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Covering issues pertaining to Canada. Political, Economical, Militaristic, and other pertinent content.

EXPOSED!! Canadian Gold Farming Inc.

11 Giorno 4,819, 16:32 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Finanza Finanza

This is an article outlining those who farm the most in eCanada. Who makes the most profit off of medals in a month? (Dec 30, 2020 - Jan 29, 2021)
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[Memes] All of Erep on February 8, 2021

31 Giorno 4,816, 19:52 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago


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Now accepting applications!

3 Giorno 4,800, 15:54 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Have you ever wanted the keys to the kingdom?

Unimaginable riches!
Tons of free time!

All of this, and more, could be yours.

Just talk to your Party President and ask to be nominated for Country President for the

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I forgot the day

6 Giorno 4,798, 12:22 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

I thought today was Thursday because there is no Meme Friday post.

I'm lost.

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1 Day Only!!!

417 Giorno 4,783, 10:01 Pubblicato in Canada Canada Svago Svago

One day only event!

Comment and receive 1,000 cc!

For each unique comment below your comment, receive an additional 100 cc.

from now on, only a new comment will count! If you comment in a reply to someone elses comment, you will not be

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