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I make interviews with presidents and known popular ePlayers, any subs i get any donate, endorsement, vote any comment or support will help me to keep write and make those interviews please show me more support and i will hope u will enjoy my newspaper.
Thank you :D

The Old Days - With Slava

25 Giorno 4,370, 01:13 Pubblicato in Israel Israel Svago Svago

Hello everyone, today i bring you guys an interview after long time i didn't made any, my interviewee today is a very popular eUS player who came for the game leggi di più »

The candidate for CP of eMexico gave an Interview!

19 Giorno 4,273, 16:14 Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

Hello everyone, eMexico going to vote at a few days for a new CP i decide to make an interview with one of the leading presidential candidate - Andres77778, i leggi di più »

Interview again with CP of eCroatia

46 Giorno 4,265, 08:21 Pubblicato in Ireland Ireland Svago Svago

Hello everyone, the next interview is with Feynovac the new CP of eCroatia my last interview with the CP of eCroatia was at day 3,829 with [url=https://www.erepublik.com/he/
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MoD of ePakistan - The Interview

34 Giorno 4,234, 13:15 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

Hey everyone, i bring u this time a short interview with the MoD of ePakistan - Dom Zelgius DeMasque. He accept to telk about his country and his term at this role leggi di più »

Clopoyaur TV - The Interview!!

37 Giorno 4,208, 07:07 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

This is an amazing interview with amazing player who play at many more games he is very known to the community here and most of the players here play at his amazing games, this
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