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Featuring the Found Journal/Comm-Link/Memorandum series and Tea with Titans!
Sometimes it's just perfunctory eRep stuff. Enjoy!

Join the IRSP

6 4 giorni fa Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

The IRSP wants you.

What does it want in return?


Join us and make your own impression.

The stalwarts of this great eNation need not fear our assembly, they deserve their
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Despatche #021

3 Giorno 4,430, 13:30 Pubblicato in Switzerland Switzerland Svago Svago

Doppler, Zilch Unit

I was sick of waiting around in this dreary town. I knew those Rasa dogs would come sniffing around eventually so I amused myself with a few social experiments. The first … leggi di più »

Helvetica III

15 Giorno 4,428, 18:01 Pubblicato in Switzerland Switzerland Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

I'll present no pretty pictures or flowery language in this third edition of Helvetica.

Vote thrakiwths55; a long serving member … leggi di più »

Despatche #019

0 Giorno 4,422, 16:07 Pubblicato in Switzerland Switzerland Svago Svago

5.1 Captain Muzikayise "Muis" Eric Peter's, Chance Unit, Rasa Blank

Seeing Eleanor in the Comms room, so full of purpose, her team around her, so … leggi di più »

Despatche #017

6 Giorno 4,409, 13:21 Pubblicato in Switzerland Switzerland Svago Svago

‘By the orders of marginally recognized
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