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[Moldova MoFA] End of Term, let's sum up briefly

44 Giorno 4,399, 04:29 Pubblicato in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Moldovan fellow citizens!

This November administration of Nick Meis has ended and we would like to highlight some aspects that occurred during his term

I want to thank my eBrother … leggi di più »

Baby, ring my bells ;)

23 Giorno 4,375, 22:37 Pubblicato in Nigeria Nigeria Svago Svago

My darling efiljo II challenged me to make a version of my own of a song he likes. Obviously it is related to rock when it comes to rearranging music for me.

Efi told me to rebuild Ring my bells by Enrique Iglesias. He never requests anything in

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Why do I travel?

8 Giorno 4,354, 13:23 Pubblicato in Pakistan Pakistan Svago Svago

One of the most beautiful things about this game is the chance to talk and meet people that generally don't participate in the feeds. They are more private and focused on their country's duties.

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D1 D2 D3 hits for hire

6 Giorno 4,221, 12:23 Pubblicato in Nigeria Nigeria Svago Svago

Hi people
the post has the intention to list the strong active hiters generally available

Let's see...


Apimir 400 cc

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[eBosnian MoFA] Interview to Joam02

55 Giorno 4,206, 20:43 Pubblicato in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Svago Svago

We continue interviewing friends and different players from eRepublik. They allow us to ask questions of a different sort (crazy, serious, daring ones), just for the pleasure to meet our … leggi di più »