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eCanada Updates?

15 Giorno 5,916, 22:37 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Primi passi in eRepublik Primi passi in eRepublik

Hey everyone.

Back in the game after a loonng break and just poking around.

Is there a place to read up on the background on ongoing wars or any other Canada developments?

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Prince Edward Island, Lend me your ears!

0 Giorno 978, 08:59 Pubblicato in Canada Canada

My friends, it is election day.

Soon the polls will be closed, the campaign articles will be off our news cycle (well, not really, considering Presidential elections are starting up) and we will have a new Congress.

I want to be apart of that

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+Citizen HEM: "I will never sell out, nor will I sell you out."+

0 Giorno 977, 19:00 Pubblicato in Canada Canada

My friends, a few days ago I announced my Congressional bid. On the onset, if anyone would like to review that or read my original pitch for the first time, the link is below.

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Exclusive Interview with Jacobi

0 Giorno 973, 22:48 Pubblicato in Canada Canada

Exclusive Interview with Jacobi!

I had the huge thrill of sitting down and discussing with Presidential hopeful, Jacobi. We talked about his plans for the election, his ideas to separate the Executive branch into two leggi di più »

Announcement Speech: Congress

5 Giorno 972, 17:49 Pubblicato in Canada Canada

"The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."

My friends, thank you for all taking some time out of your evening to read this speech … leggi di più »