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The first private eNewspaper to reach 1000 editions

The first member of the THOUSAND club soon to be eJOINED by Friday the 13TH News of NO Carrier

Generation _ aint doing too well

5 ieri Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

Lets face it your either eRich or your ePoor and there is no eMiddleground.

if your a eMillenial an account younger than a year you dont have to much troubles. After all you want to spend money on is eKrak.

ekrak is absolutely free and

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Why RTK is the best option for CP

0 5 giorni fa Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

I briefly read through Rusty's manifesto.

Now I immediately spotted one major error he wants to make:

First off he says he wants to communicate with manafacturers about the effect training wars will have on them.

"Cannot work in area

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Krak for Christmas

4 Giorno 4,394, 13:54 Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

If you want a daily dose of krak in Decemeber and even in the new year vote Krakken

because reasons....

Pille vir kersfees

or you can vote that eAussie

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Politicians cant solve every problem in the eWorld

0 Giorno 4,393, 16:43 Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

And not really in real life as well.

Face it in some countries a vote for a certain party is a vote for corruption.

Nepotism and cronyism usually follow suit:

Someone proposed Rusty Doorknob (thats his true surname) as Taoiseach


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12th Anniversary Editions - Tips on queue

0 Giorno 4,384, 06:07 Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

From an old online player that used to play a game like the current mini-game.

a few tips

1. Complete and queue the whole time. For example. You have 3 nodes selected on the treeview. if one is unlocked this means you can add again to the

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