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The first private eNewspaper to reach 1000 editions

The first member of the THOUSAND club soon to be eJOINED by Friday the 13TH News of NO Carrier

Irish Freedom Party choses Next CP and MOD

4 3 giorni fa Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

This is in no way a reflection on the current cabinet.

But here at the Irish Freedom Party we belief in democrazy

So we retired to our cave of elders to decide the fate of eIreland in May of 2021

After a long session of beer drinking we

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Some music volume 2 and an ad for big brother

1 5 giorni fa Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

Today I had a long argument about working in my varkin holding companies. i must have been drunk as my ookin holding companies is broke and I blame citizen number 2 Citizen number 1 must have been some hard working programmer that created the

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[IDEA] Economic Treaties

2 5 giorni fa Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Finanza Finanza

This idea would work as follows:

A CP proposes an economic treaty with a counterpart country for example the USA.

For 1 month the citizens enjoy a 10% bonus to production in held regions.(strategy)

A country can only hold 10 treaties at

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Implement a schedule and keep with it

2 6 giorni fa Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Analisi di guerra Analisi di guerra

At the moment Croatia/France wars are killing off many a "semi" profitable holding companies.

To all tanks stop being d*. It is not needed that you occupy the whole day when you call battles. This morning I woke up around 7 At 8:53 AM our time

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Some music

1 Giorno 4,886, 13:58 Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

Nothing really going on in erepublik economy still suck.

warfare module is not as wow either. i will still continue with this setup due to economy not making sense anymore...

anyway here is some music:


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