일 17:00

Yes Oblige, you are the victim

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 2,064일 18:10




Vote this comment to support it!



Jack Carter Smith
Jack Carter Smith 2,064일 19:58

That was soooooooo looooooooooooooooooooooong. I don't think I want to do anything with politics anymore after that.

Oblige 2,064일 20:00

This is about as bad as it gets Jack - don't be discouraged.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona 2,065일 07:52

How do you do it? I mean carry around that much douchebaggery and not fall over... Oh... I have to commend you on your honesty in your post, but also find you a contemptuous @$$!!! You have continually fought for a singular purpose and that is Oblige and his funding... Without it I wonder if you would really be the whale you portray yourself as... And the only issue I see here is a long time member of the government throw his weight around for his own gain... Good role playing... You fit the stereotype of a long time politician.

Jack Carter Smith
Jack Carter Smith 2,065일 07:59

You know what they should add in erepublik? They should make it so that you can imprison somebody or sue them for stuff like this. But complaining will not change the past now we have to continue the fight and decide what we will do to these CRIMINALS!

n0s3 2,064일 11:34

Dieses Video ist in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, weil es möglicherweise Musik enthält, für die die erforderlichen Musikrechte von der GEMA nicht eingeräumt wurden.


The Mike 2,064일 11:43

댓글 삭제

The Mike
The Mike 2,064일 11:43

Got to love GEMA ^ _ ^

Fyrious 2,064일 14:21


Fyrious 2,064일 14:20

댓글 삭제

beerman616 2,064일 11:40

Interesting. I'm glad to see the other side of the story. DMV3 overreacted, especially considering there was only one yes vote. It really doesn't matter what the hell Oblige said, since he only has one vote...

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 2,064일 12:53

There were 2 YES votes in the end and Lemi was stating he would vote YES too, so don't be silly!

beerman616 2,064일 18:08

How does that matter now? At the time he published his article, there were insufficient votes to approve the request, regardless of Oblige's vote.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 2,064일 20:49

It's nice to know that in case of a state of emergency any well prepared action is blocked by means of insufficient votes!

Plato has just awarded you with the Efficiency medal.
You've won a hammer.
Hit yourself on the head!

Pfeiffer. 2,064일 12:56

DMV overreacted to something?


Drew Blood
Drew Blood 2,064일 14:57

'Fluffer' being America's worst traitor ever....?

Delyruin 2,064일 11:46

What a clusterf**k

Viarizi 2,064일 11:50

the elites fighting and AFA laughing

elites are just a bunch of power hungry players

they wiped this country, not Hungary, Poland or Serbia

Viarizi, Governador de New Hampshire sob Sua Alteza Real Cookie Crisp Imperador da Amerifat, assinou este artigo.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 2,064일 12:58

I'll make it simple, so even the average chimp would understand: http://tiny.cc/5d49zw

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 2,064일 12:58

This comment clearly shows the lack of intelligence of the person writing.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 2,064일 13:10

The simpleness of my comment was approved by l Donkey Kong l so don't be silly.

Viarizi 2,064일 13:27


Super Kaioken Goku
Super Kaioken Goku 2,064일 11:50

"The war effort is larger than the USAF" I would think that anyone could see that as true in an eCountry with more than one Military Unit...

"No war is larger than the community (Of the USAF)" Well.. yea it kind of is. The USAF is one out of many communities in the eUSA. A war can't be larger than all communities, but it can definitely be bigger then 1 or 2.

Ignoring this and DMV's article, just the screenshots alone tell the story. You voted no because you didn't get your way earlier.

Oblige 2,064일 11:57

Which clearly shows that I think the money is better spent on the USAF. He thinks it's better spent on distributions.


No one is throwing the country under the bus.

Dennis did though, the instant he leaked a classified conversation.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 2,064일 13:03

Edward Snowden leaked classified information, too.
Some say he's a traitor.
Some think he's a hero.

seeker1 2,064일 13:38

So, why do we see few from the USAF actually, you know, FIGHTING.

Oblige 2,064일 13:40

seeker, I'm not sure where you're looking, but the USAF follows the priorities set by the National Security Council Chairman... currently... DENNIS MCVICKER!

seeker1 2,064일 13:51

Ask active fighters. You will find that few USAF members are seen in govt-sanctioned battles, Morale problem?

Oblige 2,064일 13:54

I have not heard that from anyone except you- just now. It has literally never been an issue unless there is a NSC Chair not doing their job and keeping orders updated.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 2,064일 14:49

It is so obvious that your a** is so much stuck in the metagame that you've forgotten about the game itself.

Oblige 2,064일 14:55

I'm sorry, what?

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 2,064일 15:00

^^^you don't play eRepublik, you play 'eUS Forums Meta Game'....

Oblige 2,064일 19:41

I know what he meant Dru Blood, but look at my profile. I'm more invested in the actual game, both fiscally and time wise than anyone in the country.

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