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Thank you all

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After our bad moments the situation is going to be in the direction to be normal if we can say. Has arrived time to say thank you to all frends and to all who run fast to help us. Albanian should never forget who helped us and i would like to say

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Albania today

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Stafeta i kalon Jonkastriotit.
(Shkruaj artikull e banoi tag me ja kalu stafeten 1 lojtarit tjeter … leggi di più »

Subbbbbbbbbb my newspaper

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Albania under PTO

63 Giorno 3,880, 12:30 Pubblicato in Albania Albania Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Hi to al, as u know iven admins i think dosent know Colinlantrip 3 are taking Albania on control not from people vote but from his multie's accounts . … leggi di più »