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Moving forward... The "Agreement"

Giorno 2,158, 05:08 Pubblicato in USA USA da Cyber Witch

Today I speak for myself. I do not speak for my people, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Today, for the first time in a very, very long time, I stand side by side with the POTUS of the eUSA. He reviewed the entire situation, he listened to advisors, he asked opinions, and he chose what he felt was the best solution for this country. And I personally agree with his decision.
(I'll wait a few minutes for all of you to recover)

Our enemy showed their might repeatedly. I saw the money it took, just to get to where we are. Many are complaining about the cost of this treaty. Pennies in a bucket compared to what it would have cost, to even try to regain a region from this formidable enemy. I feel no shame from this agreement with Poland, none what so ever. I hold my head high.

Every day that we remain wiped we lose new players. There is no joy in this game for them. They go to choose a region and the first thing they realize is we have NONE. They can't even get an eAmerican job. They are forced to apply in a strange country. With the return of even one region, we will have new players stick around longer. They will feel a sense of purpose in this game. To help us recover more of them. To help rebuild.

To those slamming the POTUS and his treaty, think to yourselves, how much longer would we have survived with no new players? With no bonuses? No income? With old players and commune owners going to other countries just to survive, or to be able to supply their MUs? I don't blame a single one of them, I thought about it numerous times myself.

It is time to acknowledge Poland as the victor in this fight.
Time to regroup, and take stock of where we go from here.
Time to move forward.

Thank you POTUS Frost, for making one of the toughest decisions any POTUS has ever had to make.



Josh Frost
Josh Frost Giorno 2,158, 05:10

Thank you!

ShockWavve Giorno 2,158, 05:22

well , now u care about being wiped???

it was u and oblige that put big combat orders against a pro=cot country..............eIndia was fighting for a single region......u made sure that eIndia dont get it.........

eUsa turned away freinds and turned them enemies..........the mess in which CoT and eUSA is in today is because of policies of you , oblige and well coatia...

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Giorno 2,158, 05:35

ShockWavve, if you really knew me, you would know how funny that is going to sound to those that do. But you really don't know me, or you would never lump me in the same hand as the USA government. But you are correct in that bad decisions were made in numerous areas that caused this mess.

ShockWavve Giorno 2,158, 05:42

dear........it was u who was putting combat orders against eIndia...........combat orers touching 200cc in d4 and 1500cc in d1.

and all this against a pro=cot country..............for a non cot country.

not once or twice but numerous times

ShockWavve Giorno 2,158, 05:43


why these double standards???

SwiftStrike74 Giorno 2,158, 14:51

It is kinda funny CW 😉

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Giorno 2,158, 05:50

I am still not sure what posting COs for my Eden brothers has in common with me supporting my CP in a tough decision like this. eIndia is more than welcome to broker a deal with their captives, just like we did, if they so choose.

Battle Kitten
Battle Kitten Giorno 2,158, 22:45

Croatia > India Thanks, now move along.

HeapSeppo Giorno 2,158, 05:31

Well I for one love you.

/me pokes CyberWitch with a broom.

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Giorno 2,158, 05:31

Commento cancellato

Haselrig Giorno 2,158, 05:57

Well said CW, o7

Technician Giorno 2,158, 06:04

The problem is ..... SO WHAT.
The game still sucks because it is extremely unbalanced and the admins do nothing.

What is the eUSA going to fight?
Why even log in if I can not fight?

Can not fight TWO because they are too strong, so what do fighters do.

The game died when admins allowed one alliance to get so strong that there was no way anybody could stop them.

Well I made Titan and Elite, I am and have just kept my player alive and guess I will do no more.
Keep "Technician" strength strong just in case in the future the game does not suck as bad as it does now.

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Giorno 2,158, 06:11

they need to reshuffle the alliances, they need to set limits on companies owned, get rid of gold incentives, and bring back regional elections, for a start

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Giorno 2,158, 09:14

I agree with this. I wasn't here when version 1 was around but I've read a lot about it and heard a lot from old players. The old game seemed a lot better constructed and a lot more fair than this.

bobo900 Giorno 2,158, 10:52

do you remember when eUSA said "we are bored to fight in balkans".

Now seem you become bored to fight in American wars 🙂

This is the result of bad past policy, you do not was happy with eden and occupy spain/UK and mexico.

Poland is not invincible, but their politicians, in the good meaning of word are the best.

George Barker
George Barker Giorno 2,159, 00:14

It's not the admins' job to make sure alliances are balanced, but the players'. And at that, we have failed.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Giorno 2,158, 06:23

This is a war game, with no fighting...?
3 months of Tax revenue going where...?
So I assume since there will be no fighting that the USAF will not be needing any tax support, since no fighting means no need for weapons the Budget line for the Military should be reduced to nothing; might be a good time to fold the 5 extraneous government MUs into the eUS Civilian MU -at least that way a tight fist could be kept on expenditures....

dmjohnston Giorno 2,158, 06:35

Glad it only took 1 day for this to start....

How would combining the branches put a tighter fist on the expenditures? USAF already has cut thousands from the weekly budget in the last 3 months. We continue to work toward increased efficiency.

Aside from that, this treaty doesn't mean we won't be fighting. If anything it means we'll have more opportunity to fight for our allies since we won't be worrying about the war at home.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Giorno 2,158, 06:53

Thank you, dmj!

If for no other reason, using your logic, how much more efficient would it be to have only 1 MU to supply? Instead of 6 QMs to donate supplies to, how much more efficient would it be to donate to the MU Commander, who donates to his 1st and 2nd Commanders who donate to Regimental Captains who donate to ACTIVE soldiers in their Regiments; instead of doing that 6 times...?

As for fighting for others/allies, my feeling is that help should be given on a case by case basis and only then to those who have shown their support for America in these dark time...

dmjohnston Giorno 2,158, 07:01

USAF soldiers can only get supplies through requesting on IRC, meaning they are inherently more active than plenty of other players.

How does spreading the work across multiple QMs makes it less efficient? Each branch produces the supplies needed for their troops (or share production with other branches as needed), those supplies are given the the CO or the QMG, depending on the branch, and then given as needed to other QMs who fill the requests. You have the most active officers as QMs to ensure that requests are filled rapidly enough to make a difference.

If we are fighting for our allies on a "case by case basis" then we are a pretty shitty ally. Why would people fight with us if they don't know we'll fight with them?

Artela Giorno 2,158, 11:36

The supplies for several of the USAF branches are produced and distributed from *privately owned* companies on Commanding Officer accounts. The only real difference between USAF MUs and other MUs is that the USAF MUs have sworn to abide by the orders as passed to them from the POTUS via DOD. Shuffling MUs around doesn't change that, and you still need the same finances to produce the same tanks and food for the soldiers whether in 4 MUs or 1.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Giorno 2,159, 06:29

'USAF soldiers can only get supplies through requesting on IRC, meaning they are inherently more active than plenty of other players.'

How many 'active new citizens', who do not use IRC or for that matter Forums die; worst yet how many are driven away from IRC by citizens of the same character as RGR? Much simpler to supply all AMERICANS in game based on their previous days kills....

'The only real difference between USAF MUs and other MUs is that the USAF MUs have sworn to abide by the orders as passed to them from the POTUS via DOD.'

See when you say that it makes me feel as if you think that such loyal MUs as Easy Company, Seal Team 6 and several others are suspect. That we can not be relied on to fight for America.

One of the MUs in the USAF was formed by a former American who has since defected to TWO. For me it is the Ultra Marines who are much more suspect, their creator is a traitor and seems to me he would have recruited citizens with his low moral standards.

dmjohnston Giorno 2,159, 06:35

"seems to me he would have recruited citizens with his low moral standards."

Wherein Drew accuses Artela of having low moral standards >.>

"Much simpler to supply all AMERICANS in game based on their previous days kills...."

As there is no way to track where people are fighting, your suggestion would also supply our resident Serbians to fight against us. Good idea.

The primary reason we use IRC is that it provides constantly updated battle priorities. I think you'll find VERY few long term players who don't use IRC. It's part of the community building. This isn't an individual game.

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Giorno 2,158, 06:23

Well said CyberWitch and I agree 100% with every word

Bucephalus92 Giorno 2,158, 06:44


Derphoof Giorno 2,158, 06:47

Well said and agreed with.

Pfeiffer. Giorno 2,158, 07:10

I question your assertion that new players will feel some sort of compulsion to stick around for the sake of retaking American regions, any new player who can do math can see that it is essentially impossible for new people to have any substantial impact on warfare.

It is good to see you publishing something though, you should do that more often.

Tiamati Giorno 2,158, 07:33

A strange day indeed; I agree with your comment here today. If anything a wiped nation is the best impetus for a successful babyboom.

jmmorelos Giorno 2,158, 07:16


Gnilraps Giorno 2,158, 07:48

ad hominem attacks are worthless

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Giorno 2,158, 09:17

ad hominem attacks are the fastest way to lose a debate 😉 I guess the guy to who you replied the comment can't understand the basics of informal logic. 😛

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Giorno 2,158, 13:55

You just say that cause you guys both have cooties.

Tiamati Giorno 2,158, 07:38

While the treaty was inevitable it is shameful that we capitulated without mustering enough gusto to liberate a single region...

Additionally, there is no justification for not receiving ALL 51 original regions within the treaty in exchange for 1KK CC... Not that it will matter 88 days from now when "bluto" huffs and puffs for more blood money.

Talostastic Giorno 2,158, 11:17

There's a perfectly justifiable reason to keep the East Coast out of our hands.

In order to invade again during this time frame, Serbia would have to open a hole in the Polish wall, either through a concentrated Resistance War, or by NE'ing Poland.

This wall protects us from Serbian invasion.

Gnilraps Giorno 2,158, 07:49

I love what you said, I applaud you for saying it, and I agree in full. I had not even considered the very salient point that 1 Million for 38 regions is a BOATLOAD cheaper than it would cost us to win them back - even if we could.

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Giorno 2,158, 08:15

An estimated cost of 8-10 million cc to win the regions back via warfare. If we win them back.

Simulare Giorno 2,158, 08:31

I don't think the admin's carry the sole fault for attrition. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who simply grew tired of the political circle jerk that happens every 10 days. With no common enemy to fight, politics will be the only thing for the over-invested minority to cling to.

New players are probably less blinded than people who have been here for a long time. Unless you have political goals, there's really very little to engage a player other than seeing his.her strength and rank increase. We can do that regardless of what little flag image is over a region. Sure, its more fun to fight against your occupiers regardless of how powerful they are. I mean, does Frost really think that people are going to flood back into this turd if we magically regained a few regions? Of course not.

The treaty will probably be cheaper than fighting but, if the goal is to attract players, I think you're going to be disappointed.

stesso Giorno 2,158, 11:49

"Every day that we remain wiped we lose new players. There is no joy in this game for them. They go to choose a region and the first thing they realize is we have NONE."
Welcome to the club by an ex eitalian player

ElReyPitufo Giorno 2,158, 12:42

agree, but it seem hard.

LordRahl2 Giorno 2,158, 12:55


Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Giorno 2,158, 14:07

Never contradict the Lady with the Broom.

Just sayin'.

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Giorno 2,158, 15:14

This is a start of new era for eUSA.

Congratulations on implementing the policy of AFA. We hope that you will never again attempt to sabotage a party which policy was to bring eUSA closer to TWO.
We hope that we can work together on finding a place for eUSA in a new TWO order from now on.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Giorno 2,158, 16:35

Wake up. AFA has NO policy.

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Giorno 2,159, 00:05

You are not well informed, which is no surprise.

Eric Drakkson
Eric Drakkson Giorno 2,158, 18:45

Being a colony of Serbia is waaaay to close to TWO.

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Giorno 2,159, 00:06

There's no such thing in this game.

Johnvacan160 Giorno 2,159, 10:12

if there was then we would already had been a polish colony ;p

Eric Drakkson
Eric Drakkson Giorno 2,159, 11:54

Colonies are such things in which one country is controlled by another country, or you control that country's lands. IF RGR succeeded, we would be a Serbian Colony. Plain and simple.

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Giorno 2,159, 14:42

You might want to read some history.
America was a colony of UK, and all the resources and products were shipped to UK.
You basicly said that if RGR won you wouldn't have a country, which is equal to no regions. So, there is no reason to go trough all the trouble when it can just be a simple military takeover.

If RGR won, he would do what's best for eUSA, which is what the current government started two days ago.

Eric Drakkson
Eric Drakkson Giorno 2,159, 18:30

Colony is a term used in this game unrelated to it's actual definition....

And if the current government is doing what's best for eUSA, why does RGR have to repeatedly use the term Elitists? Why does he have to harass people? Why does he insist only he can make the eUSA better?

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