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[Canada] The Dream Came True - Mission Completed

38 Giorno 3,693, 11:37 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

Some cool dramatic music.

[img]https://s17.postimg.cc/[/img] … leggi di più »

[Re-Broification] Come on, man! Let's be bros again?

41 Giorno 3,409, 11:14 Pubblicato in USA USA Svago Svago

Canada-USA re-broification? Hell yeah if you ask me! I love eUSA, Minnesota especially !
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[GLOBAL SUB 4 SUB] Chopp's Media Mogul Action

33 Giorno 3,406, 09:35 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

As you can see from the title the idea is simple and rather familiar to oldies in this game. Nothing new just didn't happen for a while due the lack of players so this might me our last chance … leggi di più »

Baby Booms! The Game Is Alive!!1oneeleven [Update Day 3,389]

57 Giorno 3,388, 13:06 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

Indonesia 120 but that's nothing new.
India, 140 new citizens so far.
Albania 205.
Pakistan 245.
Egypt 385.
Bulgaria 126.
And counting.
New citizens today 1,766 of 67,
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Winter is Here: Part 2 (Canadian Edition)

27 Giorno 3,324, 10:25 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

In adition to my previous article, Winter is Here: Part 1.

Part 2

The same " … leggi di più »