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Rothschild Family

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Mount Fuji - Japan

3 Giorno 4,429, 01:36 Pubblicato in Japan Japan Svago Svago

Mount Fuji (富士山, Fujisan) is with 3776 meters Japan's highest … leggi di più »

Welcome 2020 - Happy New Year

1 Giorno 4,424, 09:55 Pubblicato in Turkey Turkey Svago Svago

Welcome 2020 - Happy New Year

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More than half million shopkeepers in Turkey went bankrupt in 5 years

10 Giorno 4,224, 09:20 Pubblicato in Turkey Turkey Finanza Finanza

The current economic crisis in Turkey hits small businesses including shopkeepers and craftsmen. Certain reasons such as the increasing costs, debts and foreign exchange rates have led to the massive bankruptcies of shopkeepers and craftsmen.


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Global Economy

9 Giorno 4,224, 08:15 Pubblicato in Turkey Turkey Finanza Finanza

The UK and South Korea have signed an outline free trade agreement (FTA) that seeks to maintain existing trade arrangements … leggi di più »

Rothschildler ve Rockefellerlar

26 Giorno 4,218, 03:48 Pubblicato in Turkey Turkey Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Zamanında 13 zengin aile birleşmiş ve dünyayı yönetmeye sermayelerini güçlendirerek başlamıştır. Fakat en güçlüleri iki büyük aile olan Rockefeller ( … leggi di più »