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1 Albanian in ePoland

2,307일 07:52 Poland에 게시 스위스 - TroyannForc

Hi Poland.
I am TroyannForc From Albania(Kosova) I Want to tell Something About Albania.
This is a part of our history,you have the right to know us,who we are Albanians.

Albania is a country in Southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south and southeast. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and on the Ionian Sea to the southwest.

The name may be derived from the Illyrian tribe of the Albani recorded by Ptolemy, the geographer and astronomer from Alexandria who drafted a map in 150 AD,that shows the city of Albanopolis(located northeast of Durrës).
The history of Albania emerged from the prehistoric stage from the 4th century BC, with early records of Illyria in Greco-Roman historiography.

The territory remained under Roman (Byzantine) control until the Slavic migrations of the 7th century, and was integrated into the Bulgarian Empire in the 9th century. After the weakening of the Byzantine Empire and the Bulgarian Empire in the middle and late 13th century, most of the territory of modern-day Albania became part of Serbia. Initially, as a part of the Serbian Grand Principality and in 14th century as a part of the Serbian Empire. The territorial nucleus of the Albanian state formed in the Middle Ages, as the Principality of Arbër and the Kingdom of Albania.

The first organization that opposed the partition of Albania and pushed for greater autonomy was the League of Prizren, formed on 1 June 1878, in Prizren, Kosovo. The League used military force to prevent the annexing of northern Albanian areas assigned to Montenegro and Serbia, and southern Albanian areas assigned to Greece by the Congress of Berlin. After several battles with Montenegrin troops, the league was forced to give up Ulcinj to Montenegro and then was defeated by the Ottoman army sent by the Sultan in order to prevent the league from achieving autonomy for Albania.The uprisings of 1910–1912, the Ottoman defeat in the Balkan Wars and the advancing Montenegrin, Serbian and Greek armies into the territories where Albanians were majority, led to the proclamation of independence by Ismail Qemali in Vlora, on 28 November 1912.
Albania's independence was recognized by the Conference of London on 29 July 1913, but the drawing of the borders of Albania ignored the demographic realities of the time.

In all her history Albania got lot of wars,but never invades anyone,Albania's people just protected their lands,their habits,language,flag ect.

Albanians are known as great warrios,their word given called "Besa" ,honour,hospitality,bravery.
But as every other country he have some bad individes,we do,you do,everyone does.At the end we are all humans,we all can do mistakes.

I want to touch some other points:
1.Religion,most of Albanians are muslim,but we do not judge
the others which have another religion,we respect them.What we believe,we do it with our heart and soul,we do not transmite it to anyone,everyone has his own choise to believe what he wants.Fatcs? - Jews in Albania remained protected by the local population and this protection continued even after the occupation of Albania by Nazi forces after the capitulation of Italy on September 1943. (We didn't see Jews fro what they believe,we saw them as humans,which needed help)

To many Italian soldiers get refuge in Albanians's home,after the capitulation of Italy and Germany took their place as occupators in WW2.
(We didn't see Italians as ex-occupators,and they were undefeded,we took them in our homes,letting apart the past)

2.Kosovo,nowdays an independent state and a Republic.Populated by Dardans,an Illyrian tribe,the area was then conquered by Rome in the 160s BC, and incorporated into the Roman province of Illyricum in 59 BC. Subsequently, it became part of Moesia Superior in AD 87. The region was exposed to an increasing number of 'barbarian' raids from the 4th century AD onwards, culminating with the so-called Slavic migrations of the 6th to 7th centuries.

Scientists,historians,writers ect said our relations with Illyrians,by ADN proves,language,habits,wear,physical characteristics.They prove that 83% of population is Albanian,speak Albanians,they rise up the Two Head Eagle as their flag,the Red and Black flag,which came to us from Illyrians,to Arberia's princedom and then from Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu.

We know who we are,we are people just like you,we are not perfect,we are ALBANIANS,and we are PROUD TO BE.

Phrases for Albanians:
"Albanians, were born to resist and disobey." (Dursam Beu)

"It's their culture. Anyone who appear before their door, they host of risk. Even their deadly enemy. " (Stu Huck)

"Albanians ... have their own code of honor and are reliable in to death." (H. Charles Woods)

"Those who marched to Babylon, Persia and India were the ancestors of the Albanians ..." (Wadham Peacock)

"By blood and origin I am Albanian." (Mother Teresa)

"They are scattered with ruins of empires dead-dead powers - only the Albanian" goes on forever " (Edith Durham)

"The true history of mankind will be written only when Albanians participate in the writing of it." (Maximilian Lambertz)

"No other nation of the world in which we live, is not unknown to western Europeans regarding the origin, history and language, as Albanians." However, they are key people, ancient and important, that any historian would like to know: their history would fill gaps in the history of the old and new Europe. But today ... they do not play any role on special. They are subject, they are often miserable and historian is equally unjust, as the common man, he does not consider those who are inclined fate. "(Johan Tunman)

"They are over the man of Nietzsche (Fridrich Nietzsche), these primitive Albanians - something between kings and tigers." (Henry Noel Brailsford)

"Albanians, these tigers of mountain wars ... have as their religious rebellion. Even their worst fighter is one of the strongest and bravest on the battlefield, if it was a legendary knight on horseback. But he has no horse, nor proper weapons for battle. Instead of the horse, he has a spear that strikes like lightning, has knitted items whose full sting of bee venom as he also has wooden bow and arrows. Moreover, it is stronger than steel." (Ibn Kemal)


eAlbania was finally added to the map on November 11, 2011.
We have a lot of friends,allies and bros here in eRep,we show to them our respect ,love and support every single time when they call us,and they have done the same for us.We don't want damage,we don't want to have in control others,or others have in control us,we want to play,to have fun,but first of all,when we came in this game,we came to show the world who we really are,and how do we show our friendship,our allies can talk about this,what we have done for them (with our possibilities of corse) We don't promise somthing which we can't maintain,but when do give our word for something,it will be done 100%.
We have trolls and scammers maybe,you do,everyone does,the game has this kind of things on it,we can't do nothing about,but what we can do is to show you and all the eWorld who we are.Spain,Poland and UK gave us the possibility to know us,not only for that MPP signed,but they showed to us their respect fighting for us,advising us,giving us moral support,talking with each other,having fun,and we did the same for them.Some of our people don’t agree at 100%,this is something new for us,we fought in different side too long,but it is time to let the past go,and see the present,prepare for the future.Everyone should understand our people,and we will understand you too,first of all we put our people,as you do,then we will give what we have for our true friends.At the end this is just a game,have fun,get new friends,it is no needed to insult,just give respect,show some love,and have fun,Albania will be here,for her people,for her friends...

This is us,Albanians.

Thank you for reading.

Hail Poland
Hail Albania
Hail Sirius
Hail proSirius
Hail Aurora
Fail Asteria
Regards:TroyannForc and ILLYRICUM



We know who we are,we are people just like you,we are not perfect,we are ALBANIANS,and we are PROUD TO BE.


poletarec 2,307일 15:00

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great FYLOL 😃 Just show yourself other time,you have balls to do this,without showing your face loool 😃 come on FYLOL,get your own capital,history and flag... do not use the other's

Frederik Swordsman
Frederik Swordsman 2,308일 08:15

I don't care what you do ,, what you or other people say about my country and my people ,, I really wish that this to help you but I don't think so ,, this just bring hate ,, At the last I don't care what you ,, Nothing will erase the love for my country .. my love for my heroes ...At the last I'm a proud Albanian ,, but this does not make me better than you ,, and you can be a proud "Slavic" (because you can't be a Macedonian because Macedonians were a Illyrian tribe and the spoke a similar language to Albanians ) But this does not make you better than me ...

poletarec 2,307일 15:36

See your brave warriors >>


Mountain Storm Action 😁)))


loool come on,I will show to you Albanians soldiers,let meet 🙂

Bring all your people there 😃 but dont do like FYLOL did in Kosovo's war,told to Albanians,please do no fight anymore against FYLOL,you all have all your rights you want.But there we made a mistake,we should continue that war,and let to FYLOL only that piece of sh..t they have as territory,and the Albanian part let to Republic of Kosovo 😃

poletarec 2,307일 15:46

Hey ship hero, I've been there , I've seen ship soldiers...Dead, arrested, in female clothes...white flag raised...You want pics? 🙂

You can meet me whenever/wherever you want o7


hahahahaa yeah yeah,sure 😃 get something true about you FYLOL,dont have a name and a flag? what about history?

But wait,the time will come,and we will take what is ours,FREE ILIRIDA

KOSOVA Kolissi
KOSOVA Kolissi 2,308일 05:58

A country which dosent have a name. How should we call you Annonymous ? Hail Republic of Annonymous

E R M A L 2,311일 07:07

hahaha the fyromian is talking here ! Find your family tree first man, do you know where your grandpa comes from? bulgar, servian, albanian or turk? You fucking scum with no identity.
Don t forget March 2001, UÇK would have erased all your dirty race nowdays if that wouldn t be for NATO that asked for peace sign 🙂

Arn.Magnusson 2,308일 06:51

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Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus 2,308일 06:56

They sure love Poland much for a nation who gave an entire waffen ss division for the germans in ww2

KOSOVA Kolissi
KOSOVA Kolissi 2,308일 08:07

"Scientists,historians,writers ect said our relations with Illyrians,by ADN proves,language,habits,wear,physical characteristics.They prove that 83% of population is Albanian,speak Albanians,they rise up the Two Head Eagle as their flag,the Red and Black flag,which came to us from Illyrians,to Arberia's princedom and then from Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu."

Because to read is so mainstream. I saw you are serb so im not going on

Arn.Magnusson 2,308일 08:21

Maybe those were albanian historians. As for the 2 headed eagle its origins are in Bizantine Palaiologos dynasty. I know you history thieves will ofc say its yours but rest of the world isnt crazy you know. If you dont read books theres always Google. Use it sometimes.

Tripkovic 2,308일 12:11

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You will be back to Carpates mountains,soon 😉

Tripkovic 2,308일 17:47

we shall see.

Tripkovic 2,308일 12:23

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DCXII 2,308일 18:08

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DCXII 2,308일 18:15

Macedonia Hellenic Land + Kosovo Serbian Land

PLAT0 ADD K0S0VA 2,311일 02:49

+ pi dh i imotre stende

E R M A L 2,311일 07:15

ik o bythcpum shit motren me noi cep andej te hash buk, u bone ti robqir pederast grek me na tregu ne kosoven.

Kuzynn 2,307일 07:54

Kosowo jest serbskie.

PLAT0 ADD K0S0VA 2,307일 08:03

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Kleand shtoje : "mu ne pith" 😃

PLAT0 ADD K0S0VA 2,307일 08:06

merr ffp ashtu i kam 2 dua ti heq

Kosova elldino
Kosova elldino 2,307일 08:25

chyba , ze z Warszawy jestes !!!

Last Life
Last Life 2,307일 08:32

Silesia jest Independskie.

Marian Wudecki
Marian Wudecki 2,307일 12:30

Niepolski Śląsk?
Dolny Śląsk to teraz polski rdzenny, wiem bo się tam urodziłem.

El Reto
El Reto 2,307일 13:34


Pan Poduszka
Pan Poduszka 2,307일 14:58

Nie masz mózgu kozowale.

Kuzynn 2,307일 09:03

fail propaganda, except prophet who need to write what looks good, no one likes u there

Last Life
Last Life 2,307일 12:44

Vice versa

PLAT0 ADD K0S0VA 2,307일 13:09

o te shkaperdhefsha ate rracku ta kesh

Th3 Jurgen
Th3 Jurgen 2,307일 12:31

perhaps is becouse serbia is albania 🙂 . Kosovo je Albania . Ethnic Albania .

lee-oon 2,308일 02:27

Taaa Lwów polski a Gdańsk niemiecki na jakim ty świecie żyjesz?

lee-oon 2,308일 02:28

Kosovo is Kosovo.

Kulen Podrigusic
Kulen Podrigusic 2,308일 07:33

Silesia is Poland! ❤

betega 2,308일 07:55

Kosovo es Serbia

PLAT0 ADD K0S0VA 2,311일 02:54

ato ropt ku ti kesh

Prophet009 2,307일 08:05


Strahinjic II 2,307일 15:03

댓글 삭제

Sale Kutuzov
Sale Kutuzov 2,307일 15:03


brejniak 2,308일 02:39

something for you

something about you 😉

enjoy! o/

Turbo Sperminator
Turbo Sperminator 2,308일 05:59

Hahahah, strahinjicu majke ti isssove koja si ti iskomopleksirana mentolcina. hahaahah

poletarec 2,308일 07:19

zasto tako strale, pa svi ste vi isti ko njega....

Milos Feldmarsall
Milos Feldmarsall 2,308일 07:38

Strale ne teraj profeta iz igre!!!!

sasapg 2,308일 15:49

Neka si mu rekao!!!

xDesertHamsterX 2,308일 06:31

i see you are now taking in all kinds of scum to replace the people that left your country after you lost bonuses...

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