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ATO stuff, and true unity

2,124일 08:55 USA에 게시 미국 - Jefferson Locke

To start out, let me say that although I am the head of Homeland Security, this is an article that represents my personal views, not that of my post in the government or in the Federalist Party.

Much has happened over the last few months. Last month, we saw our first free election in forever, coupled with the chance to destroy the AFA and be rid of our most persistent domestic enemy ever. We have seen our international enemies come, conquer, and then leave with their tails between their legs. We have seen great progress on so many fronts, but yet one thing hovers over us like a storm cloud: Unity.

Not the unity elections. Those are dead, and will hopefully stay that way. I say hopefully however, because it is up to us as Americans to ensure that they don’t rise from the dead, Zombie style, to wreak havoc on our great nation again. While many of you think that this relies solely on ATO efforts this month, I beg to differ. ATO is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to beating back RGR and his band of misfit toys. I would like to talk to you about what it truly takes to stay a truly free and sovereign nation.

First, of course, is ATO. It was our intention as a nation last month to take the AFA out of the picture, to end that threat on a permanent basis. We were close, but unfortunately, the AFA still had some tricks up their sleeves. They should not be underestimated; we cannot count them out until they no longer exist. As long as they have a breath left in them, they will be a threat to us that we must take just as seriously as TWO. What is the point of having all of our territories back if it is under the thumb of a domestic enemy? Is there a such thing as freedom if it’s under someone’s boot? This month, we have to do better than last month. Does that mean that we will keep them out of Congress? Not neccessarily. What that means is that this month, we need to have a long term plan. The AFA getting into Congress has given them a month to reload and replan, and we must do the same. Difficult decisions must be made, with an eye to destroying them long term, not gaining small feel good victories that are good for nothing but pats on the back.

Make no mistake: you know, I know, and RGR knows that we will win. Simply put, we are in a war of attrition, and we have the upper hand in this war because we are fighting for our way of living, whereas they are fighting out of spite for the lulz.

I have faith in America, and faith in all of you. On election day this Sunday, take five minutes to log into IRC, go to #voting, and look for a member of the government-- me, kody5, Dr Luis, JFrost, Tyler Bubblar-- and see where your vote is needed. Just one click of a button can be all the difference in the world. Together, over the next few months, we will dismantle and humiliate our domestic enemies, showing Ajay/RGR and his AFA that the strength and resolve of the American people can not be undone by some coward who hides behind religious rhetoric and obsession with a former president. Simply put, we will topple the true elitism of Ronald Gipper Reagan.

With that said, that part, the ATO stuff, can be rendered irrelevant if we continue down our current path. Right now, we are at a crossroads in America. The question is which way we would like to go: Down the path of true unity, or down the path of discord and internal strife. My greatest fear is that we are heading into a place of no return, where the legitimate parties become so involved in a war of words that we allow ourselves to become bogged down in a free for all battle royale.

Make no mistake, the Party that I am a member of, the Feds, are certainly not innocent. We have spent the better part of the past month looking in the mirror, and will continue to do so. Our current PP, Tyler, has worked hard to repair some old wounds and had great success. However, in a fight, all sides share some of the blame. My Party has a tendency to do something good for the country, and then celebrate it with all the grace of a 14 year old womens volleyball team:

We also have a tendency to handle losing like a 5 year old denied a candy bar in the checkout aisle at Publix, like what we saw with the response of some members to the Paul Proteus/WTP thing. We have said and done some dumb things, and unfortunately, at times it has overshadowed the good that we have done. However, the reaction to those dumb things has also been over the top at times. Our attacks against the WTP at that time were unwarranted, and put a strain between Hale/WTP and us, which is unfortunate, especially for me personally as have the most profound respect imaginable for Hale and the WTP (this includes Valient Thor, who might be a troll, but a darn good one lol). One of my great regrets in playing this game is that I couldn’t be around at that time to try to curb some of the things that happened at that point. And I myself am certainly not innocent. I’ve said and done some things that can only be described as stupid (attacking Candor, who was gracious enough to accept my apology a few days later immediately comes to mind). We as a nation have to remember that we are only as strong as our political parties, and that if we are not able to work together, everyone will suffer. Sure, we can disagree, but we have to remember that part of being free is to disagree with civility and class. I wish that I could say “it’s not the Feds fault” but that would be a lie. We certainly share a healthy portion of the blame, and we are working on trying to better our relations and rebuild the trust that we used to have with all the other parties.

In a legitimate Party free for all, the only winner is Ronald Gipper Reagan.

I would ask the leaders of all the Top Four Parties to put aside petty differences and anger over the past and start looking to the future. We have to work and live together, or we will die alone (A “Lost” reference for those of you noobs that have never watched the show). Together, we truly are invincible.

Back to the AFA. I would like to make an offer to the moderate members of that Party (and yes, there are moderates). Your Party leadership is holding you back and stunting your development in this game. My personal preference would be to integrate those moderates into this nation, to have them take part in the system that RGR rails against. For the next 48 hours, I would like to offer you an olive branch. Leave the AFA, and work with us. If you do this, the past will not haunt you. We will move forward and get rid of RGR, the person that has done nothing but stop you from advancing in this game. As much of an enemy as RGR is, he is even more an enemy to you. He gives you the illusion of choice, while limiting your options. He makes a mockery of the game and his followers through his radical rhetoric and ideas. He represents your Party in such a way that he damages your cause. The moderates in the AFA do have some valid arguments, but they are overshadowed by the radical base that protects power at all cost. RGR, K1tho, and others like them have the AFA under an iron fist. They use “Freedom” in their name while not allowing it into their Party. If you think long and hard about it, you will come to see that this is true.

48 hours. We will work with you. We will help you have your voices heard. And we will make sure that you get to take part in the political process. Please make the right decision.

As for RGR, there is no mercy for you. Your sins have been too great for too long. We will destroy you, and you know it. The American people are ready to stand hand in hand in front of the gates of hell, staring you in they eye, with no fear in our hearts. You can hit us with your best shot, because in the end, we will hit you harder. The only thing of value to you lies in your jagged, broken edges, and as such, we will destroy you as one.

We are the UNITED states of America, not the Divided states of political Parties. We stand as one, and for that reason, you will never win.

Yours forever in service,
Jefferson Locke



Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 09:21

First reserved for Unity and beating RGR

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 2,124일 09:23

First! Curb the AFA!

Waysted 2,124일 09:26

Very nice mate. WTP is a bunch of good people.


Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar 2,124일 09:53

I initially had my doubts when the Paul thing went down. I have to be honest. I've gotten to know, like, and respect Hale. We've frequently been on opposite sides of the issues, but he's always been straightforward and to the point. If he had screwed Paul over legitimately and on purpose. He would have said so, straight up. Hale is an honest upright person who acts with integrity. I consider him a friend.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 09:58

I agree, Hale is a standup guy that I've had the privilege to work with on numerous occasions, and he's always been someone of integrity and honesty.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 2,124일 09:56

Voted. 😁

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 09:58

Max! Sup bro

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 2,124일 10:02

Slow day for another hour or so. Then a long night. 🙂

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 10:04

lol. Same here. gotta love work...at least I can play erep when I'm here

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,124일 10:38

Do you actually believe the crap you spend hours of company time writing?

All people have to do is compare my writing to yours. Yours are hateful, and you defend a person who threatened me with a crime. He should consider himself lucky I don't have him arrested and press charges for making a terroristic threat.

Anyway, why are you wasting everyone's time? I'll get us back to T5 within "48 hours" if you PTO us. Enough already. Enough people want us to have our own FREE party, free from BULLIES like you, so BACK OFF.

I/we are far more moderate than you. Threatening people and trying to destroy opposition is by definition EXTREME... so YOU are the extremist....

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 10:55

In terms of getting back within 48 hours, you might be right. Of course then again, if you were so confident of your eventual success, you wouldn't be begging people to "leave you alone" would you?

We'll see if you are right soon enough kiddo. 😉

BTW, you and I both know that in that quote he was talking about your party. You really wanna talk about legal charges, I've got tons of stuff on you and the things that you have said and threatened people with, things that are not taken out of context.

And I don't mind opposition....I love opposition, just not when it is attempting to take it over under the direction of TWO overlords.

I would have expected a better response from you. Honestly, you've gotten a bit soft over the past few months. I'm truly disappointed in the lack of a challenge that you have become.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,124일 11:15

oya, like what boy?

Leave us alone, this is harassment..... and I would strongly suggest you all back off.... it is best for you, trust me 😉

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 11:20

Stop it, you are truly scaring me 🙂

I'm still sorely disappointed. The old RGR had much more zest, more pep in your step. What happened man, did losing all those times finally get to you?

I get it now.

You are doubting yourself. I can't blame you, I would doubt myself if I were you. A lot of your friends have had enough, a lot of your backers have told you that they are done being patient...and then you have to deal with this too.
That's tough.

I guess I was right. The only thing you have of value is your jagged and broken edges. But those edges have gotten rather dull now, so even that is questionable.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 2,124일 11:24

'Gimper' just so you understand my hatred of you, I would rather see Henry Pfeiffer Arundel in the White House; I still have matches and gasoline free of charge...

Talostastic 2,124일 12:20

It's not harassment if you open the door of dialog by opening a conversation with him by commenting on his article.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 2,124일 14:56

RGR, stop. Seriously don't provoke people to take legal action against you. We all have a lot more stuff than you and believe me, what you have done would be enough to give you more than a few years in jail. So consider yourself lucky no one bothered to get this into more serious consequences.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,124일 15:15

Hospital Orderly Luis, I will remind you this is the USA, not Guatemala or whatever banana Republic you really hail from. 😉

Nancy Davis Reagan
Nancy Davis Reagan 2,124일 15:11

Ok then this time I think I really have to go for it. It's not easy to say believeme.

In the name of my husband, and myself of course, I want to present my deepest regrets and apologies to all u folks out there for everything Ronnie said or did in the last 4 years since joining this game. I know honey it' hasn't been easy for u as well and the medication didn't help. But I sincerely hope that u, my fellow players, can forgive him . U have to know that his mind doesn't work anymore the way it did when he was in office. . He forget things very easily and even cleaning or gardening demands a great effort on his part. To be quite honest I think that he even doesn't understand what he is saying or doing.(I know stalking is very nasty)

Furthermore I would like to ask for your help, and in an effort to preserve his 'very rapidly) declining mental health, to do ur best possible effort not to put him in charge of a political party. (I know honey it seems though on u but it's for your best)

Again accept my deepest regrets for everything my little Ronnie did so far and I promise u that I will do my best to keep him on an even path in the futur. ( if that's at all possible...)

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar 2,124일 23:09

You are many things Ajay stupid I thought wasn't one of them. My fault for giving you the benefit of the doubt. I will spell it out for you. I was referring to your party. I have no quarrel with your parents, and unlike some I have no problem separating erep from rl. I assure you your parents will have a basement to shelter you in with no outside interference from me.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,124일 23:13

I really really hope CPS comes... those poor kids need to get out of there......
You actually scare me. I would not be surprised to read one day that you are doing a natural life sentence. It's where you belong.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar 2,124일 23:17


blondeninja 2,124일 23:53

Really RGR? Ok, lets name a few of the big ones applicable here: 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729–3733 and 18 U.S.C. § 1001 to start off. Not to mention state laws where false reporting, especially in regards to CPS cases, is a Class A misdemeanor in NJ, NY and others. You cannot be seriously so daft as to think you are correct and that your statements are at all feasible. It's honestly baffling to say the least. Kindly extricate your head from your rectum and realize how wrong you are. And for gods sake if you're going to talk law be accurate and through.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,125일 11:10

Threatening me with arson/death makes him unfit to have children.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,125일 11:50

This coming from the "man" RGR who has threatened and harassed people repeatedly. Get over yourself kid.

blondeninja 2,125일 12:06

Well RGR as Jlo pointed out you have made many, worse, threats than he has and have farther crossed the line into harassment than he ever will. Not to mention to quote the legal threat discretion "A mere threat that does not cause any harm is generally not actionable." Not to mention he stated he was not actually threatening you. It appears you did no listen to me so I will reiterate this; if you're going to talk legal be accurate and thorough.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar 2,125일 14:05

I find it interesting that you consider yourself judge, jury, and executioner. Your obtuse interpretation of my comment is laughable, especially considering the context of this article published just days before your supposed brush with death: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/a-message-to-rgr--2306300/1/20 Let me be clear any party with RGR on the ballot will be ATOed and left in smoldering ruin. I don't give a crap ab out your rl home. You will never be PP again it will not be allowed by the people of the eUSA

You go after what you perceive to be a weakness, let me assure you Ajay, my family is not a weakness. Nor is my character, I have deep roots in my church, my community, and have no criminal history. Not even so much as an unpaid parking ticket. If you want to mess with someone's world look elsewhere, you can't hurt me.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,125일 18:40

LoL @ you going to Church, must be something weird like Unitarian, because no way a real Church should be disgraced with such an evil force..... you made a terroristic threat.

Federal law also punishes using the mail, telephone, telegraph, or an instrument of commerce to willfully make a threat or maliciously convey false information (knowing that it is false) about an attempt or alleged attempt to kill; injure; intimidate a person; or damage or destroy a building, vehicle, or property by fire or explosive. This crime is punishable by up to 10 years in prison (18 U.S.C. 844(e)).

This is VERY serious. I don't think you understand the gravity of your statement. Also... I will never be PP again, oRly? It doesn't matter to me which loyal AFA member is PP. If we need to re-group, we will regroup. Our party is stronger than during the last PTO. You are simply wasting EVERYONE'S time. I care that the AFA(as per my vision) survives, not that I am its titular head.... so we will outlast your silly little PTO efforts.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar 2,125일 19:00

I'm done conversing with a madman, no one threatened you, you know it. You aren't going to intimidate me. Enjoy moving to yet another party on Monday. Good day to you.

blondeninja 2,125일 23:19

RGR I do understand the gravity, and I hope you do to. You are threatening to (falsely) report crimes and stating he made terroristic threats. That fills the criteria for malicious and false. My point to you here is to separate game from real life because, god forbid, it ever comes down to rl legal action you have no idea the hell you would face. You want to backtalk his monicker fine, however do not continue to make the error of ad hominem in your arguments and do not continue to make serious incorrect claims about his person. You may feel omnipotent, and clearly live in a world of denial, but that does not entitle you to such conduct. I would fittingly call you insane as you do the same thing over and over again yet expect different results; the very definition of insane.

LordRahl2 2,125일 03:03

"I/we are far more moderate than you."

This moderation is why you came to post homosexual pornography on the forum the other day?

sean ralls
sean ralls 2,125일 18:35

Rgr you have to be one of stupidest people on erepublik. Go back to your hole and leave us alone. As for threatening people, you really can't say anything since you like to stalk people. That is harassment in itself. So stop typing smack talk if you do it too.

HeapSeppo 2,126일 05:03

Your party of "people" had over 40 multis perm banned before last congress election. Exactly how are you a party of "people"? I guess multis have personality now days.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,126일 10:33

17. counted them

HeapSeppo 2,126일 10:46

That was the ones that got banned JUST BEFORE. Throughout the whole time there were several more.

Talostastic 2,124일 10:38

WTP ❤ Feds. Sometimes. Usually.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 10:56

Feds ❤ WTP

moomoohead 2,124일 11:04

20% of the country supported RGR. Unity means negotiating with them. I would call statement like if you leave your party in next 48 hours you with be forgiven, condensending.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck 2,124일 11:57

That 20% are enemies of the eUS. We negotiate with enemies when it is battlefield related, not when they are trying to use a sap like RGR to take control of our country politically.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 12:11

couldn't have said it better.

moomoohead 2,124일 14:11

John Jay (leather neck), Sort of like when you were an enemy when you were in Singapore, Ireland, UK, or Isreal? Kind of Ironic that you call some one enemy and you have to delete your old newspapers and change your name to hide your past. When you stole from singapore or left Ireland for UK, you were called a lot worse.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 14:18

moomoohead.....JJ (Leatherneck) has done more for this country in the past five minutes than RGR has done in the past 3 years.

Also, the comment wasn't meant to be condescending...it was an olive branch because I personally know of moderates in the AFA that are tired of having their party hijacked by the elitist RGR.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck 2,124일 15:55

@moomohead: blahblahblah, that's all I saw. Prove it, then you have a story. And as far as leaving eIreland for the eUK, what of it? Don't you think I got sick of watching a country cannibalize itself for others amusement? I don't know you, but you need education, badly.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 2,124일 11:17

Now this is the kind of American spirit which has sadly been missing for a long time...JLo4PtoUS...!

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,124일 11:21

Next time I run, I will make sure it is not against Vanek! lol

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 2,124일 14:57

Next time you run, you will win.

MazzyCat 2,124일 15:06

I'm sure you've been waiting to hear from me! 😛

I want to see the nation mending. I want to see the parties civil and non hateful. (Tis doesn't mean I'm always going to agree, and I'm a heated debater. But I still will have the loves!) I feel like I should be playing Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love"

anyways.. 'bout time. 😛

Meow! ♥

nkrsystem 2,124일 15:26

Ronald Gipper Reagan oya, like what boy?

Leave us alone, this is harassment..... and I would strongly suggest you all back off.... it is best for you, trust me 😉

one question RGB since you speak in harassment.

Your thousands friends requests and bullshit messages is what?

not to say the the lies that you have published and dirty tricks that you use to try to win the elections like the one that you send with (I pay you 1000 buck to vote for me you can left the party a few hours later bla bla bla)

oh wait damn I forgot this is part of your code of honor to be a crook.


Get a life I mean a real one this is only a game.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,124일 17:31

Once you let me be CP and leave our party alone they will stop 😉

SwiftStrike74 2,124일 18:56

Once you stop obsessing over a video game and stalking people maybe you can get a life...

teuton lucius
teuton lucius 2,124일 16:08

oh my God, RGR is an imbecil again................

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