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How to win Jackpot on the Power Spin?!!

12 Giorno 2,247, 01:47 Pubblicato in Pakistan Pakistan Svago Svago

Power spin is back again, many of you see how maybe 100 jackpots was won in same day. Well, here is it the way how you can win a jackpot:

Just click there and go to the news feed to

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Winter Treats!

7 Giorno 2,212, 07:30 Pubblicato in Pakistan Pakistan Svago Svago

Dear citizens of ePakistan,

Today Plato present us new update called "winter treat".
To get this treat,first you need to make 25 kills and after that to kill the snowman that will appear on the battlefield.
You can recover 50 energy with the "

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First Freedom Fighter of Pakistan

13 Giorno 2,188, 03:38 Pubblicato in Pakistan Pakistan Svago Svago

Hello, my dear Pakistanis,

I am writing you today to celebrate my latest decoration:

Here is a little tip how you can get this new medal easily:

-You can use www.battle-watcher.com,

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Pacific Clash missions - Rewards

7 Giorno 2,136, 05:30 Pubblicato in Pakistan Pakistan Svago Svago

Air Support 1/4

Description: The ground teams need a guardian angel in the sky. The more Air Support missions your country completes, the easier it will be to finish the … leggi di più »

[Zeng4PotUS]Epic Cabinet and the Invasion

31 Giorno 2,053, 18:40 Pubblicato in USA USA Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Our Independence Day

My fellow Americans,

Firstly, Happy Independence Day.
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