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How Plato decided to help Assteria

125 Giorno 4,433, 02:56 Pubblicato in Croatia Croatia Analisi di guerra Analisi di guerra

After one of the Serbian tanks got frustrated about some platos move, he openly spoke about how plato directly or indirectly helps assteria.

Why did i say directly or indirectly, simply because he admited assteria is buying packs for much

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story of the month in 5 pictures

12 Giorno 4,397, 07:49 Pubblicato in Croatia Croatia Analisi di guerra Analisi di guerra




4. [img]https://i.imgur.com/P22jL3C.png[/[/img]

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BUG republik (updated)

23 Giorno 2,527, 08:31 Pubblicato in Croatia Croatia Primi passi in eRepublik Primi passi in eRepublik

Every tournament same fckn story, FIX BUGS then organize tournaments.

I made over 22000 PP

and should have refill 140 + 30 (had powerpack) = 170, but still have refill 80 and time goes on and

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glup gluplji

7 Giorno 2,162, 10:59 Pubblicato in Croatia Croatia Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

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Trust in Greg? I was, ones

20 Giorno 1,853, 04:13 Pubblicato in Australia Australia Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

I want remember public what Greg MacGregor promise in his CP candidature article.


1. Keep pressure on Chile, untill they will come back to South America, where they belong

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