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Hall Of Fame(2):David Ben-Gurion

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David Ben-Gurion, original name David Gruen, (born Oct. 16, 1886, Płońsk, Pol., Russian Empire [now in Poland]—died Dec. 1, 1973, Tel Aviv–Yafo, Israel), Zionist statesman and political leader, the first prime minister (1948–53, 1955–63) and … leggi di più »

Hall of Fame(1): Theodor Herzl

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Founder of modern Zionist movement, born in Budapest on the 2nd of May 1860, and died at Edlach on the 3rd of July 1904. The greater part of his career was associated with Vienna, where he acquired high repute as a literary journalist. He was also a

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A Short From History

12 Giorno 4,364, 06:18 Pubblicato in United Kingdom United Kingdom Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

as I studied Diplomacy & politics in Real world.
just wanna Say this important Matter that most of E-enemies
which invaded E-Uk,are suffering from historical obsession,
Because UK defeated them in Real world, This is a way to solve

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Mission Accomplished

14 Giorno 4,361, 03:10 Pubblicato in United Kingdom United Kingdom Svago Svago

I am So much Happy that Heard One of Evil faction's leaders has been killed in real world. as President Trump said he has been killed as coward person.
This has not any relation to our E-world, but finally a criminal that Slaughterer of innocent

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Donation for L1 TO L25:Q1,Q2, and food

16 Giorno 4,329, 07:50 Pubblicato in United Kingdom United Kingdom Finanza Finanza

Every E-uk whom in L1 to L25,
if DM me, will get FREE food and Q1,Q2 Weapons till my Companies working
.I can Donate about 20 Q1 and Q2 weapons per Days to ppl that DM me & I submit them into my White list.
Let's E-charity Begin !
P.S: maybe

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