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An inside look to what DannieKatt thinks

30 days since my last post

0 Giorno 4,844, 15:29 Pubblicato in USA USA Svago Svago

So I have played mostly everyday for the past 30 days. Why so much drama? I am more the type to ignore drama but man cant we all just get along?

I am still no master at the game but I am figuring things out. I really wish I could train up my

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So I am new here...

25 Giorno 4,815, 16:09 Pubblicato in USA USA Primi passi in eRepublik Primi passi in eRepublik

...again and I have to be honest I am not particularly pleased. The game is extremely buggy and honestly a bit boring. To be fair I haven't really immersed myself into the community all that much but I am trying to give it a shot. I wish there was a

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