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[LAP] PP elections disgrace !!!

2,307일 15:52 USA에 게시 크로아티아 - Old Patron

After spending all gold I had bought

and idea about stop playing erepublik I got this shame full message in my inbox!

As you can see I was first player who provide his vote no.

At that time I voted for Oblige but after I saw this posts and message from above I start wondering who am I voting for ?

Oblige you were :
★ Six Term as President of these eUnited States
★ Most Presidential American Ever
★ Four term Secretary of State
★ One term Secretary of Defense
★ Four term Secretary General of TERRA
★ One year Commanding Officer of the Special Forces
★ Sixteen term Congressman
★ Select Committee on Intelligence Member
★ Three term Deputy Speaker of the House
★ One term Party President - We the People
★ Party Founder - We the People
★ Economics Council Member
★ eNPR / Forum Benefactor
★ Recipient of Congressional W.H.A.L.E. Award
★ 3 Term vCP of Germany
★ 3 Term MoFA of China
★ 1 Term MoFA of Brazil

Why the hell are you becoming some low moral player and starting to buy votes ?
All you should do is to publish article and ask support from LAPers!

You do not have to buy votes, all you need is to ask LAPers to vote , and with sufficient turnout you will surely win!
Also I take this opportunity to invite all players whose are not members of any party to join us , vote for Oblige and protect these eUnited States !

Old Patron´s advice is : do not become awful as our opponents are !
Old Patron´s Blessing : God bless America !



Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC 2,307일 15:54


Napalm Norm
Napalm Norm 2,307일 16:28

Its funny, she doesn't even know who RGR is yet is saying Oblige is worse.. lol. He has been a non-factor since before she signed up. So I must ask how did she get to know RGR so well?????

Old Patron
Old Patron 2,307일 16:35

She is probably RGR´s ˝sister˝ , I am not an intelligence agent for sure but I can find for myself that she has support of Serbs in USA !
Enough is to see who likes her posts..
But as we all know she is PTOer there is not need to pay us for voting against her, it is duty !

Thomas Killah
Thomas Killah 2,307일 23:01

I told her about RGR when we met in AMP. She isnt as bad as most make her out to be...she just... has a different method of thinking how change should happen from most.

bigcdizzle 2,308일 00:26

It's definitely not RGR, he doesn't allow himself to speak broken english unless it's on the phone.

Skarbrandus 2,308일 01:59

댓글 삭제

Skarbrandus 2,308일 01:56

For truth's sake, I should mention that not all eSerbs support their current government's "invade everything" politics.
Still, Oblige's bad at least due to the so-called "elitism" on which rgr moans so much - they've created a closed club of running LAP which you can by no means enter. It's hard to say who's worse between Oblige and RGR, because RGR is ruining parties in a country foreign to him, whilst Oblige does that with his homeland.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 2,308일 21:43

lol Skarbrandus, you don't think I am RL American? xD

Nesterus 2,307일 16:38

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Old Patron
Old Patron 2,307일 16:45

If you say so 😕
But still I would be much happier if we did not do that !
If we have some real PTO threat we are ˝allowed˝ to buy votes from USA citizens who get our citizenship only because bonuses, but if we need to pay our members who elect Oblige at our parti forum topic for motivate them to elect him ingame it is BAD!

Nesterus 2,307일 16:49

this wouldnt be necessary if she had followed the guidelines. Every election cycle we watch for PTO activity while performing ATO actions, mobile voters help keep the TOP 5 safe from rogue PPs who will mess up the congress list and start allowing bad folks in. This is how eUsa is kept PTO free

Skarbrandus 2,308일 01:54

Oh, then why do you only reward those who vote for Oblige, and not anyone else? It's buying votes, and whether you find strength to acknowledge that or no is entirely up to you.

Nesterus 2,308일 03:23

did you read the part about how we reward those who "vote for the legitimate candidate?" We hold inhouse primaries on the forums and we send out multiple messages making sure the Party knows exactly where to go to be involved in our democratic process.

Vijalob 2,308일 03:30

LAP eliminated primaries, inhouse, by vote. I objectedb when it happened. Oblige called for a "vote of confidence", but this is not a primary.

Nesterus 2,308일 05:32

The people that get chosen for Congress tend to be the ones who are putting their time and personal efforts on the line for the sake of the party, those people that are active in the forums and those that are active in the IRC chats. If anyone in the party has any problems with oblige being Party President then take it to our party forums and next month provide a vote of no confidence and why, provide a better candidate and if it all passes the votes in the forums then we will all follow the process. The problem here is that you didnt get your way and now you wish to cry foul, we are here at your disposal to help and assist you and the party, we are always glad to see anyone getting involved in the proper channels. We are transparent in our efforts for those that wish to look.

Nesterus 2,307일 16:52

댓글 삭제

Mr. Mirage
Mr. Mirage 2,307일 17:07

Wow, after reading such a story I find it amusing that people like Oblige think they have the moral high ground.

Oblige 2,307일 17:49

Old Patron-

This is a great article and I apologize for the inconvenience. I was neglectful last evening and due to an IRL commitment (a friend's birthday) I was out getting dinner and drinks when I should've taken the few minutes to get online and MM the party.

Lauren DID MM the LAP - which is why we ended up in situation we have now - a repeat of the two months she was in the AMP.

From there we went into classic damage control mode which, I'm afraid, does involve copious bribes for voting- which even though it may be distasteful IS effective at getting people out to vote. Can you believe many players DO NOT participate in PP elections at all?

Regardless, you have my sincere apology for the inconvenience and a promise to plan better from this point forward.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl 2,308일 02:09

I love you.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar 2,307일 17:51

Oblige and I have butted heads more than once in the past, but there's no questioning his loyalty and history of service. Josh Frost another sterling eAmerican has also "stooped" to paying for votes. Call it what you will, but in my opinion it's them putting their money where their mouths are.

Aramec 2,307일 20:32

You bought votes for this shit? Jesus.

Old Patron
Old Patron 2,308일 05:32

I bought article votes to warn the public in an attempt to PTO LAP !
My intent was to increase voting turnout when they see at first page article where one candidate trying to PTO our party.
I did not criticize Oblige , I only give him advice that buying votes is not something what we should do in situation like this. Next month we will have article in top5 with oficial candidate and that is something what we learn from situation like this!

TellUrGrlThx 2,307일 21:12

What Aramec said.

Evil.Elvis 2,308일 00:34

what makes "her" a PTO?
why exactly was the forum access removed?
how do the LAP conduct their elections?

all of these things could have been answered.
you article really only shows two (very brief) sides of the same argument. of which i'm inclined to go with trusting the people i've actually heard of, rather than the word of an unknown.

next time make a better case. Aramec has a point.

Old Patron
Old Patron 2,308일 05:35

˝article really only shows two (very brief) sides of the same argument˝
It is not truth , we should never equating agresor with natives !

Skarbrandus 2,308일 01:20

Similar happened during Congress elections there. That's why I quit LAP - they first added me to Congress list 3 months ago, and had since been moving me down the list so I don't get a place, putting same old people in, sometimes even calling them "new to Congress", even though they were elected already.
LAP isn't necessarily a PTO, but it sure as hell IS run by a closed club of bastards.
Good to see my mass-mailing actually led to them losing people, the less places they got in Congress the better.

Old Patron
Old Patron 2,308일 05:49

Skarbrand Us you must understand that PP can't put someone in Congress if he does not have 100% confidence in that player!
For example if PP put you in top of Congress list he garantee that you will not do anything against interest of eUSA!
If you sell our CS or propose ˝bad˝ law he will suffer the consequences for your acts as well !
My advice is go to forum and irc , try to speak with everyone , show you are trustworthy and you will enter Congress in few months! After that you will easily enter for second time if you behave as it is expected from you in your first term!
Hope you get the point!

Skarbrandus 2,308일 07:26

Dude, I was added to the list, positioned like 12 when we got 9 seats etc., so I guess I was trusted enough. Why I was moved down the list when we got more places is a fun question, though.

Garrett Walker
Garrett Walker 2,308일 09:23

Strange, I don't recall you ever being even remotely active in either the forums or IRC. Yet, there you were expecting a shiny new Congress seat and we're bad for not giving it to you.

Skarbrandus 2,308일 10:15

Ofc I can't have been active on forum - because after asking twice, I wasn't given access. Then when I first complained about Congress cheating, they said "ye r nat uctiv on da foram", and I wrote for a third time to let me in - to no extent.
This whole party stinks, and I do not wish to continue this talks, sorry.

Jessina 2,308일 01:26

I realize that I am most likely in the minority, however any time I receive or read a mail/article offering tanks/food/gold/cc for a vote, I choose to either vote against that person/party or not vote at all. Perhaps it is accepted in this game but I don't have to accept it.

Skarbrandus 2,308일 01:52

It is right to vote against them, because bribery (and it is bribery) means they lack the support or active players to vote for them, which either means they're bad, or that they're running an army of useless, probably banned multies.

Nesterus 2,308일 05:35

Rewarding participation and buying participation are two different things, all we did was encourage our members who chose to vote for Oblige to acknowledge the fact, members of the party with the means then chose to donate to the members for their participation in electing the rightful Party President. I fully implore you to take your issues to our forums and use the process that is clearly laid out there and on the IRC chats to further your cause. The loyal members of LAP will always respect the process and our response today is simply a demonstration of that.

Skarbrandus 2,308일 07:27

Forums, to which I was not granted access after asking thrice. Thanks but no, I'll stay away from LAP.

Valiant Thor 2,308일 02:18

댓글 삭제

Old Patron
Old Patron 2,308일 05:53

She's finished ! 🙂

Jessina 2,308일 09:39

I believe if you give your comment a second thought, you may find your words highly inappropriate. Perhaps rephrase your point.

kyerby 2,308일 10:19

I'm all for giving a new person a chance but when it comes to a position like Party President you have to earn it not just join a new party and run for it. p/h Shields Up!

Jude Conners
Jude Conners 2,308일 12:02

oh LAP

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer 2,308일 15:24

long as you used me as an example in your article, I'll respond.

I had supported Oblige as LAP PP before this Lauren chick made her grand appearance.
and Oblige did win the Party Primary... there's the only two reasons I need to vote for him.
not free tanks, not even Lauren's history. I support Oblige, and he won the Primary.

your article seems to be all about the question of "which is worse-- an unauthorized candidate running rogue, or the legit candidate paying for votes?"
I guess I have to go with the legitimate candidate.

Old Patron
Old Patron 2,308일 16:21

I agree with you, and this article was call to all our members to vote Oblige !

Fermio 2,308일 15:59

I am not sure why people complain so much about buying votes. I am not aware any terms of service that buying votes conflicts with.

I can say as a voter, switching parties to vote is a big pain. I have found that you have to do some tricks with the interface to make it work. Then you may need to stay in that party for 24 hours to make sure your vote is counted (you know that admins do their own counts afterwards). Then you have to switch back to your own party.

I would have voted for free and voted Oblige, but I had already voted. I do try to help when I can. But again it is a pain to do so. When asking for help from outside party members, I do not think paying for votes like this is wrong.

Cthulhu.. 2,309일 09:01


Still waiting for my pics, Lauren.

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